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  1. Bugged Clan bonus.. Again

    I agree with most of that ^, but even the players you listed were only better because of their gear advantage. That's all BG has ever really been, gear and/or class imbalance. With NC turning a blind eye to last patch's exploit, everyone has max pet, talisman, and psyche. There is just no defense to that, especially when you face an already unbalanced class. NC just doesn't care, and pvp and even pve are mostly in flames because of it.
  2. Server move mass exodus

    This is spot on. I live in MN, and the distance between here and Texas and here and Virginia is pretty similar, yet I've added 50-100 ping. I've upgraded heart twice, pet three times, talisman twice, and still do less damage than I did before. The server change was a shaft. As a result I've picked up two new games to play instead. I'm still gonna raid with my group, but the constant BNS screwups and screwovers have really put a damper on this game for me.
  3. Remember PVP?

    I feel ya brutha. This is the most mismanaged game ever. All the blocks are there but it keeps getting worse and worse.
  4. 70% of the whales are now quitting

    I think you miss the point. It's not the revert, its all the stupid, careless little mistakes that are allowed to exist in the first place. All the problems that are ignored and the terrible mis-management.
  5. 70% of the whales are now quitting

    There are SO many reasons to be pissed off and quit right now. I am in MN and the server change added a good 50-70 ping to me, even though it isnt that much further. The blind eye to the cheating and exploit, the RNG enchants, the lag-fest that is Nyraka, the weapon reverts, the trashed market, the class imbalance. The only reason I am still here is because I am waiting to get in on the ground level of something new, but so far nothing has appealed to me.
  6. sad doubt

    Ok, so yea I don't get it. My computer is 9 years old. I've done nothing to it in 9 years except overclock the cpu. When I was on Sprint it was laggy. When I switched to Charter things were great. I get the usual fps drops in raids like everyone else, but it has never stopped me from doing anything in this game. I even play this game fine on my work computer which runs an intel pentium G3240 and a Nvidia GT640. All you need is a solid state drive. Yes I know the game has problems but if you've had to upgrade your computer 2-3 times just to enjoyably play, there is something very wrong. I suggest you switch to a faster internet provider.
  7. Balance your darn game

    we could argue all day about WHERE the imbalance is, but I think we would all agree that the game is not balanced and in major need of a revamp.
  8. So cheating is not unfair simply because the ability to cheat is there and a person doesnt take advantage of it? Nice logic cheatah
  9. So the lessons here are: 1) its ok to cheat because game is half dead 2)its ok to cheat because others who spent more $$$ than you (or worked harder, longer) had an "unfair" advantage over you 3)if everyone cheats its ok for you to cheat 4)its ok to cheat if you don't believe anyone gets hurt. Get real people. You are a cheater, and you will likely get away with it. It's as simple as that.
  10. You cant be this stupid. How is the average Joe that plays an honest game not harmed when he goes into BG and faces everyone with max pet and talisman? Even if you can't understand the individual harm, can't you see the harm caused to the community by a market in tatters? Again, if nobody else's gear matters, why have different levels of gear at all? You seems to think that there was no cheating because everyone could have cheated. Dude, we all have the chance to cheat everyday. The mere opportunity does not justify the action. Just be a man and admit you didn't care about the consequences and crossed your fingers that there wouldn't be any.
  11. It is mindblowing to me how morally bankrupt society in general has become. Under this logic, if my neighbor's house is broken into I have no right to complain because I wasn't harmed? I should just sit back and let crime happen because it didn't affect me? Have you no sense of social responsibility at all? The "proof" that this was not intentional came when the dev posted online NOT to do it. I guess that wasn't enough authority for you? NC soft is just as complicit, because they are too interested in making money than producing a good game. If how other people obtain gear makes no difference, why not just normalize all gear and make us all the same, all the time? Obviously some of the fun of this game is putting the work into getting the gear. What is it so hard to understand about this?
  12. Your logic just sucks. It's like saying if I forget to lock my door it's ok to loot my house. NC saw the problem and asked people not to do it. Why they havent fixed the damn thing I have no clue, and I agree NC is a complete JOKE in how they've handled it. But don't ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ on my foot and tell me its raining buddy.
  13. This may be the saddest OP post I have ever read. Pure looting mentality. No police around, lets burn the place down and steal that new TV.
  14. Soul Shied for fire FM

    If you follow the story line arc, it gives you everything you need at lower levels. Raven, ET, GC, Scarlet, IA is the typical progression.
  15. This is not acceptable. 30-60 day bans at a minimum, deletion of characters for the worst offenders. If NC soft does not dole out appropriate punishment, I swear to God I'm done playing by the rules here. I'll be swiping with someone else.