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  1. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    I am in agreement. I like small changes, but I feel this new patch has devastated everything about the way I play (and no I have never xml edited in my life).
  2. Feeling Hosed

    Let's be real Unicorn. I have been playing since patch, max TB wep, and regular top 10 in BG. This isn't about the game being too complicated. Did you read my post? Of course everyone wants to do max dps, and lightning is really just a mash spam fest. There's not a whole lot of logic to it, and YES it is easy. In fact, tedious. This is why macros exist, because the only real strategy is to mash as much as you can, preferably in the right order. What you may call skill most people call a typing class, which I never remembered to be much fun. Although it is true nobody is forcing lightning, my fire mystic badge is now gone, and my pvp spec has basically been rendered useless with the tornado nerf, so yea...kinda feels forced. Sure, I could rebuild back into a fire build that I have been playing since day 1, but is it worth the effort? Meh.
  3. Feeling Hosed

    FM lightning third spec. Converted my fire mystic badge for it. Don't really like lightning, find it hard to play, and forcing me to use a macro which I didn't have to do with fire FM easy mode. Also love to BG, but frost tornado was really the only thing that kept us viable in there. Now I am forced to use lightning in BG too. I know there's a learning curve, I just don't know if it's worth it. I feel like all the second gear I acquired for frost in pvp was now just a waste of time, and it will take all my resources to level back up a paragon and mystic just to go back to fire for raids. I know I can use the compass, but I feel like I'll be forced into lightning because of the dps difference. I think this time the treadmill has finally run me over.
  4. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    we're all feeling the pain buddy. Remember frost tornado, the only skill that made FM viable in 6s? Hoping 3rd spec can compensate.
  5. XML editing has got to change, but I agree NC cares little about it. I won't get hooked on another NC game in the future.
  6. Cant even have this discussion without talking about how ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ stupid archer and warden are.
  7. Enough is Enough

    I agree with the general beef. However, I would note that I have a ten year old computer and a decent internet connection and I have never had terrible problems with this game. Yes, 12 man raiding can get some crappy dps, but it has never stopped me from enjoying the raid. My real beef is just how pay to win it has become. I too am a veteran player. I never had to pay the game to progress because I was able to do that simply by playing. But now there is a real wall that can only be climbed by swiping. I also agree that the events are largely boring and uninspired. The game is just poorly managed, and I don't think any amount of complaining is going to fix that when Korea is calling the shots. Lesson learned. I really enjoy BNS but I won't get sucked into another game where I can't trust the developer.
  8. yoo Developers! When do we nerf BM?

    It's not at all rock paper scissors, complete myth. There are OP classes that really have no counter. The fact that some classes have always been OP identifies the problem. All the classes should have relative balance. The differences now are not minor.
  9. yoo Developers! When do we nerf BM?

    balance is at an all time low. Warden, bm, archer are all ridiculous. bd and gunner not far behind.
  10. After 22/4 update

    I can't support afk events of any nature. It's hard enough to keep up with the people playing. Now we have to keep up with the people afk? Screw that. I am tired of rng boxes though. Such a tired way to make money.
  11. Right^ What I suspect is happening is that well geared FMs can't rise the ranks compared to warden, archer, gunner and bd (worst offender imo!) and thus hover in the mid range, where of course they blow up low and mid geared people with ease. At the peak of current gear, so may other classes dominate FM. Nerfing tornado was an insult. I mean have you even seen what end game archer does? Ice FM can't survive long enough to even get it off most of the time.
  12. When people complain about OP classes, I wonder if they even look at the rankings? So in defense of ice FM, lets look at the amount of FMs in the current top 50: Arena: 1 FM WWV: 4 FMs Beluga: 3 FMs Nova: 4 FMs TOI: ZERO FMs If this class were as broken as people seem to complain about, then why does it fare so poorly in the rankings? Frost tornado is literally the only thing that keeps this class relevant, and even that isn't doing a very good job. If wall banging was so effective, why is there only one FM in the top 50 for arena???
  13. Regarding PVP, it appears to me that there is a VERY simple solution to making pvp fun. Simply allow a range where people can queue with each other. Don't let a 1400s queue with a 1500s, and open up pvp 24-7, and make the rewards more enticing so people of all levels and gear find it enjoyable. Not hard.
  14. This is very well said. Balancing this game has gone completely out the window. 99% of people are going to chose the highest DPS build, making anything else irrelevant unless one build is better for pvp. The builds only make sense unless it is appropriate for different scenarios, which just doesn't appear to be the current case. One way in which BnS has been far behind much older mmos is its failure to make mobs resistant to certain attacks, thus making different builds actually effective.
  15. The New AFK Fishing Event

    This new trend of afk playing is a joke imo. Make it stop.