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  1. Hello! Come join us in our Discord server, if you haven't yet = https://discord.com/invite/TzQVKCu
  2. You should check out the Clan Recruitment thread :)) If you're of Crimson Faction and in NA, I recommend joining my friends' clan, Louyang.
  3. Hi. It's been 3 years since I last posted here, and then I almost forgot what this account's credentials were. Also, shoutout to the Mods who had warned me about the stuff I did back then, sorry about that! Anyway, I'm planning to go back to playing BNS again and I would like to open commission for GOLD only. I'm offering: Chibi for 800 Gold (single figure, no bg) Non-Chibi for 1200 Gold (single figure, no bg) ++++ x2 the original price for every additional figure If interested, contact me for more details: Di
  4. Hey hey come join Louyang if you'd like
  5. Come join us in Louyang
  6. Heya you can join us in Louyang! It's a crimson faction clan :))
  7. IMPORTANT UPDATE AS OF 01/05/2020: Someone has joined our server by the name of Fluffy but later impersonated the leader of our clan, changed their name to hers and now has the Discord ID of Fushui#9755. If you have been sent a direct message of this person and asked you for RL money for gold, then they are a scammer and impersonator. The real Fushui is only online in the Louyang clan Discord server and has the Leader role. Please note your friends and other clan members of this. Thank you. They even sent me a DM saying that they were an old member.
  8. Hello! Jaz here! Since everyone's offering their art skills in exchange for some little gold, might as well do it too since I need gold and whatnot for upgrading my weapons and such. I had a similar old thread here but I decided to make a new one coz the previous one was like 3 years ago (even though I edited it, lol.) I decided it'd be better to start over. I will only offer to do chibi style - Cheebs Headshot for 200 gold (can be cheebs or non-cheebs) Cheebs Full Body for 400 gold (200 gold for every other character on the same picture) I only
  9. Hi! If you're still looking for clan, come join me in Candy Knights! http://ck.candyrain.org/blade-and-soul/
  10. Hello! Candy Knights is originally originated from the guild in Nova Ragnarok Online. Some members got interested in the game and decided to migrate so here we are! We're a newly created competitive clan. We are in Crimson Faction, and clan timezone is based in SEA, GMT+8. If you are interested to join, you can send me a DM in Discord (JazD801#7349) or in-game Jazzíe (alt+161). We hope to see you in-game and play together! :)) EDIT: We have Discord so come and Join us! https://discord.gg/GUVQgSV
  11. I think the clan is planning to do TT soon. Not sure though. All I've been seeing is them looking for static VT parties. Well, you can always join the Discord. Louyang is open for any kind of players. You can join the clan discord, if you'd like.
  12. Hey, I'm thinking of moving servers from Zulia to Yura, but I won't be moving my characters; I'm making a new one! So I'm here looking for friends or peeps who wanna play with me. My IGN is Rahptalia (yesyesiliketheanimekk) You can also ping me in Discord: JazD801#7349
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