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  1. What really stings for me is that gunner was a complete fiasco, and at upper levels in pvp still is. They had 3 years in NA to balance classes, and yet they come out with 2 new classes that completely break the pvp scene. It's almost intolerable.
  2. Taking steps back.

    I agree with both you guys, and I am far less diplomatic about it. This game is so poorly managed. They have completely sterilized everything unique about the game, and so many events have been useless. The pvp imbalance is insane, and the new class OP factor just makes me want to chuck my computer against the wall. I have no idea why they feel the need for the constant removal of content and nerfage of the dungeons and mechanics. Every patch they make the game worse instead of better. By the look of f8 the last few days, this game will be lucky to last until the New Year. There is just no sense of fairness. I grind for two years for my gear, and now an alt can get it all in 2 weeks. Don't even get me started on how ridiculous gunner and warden are. The best way to advance in this game is not to play at all, just wait for everything to be given to you. It's such a slap in the face.
  3. Why such high ap/gear req?

    I don't always adhere to high AP reqs, but when I do the answer is really simple---speed. The game has become some mindnumbingly easy, and the gold reduced, such that the only way to make decent money is to tear through as many dungs as I can given then time I have. And lets face it, the lowbies tend to be the ones that take forever to load or become afk nuisances as well.
  4. The dung nerfs are stupid. This game has become nothing more than shooting fish in a barrel.
  5. Unhelpful support

    How exactly did you get hacked? Did you share your information? Did you fall for a scam?
  6. Anyone running in SLI?

    Maybe I was unclear. I do not have an fps problem. With the NA profile which does not enable SLI I hit my refresh rate cap at 71 in normal dungs, around 50 in raid. That's with a single gpu enabled. Certainly nothing to complain about given that my rig is 7 years old. When I enable SLI I drop 20-30 FPS from those scenarios. I can tweak either profile to make SLI work. So I'm not asking about which profile to use or how to load dx9 drivers or concerned about my i7 generation. I simply want to know if anyone has successfully enabled SLI on their system and seen an increase in performance with BNS, and if so, how they did it.
  7. I have an older i7 comp with 2 dated gtx470 in it. This system still runs great for this game. By importing the Korean profile I can make SLI work, but the framerate actually dips 20-30 fps as opposed to using the install profile which doesn't enable SLI by default. I am wondering if anyone else has noticed this, and whether running in SLI helps FPS in 12-man situations despite the drop in normal scenarios. At this point I am wondering if there is any reason at all to run BNS in SLI. I can clearly see the gpu load being shared between the two card, I am just not noticing the benefit. Anyone else got a take on this?
  8. Today's FM

    FM needs some major love, it's just that simple. Just look at the leader boards in just about anything and you can clearly see FM lags far behind.
  9. Be careful what you wish for! This company has a long history of "fixes" that are far worse than the original problem. Removing fail rate would likely result in EXTREMELY high costs.
  10. How about reviving old content?

    ^^what?? Lack of progression integrity? WTF is that? Lack of open world content and stuff that can be done a multitude of ways? What? If you have too many dungeons with good rewards the player will get bored??? I dunno man, none of that response was "obvious" to me. I agree with the OP. There are lots of fun dungeons that I would gladly start doing again if they were more challenging and offered a reward. I don't understand for a minute why NC would care if I earn my money grinding a ton of noob dungeons or instead a few hard dungeons. What should they care how I enjoy the game?
  11. Where is gold? Where are the materials?

    This is the game's fault, again. By continually nerfing item requirements and dungeons, every new player is unsatisfied if they can't hang with the big boys in 30 days, despite the fact that some of us took 2 years to get here. By nerfing the hell out of everything the low-end experience isn't satisfying, and people can play alts funded by their mains without the need of playing with the noobies..
  12. I HATE tower of infinity

    Ok, I guess I'll dissent. I don't hate ToI, but you do have to accept that it is designed to scale with your own gear. The secret to ToI is learning the weaknesses of the ToI bots. As an FM, BDs, Bms, and SFs have absolutely no chance. Once I got the SK badge, WL's, destros, Summs and Fms all go down with relative ease. The only classes that now cause me trouble are sins and KFms, because they just eat up too much time.
  13. I couldn't agree more. BG is my favorite thing to do in this game, but so much is wrong. First of all though, the class pvp imbalances have GOT to be fixed. The gunner "nerf" was a complete joke. Pull a team with a few geared gunners and I just want to throw my computer off the table. The one-shotting skills and macro stun chains/aerials are just so broken. Second, the matchmaking. I am not sure why it is so hard to implement a point system based on your gear, and to only allow you to queue with people within your range. Even better, just make pvp weapons a prerequisite for even entering. Third, make the reward based on actual individual performance. These damn afk'rs won't have reason to enter if they get nothing for doing nothing. I can't speak for all the pvp'rs out there, but the ones that truly enjoy BG seem to do it for the fun of a good pvp match, not the rewards. The only rewards you should get from pvp anyway should be pvp items/mats and maybe gold and cosmetics. Fourth, you should only get points for winning, not lose points for losing. This is the only way people that are there for a good game don't get penalized by the people who come in pve gear or afk and have no real intention of playing to win. It really sucks to obtain gold status and then not want to play for fear of losing it. Ranks should be acquired by how many points you can gain during the season, not how many you lose. Of course if you don't win, you don't make points. Finally, the game should hide pvp gear from being viewed by other players, and only solo queue should be allowed, or in the alternative you should only be allowed to partner queue with someone within your range of gear-based points. I think if these changes were made BG would be more satisfying for players of all levels.
  14. XP Charms and HM levels problem

    While I agree 100% with the sentiment, I think the reason NC has done this is obvious... there's just no where else for the whales to go otherwise and the company loses money. There is now way NC is going to stop giving the highest spenders and opportunity to spend their money. It would be nice if people didn't have the option of maxing our new items within a day of its release, but that's never going to happen.