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  1. I'm calling BS on this post. The greedy knucklehead cheating pvprs' killed BG, not NC Soft. If you were a gold pvpr, you cheated, and you raked in the HM coin. You know it, I know it, they know it. And yet 2/3 of the community clamored for NC Soft not to implement harsher anti cheats, because if they did the game would be dead in a week. Honestly, the game population is too low to do anything that will ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ even 25% off. If you want to keep playing BNS, just keep your mouth shut and enjoy the game until something better comes along, because making any sort of changes f
  2. yep, 100%. Game is just not fun to play anymore, and loads new content is needed to keep the game viable.
  3. I think you are ALL missing the point. The OP suggests that the game needs to add more gold so we can continue to upgrade gear to levels well beyond what any of the content requires. This is pure, mindless drudgery, and nothing close to anything that can be considered fun. The solution isnt to grind more, the solution is to STOP PLAYING until NC decides to add enough new content that the game is actually fun to play. Sorry, the truth hurts. This game has killed itself.
  4. I dont think they can do anything different. They rush everyone to end game, and yet there is hardly any new content for it, and where there is it is not challenging it is only repetition. Making you grind for gold is all they can do to keep the ever-dwindling base still here. The formula has become old and stale. The same with RNG. The only challenge they can provide doesnt come with enough decent new content, it comes with having to do repetitive BS for a minor improvement.
  5. It is my hope that they are seriously reworking those areas
  6. Tufa


    It's pretty tragic what they've done to FM in general, not just third spec. I grind and grind to upgrade gear month after month, only to see no or negative dps increases due to constant nerfs. I mean why is it so damn hard to balance this class properly? I am told there are zero competitive FMs left in Korea. People have always complained about FM being OP but if you look at the leader boards FM has always made a relatively poor showing overall. And yes, fire still does more damage, but they still cant even get our badge right. A dinosaur badge is still more effective than BM
  7. The game is in tatters. Most dungeons are a ridiculously easy snoozefest for even weak alts, classes that have played the longest gets shafted the most, pvp is in absolute ruins, cheating hasn't been curbed in the slightest and population rates are at an all time low. If the company can't do the most basic things right, do you really expect them to be able to balance the classes?
  8. game is already pretty dead. This needed to happen 2 years ago.
  9. Its kind of unfair to claim that people who are upset that lowbies can get equal gear are now just butthurt. BNS has always been a grindy game. If people troved hard for items that were then given away in the next patch the place would go ballistic. We see this already in the current patch with new souls, gear, etc. If there is no reward or incentive for the time and/or money spent, why play at all? Why don't they just give us everything and take away any advantages associated with actually playing the game?
  10. Also, am I reading this right? Aion makes more money than BNS?
  11. Let's not confuse UE4 and poor management decisions. UE4 has been great. All the other stuff is absolutely true. I've never seen such a great core game get so destroyed by poor management decisions.
  12. I tend to agree with OP. Demonsbane should have been capped to 5 runs a day. Making Uzume obsolete this quickly was also stupid.
  13. These free upgrades are all BS if you ask me, and have absolutely destroyed low and mid tier play. I have always said the best way to advance in BNS is not to play. Its absolutely ludicrous that you can make more gold by playing low level alts than putting all that time into your main.
  14. To my knowledge GCD has almost no affect on Forcemaster, and certainly nothing like you describe here. A while back I know there was some sort of cheat with volt salvo but I don't think that is available anymore. God Mode just has the ability to spew out damage, but FM has already been nerfed to hell. I swear some people just wont be happy until FM is just removed from the game despite it never being very high in the rankings.
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