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  1. Yep, agree with all this. Fix your damn game already.
  2. This is spot on. Sojaa a perfect example of an excellent player who has never risen much because he doesnt cheat and he doesnt empty his wallet. Take away the gear and the cheats and most (not all) of these players shouting about "learn your class" would be dust in the rankings. When BNS first came out the class balance was not perfect but it was better than it ever has been since. It's time to equalize the gear and the classes and ban the cheaters. Getting really tired of people telling others they dont know how to play a class when there is no way they can compete with the 16 max gear
  3. Iconic if we take your max gear ass out there is like one FM in the top 20 for wwv, beluga and nova. This isnt just about playing your class, it's about being equal to people with similar gear. I am sure you love to cite your great skill in pvp because your gear can take anyone out. When comparing classes of equal gear, FM is no longer competitive. FM was one of the most populous classes. The rankings speak for themselves.
  4. HA! Try being an FM! We have been nerfed to oblivion in pvp. Class balance absolutely broken and their attempts to fix only make things worse. This is the most terribly managed company ever.
  5. I am going to concur with the above. My system is ten years old, running an x58 mobo. It runs an overclocked x5680 xeon chip. I upgraded the gpu to a fairly inexpensive gtx1660 super. TBH honest, UE4 runs just great, and far better than ue3. Even Koldrak is far more playable. If I can get great gameplay on this system and you can't, then its very likely you need to upgrade or something else on your system is wrong.
  6. I find this thread confusing. For most games, the actual fun comes from the act of improving your character. The end game dungeons are no more enjoyable than the entry or mid level dungeons or raids (in fact they may be less enjoyable). The reason why people want end game content immediately is because the entry and mid level stuff is so easy, and there are no level limits as to who can enter. The entry and mid stuff is so easy because NC gives away all the gear needed to make them challenging. The solution is LESS cta events, and lock out high level players from entry and mid dungeons.
  7. WTF is wrong with people who seem to think that cheating is ok if no one is hurt? Have you any integrity? This is a community game, you play with other people, and for some the fun of it is in fact competitive. You don't get to make your own rules. Grow up or get out.
  8. This is EXACTLY right. The ban has to hurt much more to prevent people from cheating and to instill some confidence in those who dont cheat.
  9. Agree with the sentiment. NC rolls out a pretty successful launch of UE4 and then completely bonks the game with bogus dungeon changes, destroys third spec FM, ignores other blatant imbalances, and allows cheating to run rampant.
  10. this kind of blatant cheating is just sickening. I don't understand how they always turn a blind eye to it.
  11. Cause you know, its your game and thought you might like to know and all. Dont ask me to send a ticket, its your game not mine.
  12. Yep, this is me exactly. The thing that is so sick is that FM was only ever really effective with third spec in BG, but even there it was necessary to take down endless protect classes like warden and destro. For effectiveness in pve and things like ToI, it never did very well. Despite 6 months of soul/heart/weapon/ss upgrades, my DPS is lower than it was 6 months ago. I dont really like to play alts, and this constant barage of nerfs has really made me question staying with this game. Dont get me wrong, I want balance as much as the next guy, but I feel like my time and effort to improv
  13. [SOLVED] - GPU load drops to 0% randomly | Tom's Hardware Forum (tomshardware.com) Have you tried?
  14. This is how FMs feel. This is how non FMs feel.
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