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  1. Taking a set of addictive personalities (MMORPG players... duh) and bypassing the law (in most places in the US and EU) to give them something to gamble on without even telling them the odds is triply criminal... at least.
  2. This patch might be the last straw

    Tell me Grimoir, are you on 24/7? Because I work full time and even though I dedicate a lot of time to this game, these changes are going to ruin me getting dailies on all my alts like I have done for 3 years. If you think the 'easy' dungeons are going to be 'instant dungeons', you're sorely mistaken. And before you start with the 'oh you just want stuff for nothing, you don't want to do any grinding', I have grinded 7 A9. After the constant lies and the constant nerfs, 'even more work for less rewards' is finally the last straw for me I think. Why bother?
  3. Right now, if you do your weeklies, you're not getting the completion rewards. You do get the individual rewards, but the display doesn't change from 0/3 and you're not getting the Weekly Challenge completion (i.e. the mats, 6 fortune fish, etc.). Please look into it... reset is very close :(
  4. Game is Failing

    Remember when you were miss clicking when selecting dungeons to join because they scrolled almost too fast to read? I rest my case.
  5. Also... can we have something to disable the festive effects? PLEASE? I can't even see the boss attacks when I tank anymore.
  6. Beware of CS scams

    The scam is he agreed to use his orb in exchange for the others foregoing the 1st and 2nd boss loot and letting him have it -- this agreement was in the form of him recruiting "moml both bosses" and others joining that lobby/party. Him leaving after freely looting the first boss breaks the trust of everyone who passed for him. If you don't think that is a scam, there is something wrong with your thinking. And how would someone ELSE putting an orb for Kaari recover the right to roll on the 1st boss loot? I mean seriously... I know you keep posting 'it's a game, you shouldn't take it seriously, blah blah blah', but sometimes people are sick of bending over.
  7. Beware of CS scams

    Yes... it's one of their most ridiculous rules that you can't come warn others about scammers, especially since they don't do anything against all the scammers, creeps and AFK jerks in the game. I guess you could start some reddit thread. They can't Big Brother that.
  8. Where are we now?

    I don't believe this is correct. AFAIK they have the power to change upgrade costs, F10 costs, event rewards, antique exchanges, etc. When they LIED to us on CS/HM resets and Demon Spirit Stones, etc. and didn't fix it when they COULD HAVE, they invited toxicity.
  9. Is it Time to Cut the Cord?

    What MMOs have become saddens me. I look back at the golden age of UO and EQ1 and I miss them so bad. Microtransactions are killing gaming. I never minded paying full price and monthly subscriptions and having to earn things in game. The current models suck.
  10. new dungeon

    Even though the easy version is indeed easy... it's also truly and utterly boring and tedious, not to mention buggy (the boss becomes non targetable in some positions). Compensating stupid 1-shot hits with hearts is stupid -- I honestly don't care, I have roughly 50k naryu across toons, but... just why... They totally lost any inkling of what "fun" is.
  11. I hope everyone gets forced to display the odds (like already happens in some countries). I have nothing against loot boxes (and I have bought some when the GUARANTEED items were something I wanted), but gambling w/o knowing the odds is something not even casinos get away with.
  12. Tips for current Tower of Infinity?

    Infuriatingly so. And he will rise again and again and again at any suggestion that something done by NCSoft wasn't perfect. Your stats don't surprise me. My BD, GS and SUM are consistently the best, my WL does okay, and fm okay-ish, and my SIN is pure junk in ToI. My brand new WR, with 1/4 the gear of my mains, reached level 84 on its first try -- and I didn't know what half the skills do :) y
  13. Let management do another test: see how much I spent on the previous trove and how much I spent on this trove. That's just me, and it's only a few hundreds. Now compare all players. Correlate with not only the number of white orbs, but also the number of Demon Spirit Stones in inventory. Discover percentage of discontent players. Discover percentage of accept anything players. Please post results. The beatings will continue until morale improves.
  14. They won't say anything. They're playing ostrich with their heads firmly in the sand until this just disappears in the next news cycle. Do like I did, complain with your wallet.
  15. Simple mode needs to be faster

    Please... spamming 2 keys isn't 'gameplay'.