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  1. BnS Official Forums VS BnS Dojo

    Dojo is full of authoritarian mods they be friendly with you when you compliment the game and when you dare to say one critque you get flagged for baiting people, like how am I to have free speech when someone thinks I am baiting someone. Its no surprise people who defend devs like that kind of nonsense.
  2. Moonstones the never ending brutal cycle.

    You sir are exactly right thats what I have been saying time and time again this game only helps high levels while the low people leave en masse
  3. Why is rng so bad

    My god you're right how could I not see that
  4. Returning player here NEED advice

    oh you make that impossible task seem so easy I wonder how long he'll have to wait untill he reaches that
  5. Why is rng so bad

    How sure are you of this?? any statements or examples that is fradulant practice
  6. Why is rng so bad

    Guilty?? I never confessed to you claims and I haven't seen where I have said in this post white knight other than quoting you. Nobodies arguing with you but when you accuse someone of something it is their right to respond. No only a select few in these forums have a problem with my ideas trust me I know who will disagree with me I don't know who will agree with me. I am full of myself? for what standing for other people? not spending my money and max lvling myself because it would not help the problem? I am full of myself? really now. I don't scream I make what 8 posts and its like I be on everyday screaming lol, besides NC soft said in their own words they listened to our complaints and changed things. Actually yes it does if that is the biggest problem if its fixed people will be happier all those who aren't happy are either timid people who find power in high gear, people who like torturing themselves to feel worthy use pixels and codes on their character. My mindset is not negative it is objective I don't wear rose colored glasses like you and I don't think I have to bend to this games will as you my mindset is people are leaving and they say they're because rng and its hard to gear up. Second please stop saying I am filling this forum with toxic its people like you who insult other people that leads to hostility and frustration (not me though I love these hate comments).
  7. Why is rng so bad

  8. Why is rng so bad

    I have never used white knight in a derogatory way in fact I just found out about that word when I joined this forum and some hooligan said I was accusing them of white knighting, yo be frank that term doesn't get my point across. No I am focused on everybody getting fair treatment thats all, you seem to not understand that if they change the rng everybody gets it and not just a selected few. I don't know about them but for me I keep my promises, I could spend money and get my gear to max level if I wanted to but what would that do for me? its dying for the majority and if they leave i'll leave too. Ummm no they did not from your first sentence you failed already. Team blood lust did the translation and the licensing to the west, they do not design any aspect of the game. Let me give you a better example in Law countries have licensing laws and these laws don't allow say a Korean game to publish in america without proper procedure. NC soft used BL as a shell company to publish their game to the west because BL is a western dev team and thus has right to publish a game in the west, why do you think games come out in japan first then the west if the game is japanese. I made the same mistake as you did in thinking BL designed every aspect in the game or had say but a community memeber put in perspective me and to say I am quite relieved. I always found it odd that a western dev team would justify 250 times farming a single item, its just not western practice for that foolishness. This is another trifling comment you and your ilk like to spout, if I own a pizza shop and I want your money how can I not take your criticism into account that is terrible business practices. If I want your money I have to listen to your feedback if I don't listen I don't get any money same thing with NC soft they are not beyond reproach if the game is bad now then fix it so you can get money again from the majority. No I like the game its just certain aspect I hate about it and I don't care if you don't like me voicing my displeasure get over it. I think you misunderstood me let me quote "it is now is garbage " first off you missed the grammar in there. I used a present tense tone which means in the past it wasn't garbage we didn't have barren clans and servers. Second I have made it abundantly clear I love the game but certain aspects of it need to change. In my total forum lifetime I have made 8 threads 4 of which were about suggestions to improve the game 2 were congratulatory posts, the last two were negative and even in those ones they were mainly suggestions so please stop making it sound like I stalk the forums every day posting negativity. The game has its good points and bad points I want to get rid of the bad, its still a mystery to me why you like these garbage policies and then think you as the consumer has no right to voice displeasure in fact why does it irritate you? No I won't leave because this game is in need of help and we (not you and your ilk in the minority) the majority will fix it. Demand? sir I don't think you understand our postion well I have never made demands we want change it is up to NC soft to do it there is no pressure or gun to their head just plain requests. Why don't I build a game? to use that argument is just being silly and I will not even address it.
  9. Why is rng so bad

    Yeah that is too much work this game is not entitled to more time, i'll give it how much I feel like it. I know you're not in my we obviously in my many previous post I specified we as in the majority of players who want change and not foolish policies we have now so saying don't lump you in need not be said you were never in. People quit because the game how it is now is garbage and needs to change, you can't expect player to put up with this foolishness when there are viable alternatives. I am not entitled if I were I would be demanding not requesting just some food for thought. I never said rush what I want is to see sizable progress to keep me motivated a whole week and barely anything to show for it will make anyone quit. Why are you sadden people won't take crap I for one applaud that resolve and wish for it to continue.
  10. Why is rng so bad

    To say your side has all the paying population is ridiculous, I and my friends all spent money on the game and I am never apart of your coalition. I am focused on the notibaly less people playing and please don't blame it on school thats just denial. My plan does not hand out anything you have to do the dailies to get the reward I don't know your standard for this game but it seems too high for me to invest my time into. Upgrading is easy it just getting the mats is the hard part thats all. No we will not bend either this game changes or it will die and another game will take the playerbase. Umm I don't use white knight but you do seem to be bias to the way of the devs and this self destructing system ya'll built.
  11. Why is rng so bad

    You always start out worrying about money and not the players, this will always be the difference between you and I. I would rather lose one crafting guild and gain alot of players than lose alot of players and preserve one crafting guild. You are saying a game where I sit on my butt and work my hands is work, really now the correct wording is effort and not work. You are a video game you have claim to the least amount of effort I can mount up to give you, you are not entitled to anymore as a recreation. Btw I never said things should be handed to you on a plate you need to stop misrepresenting my argument. You're telling me this game isn't ruined? few players online clans disbanding heavily more alts and bots than new people and you are telling me this game ain't ruined?
  12. Should I come back?

    Umm i am not sure what you want to return to most people either left or are re rolling alts
  13. Why is rng so bad

    Guys I never said the daily quest reward or increase on gold, there other things that could use an increase. I am encouraged that the devs will change the game when the majority takes charge and push for better rng, so that we can stop this game from dying.
  14. Why is rng so bad

    We still haven't heard word of rng fixes and in all honesty we need it direly. I suggested a 2,3,4 plan (2 trans stones, 3 moonstones and 4 stingers) in select quests, I wanna know what ya'll think of it and any other better solutions.
  15. Our next project

    Umm I am not understaning what you mean are you agreeing with me or no?