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  1. We are still active and currently accepting new members.
  2. XML Edits

    The FM hate comes from melee classes that are now having issues making FMs in battelground easy targets. The players who complain most have no skill and are just used to making easy FM kills in battelground. Now that it's more difficult for them they can't stand to be confronted with their own failures and lack of skill.
  3. Who Killed Blade & Soul?

    It's a well known fact that there are paid trolls who come to these forums and Reddit to specifically trash this game. Most of their posts start out with, I haven't played for xxx amount of years or months, but ........ These posts should be removed by the mods here immediately. Yet other troll posts start out with the is it a good time to come back or is it worth playing senerio. Again this is a predetermined bait post to let the paid trolls do their work. These types of posts again should be removed by the forum mods here. Disinformation or Misinformation marketing/PR is a very common tool used against rival companies.

    Undying for PvP
  5. Broken classs, How long we must tolerate this?

    Exactly, people who complain about FM in battelground, are at a gear level far below the FMs they're complaining about. Frost tornado has a 30% PvP nerf as it is. It's easy to see, just look at the skill. PvE 1, PvP .7. Before anyone complains about battleground inequity, they should be looking at the gear of the players class they are complaining about. Does this OP player have equal gear? If the answer is yes, then there is at least room for an intelligent discussion. Otherwise, it's silly to complain to begin with.
  6. This game needs to be shut down

    I just want to thank NC for the many hours of enjoyment this game has provided for me. I play this game to relax after work and I have found it an extremely fun and enjoyable way to spend my free time. I find it incredible that people who don't play anymore come here to a company website and spread venom and ill will. It's a tribute to this company that they even allow posts like the one from the op to remain on their website. For everyone who continues to play and enjoy this game, please disregard the vile hateful speach of people who have nothing better than to poison people with their hate. No one forced anyone to play this game. If you find you no longer have enjoyment from playing, no one is forcing you to play. People filled with the amount of hate I see here are most likely dangerous and unstable. I personally am afraid that people like this exist. Thank you again NC for providing me with many hours of fun in my free time.
  7. Don't worry so much about your heart anyway. Save your gold for other upgrades. NeroKoso just proved a maxed heart is a useless upgrade anyway. Almost 0 dps increase over no heart at all. Check his YouTube video.
  8. FM and archer in bg

    Forcemasters have already received a 30% nerf on frost tornado. And as a BD you have almost permanent block and deflect of FM projectiles and CCs, so I think it's perfectly fair to take our only weapon away. Maybe we need a 60% nerf? We're so OP that melee just stand on top of us till our ice wears off and 100/0. Enjoy your spin to win and stop crapping on a class that is really nothing like it was before the awakening.
  9. PvP is dead :(

    I agree with most of what you say, except there are times when those who defend would not possibly get to do as much damage as those who run around like idiots randomly killing anyone they can without any regard for the actual game being played. But other than this, I do agree. I especially like making pve gear inoperable in battleground. Why even have PvP gear, when pve gear in some instances works better. It quite frankly makes no sense.
  10. Simple mode needs to be faster

    It’s called simpleton mode for a reason.
  11. Buff FM for 6v6.

    The awakening has done wonders for FM in battleground, Fire has no block at all and Frost does no damage. Thanks very much for making FM useless in battleground.
  12. DD and FM KD

    I’m not sure if all FMs are aware of the KD cheese in DD when there are 2 or more FMs in the party. On the final boss it is very easy to skip the annoying bubble mech and KD the boss with at least 2 FM in the party. During the mech phase when the boss does the party vacuum after the pools and the bubbles have disappeared, is when FMs can KD the boss and if done correctly it works every time. After the vacuum just before the group knockback, Press Z once, then after the accompanying group knockback, press Z again for the KD to take effect. It’s easy and works every time. It’s much easier for FMs then the difficult backwards SS, Q, E, stun that takes far too long and may not work. I’ve taught this to other FMs in DD after the stun has failed on the first attempt. Some players may disapprove of this method but after they see it work you shouldn’t have any problems with them.
  13. +1. I have the same problem. I’m glad they are aware of this issue and are looking into it.
  14. The Joy of PUGs

    I myself enjoy helping lower level players in PUGs. I have no problems resing dead players explaining mechs or whatever. I always ask everyone to wait for the tardy or slow loading player. If the party will not wait, I just walk myself directly into the fire. If they are impatient enough to be down two party members, I have no problems watching the show while cooking myself in the fire. Usually one or two intentional fire deaths is enough to get their attention and force polite manners.
  15. Triangular Gem Boxes?

    Unfortunately they are worthless
  16. FINALLY, it is coming!!

    You are right, however when your hair starts to turn grey like when your 30 at least in my case I couldn’t take it. And if it’s done right it looks very natural. My husband had no idea I dyed my hair until I changed the color the first time.
  17. FINALLY, it is coming!!

    For me it’s the shoes and hair. I mean like who only wears one pair of shoes with the same outfit? And who doesn’t change their hair color every so often?
  18. NCsoft are crooks

    I don’t know if it’s possible where you live, but try buying your Ncoin through Amazon. Enter the code, and you have instant Ncoin.
  19. Yayyy costume customization is coming!

    Well, I for one, am going to try to remain positive. I’m very excited about this. I’ve always been an upbeat person.
  20. Yayyy costume customization is coming!

    OMG, KMN, like is this the best thing ever to happen in this game. We finally get to change our hair, clothes, and especially shoe color. I don’t care how much it costs, I’m in. Buy premium, no problem. Whatever it costs, there’s no way it costs more than a couple pairs of my Louboutins.
  21. Just want a little advice. I have enough Solar Energy for one of these which one would be best?
  22. Primal Force or Holy Fire for FM

    Thanks for all your help. This game is lots of fun, it does have a steep learning curve. I sometimes have trouble with my frost sheath timing. Some people aren’t very nice about it. I usually tell them in the beginning of the dungeon so there are no surprises. Also everyone wrongly just assumes you are a guy. Not my case. At one point I was thinking about changing my name to IFM (Idiot Force Master) because what some people called me. It seems at higher levels no one cares now, just DPS. If you get it right OK if not, no big deal.
  23. Primal Force or Holy Fire for FM

    Thanks, in the end I went for the primal force - skyrift combo. I didn’t have the tokens for the Courage. Can I combine the primal with courage at some later date? I see now that the primal deep root combo would be what I would want. Where, if you know would the deep root be obtainable from?
  24. Primal Force or Holy Fire for FM

    Sorry, fire force master.