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  1. Added Soul Path. Filling in missing gold costs.
  2. Arena was not base stats only. At level 45 in arena you had give or take around 40k HP while in open world your HP was roughly 20-30k depending on soulshields used. Arena had its own innate stats. Your base HP now is 65k because it is boosted due to unity level. We did not have unity at 45 and our base HP was much much lower. This is before we even got hongmoon levels. With a full set of moonwater arena shields our HP was roughly between 35-45k total and 26k of that were the soulshields alone.
  3. At 45 Patch, the rare version of Blackram Soulshields gave you +12060 HP. To do Blackram you needed the soulshields prior to that, which gave your character depending on the class between 9500-15000 HP total. Epic version of Blackram Shields gave +17700 HP, Moonwater arena shields gave +25990 HP. Arena has equalized gear, but the stats they give are completely different than what actual equipment gives. Yes, hence why I said "Combs are only awarded for the daily quest which is 1x per day".
  4. Then don't do it? The coins are only for the event to get that gear piece and it is only for the top 4 players with the most coins on the server. You cannot do anything else with them. The combs are only from the daily so you just need to do it once per day. Poharan drops an adventure chest and gives 7 adventure coins that can be exchanged for a 10 mil exp charm, and dragon soup with 200% hongmoon exp bonus.
  5. Arena is different. Realmrift is scaled based on soulshields needed for the dungeon. (Not moonwater soulshields) Given the HP in realmrift is slightly off, but still around the amount.
  6. Its not. It is actually great! Your gear is scaled to be exactly how it was with the original dungeon, and your talismans, souls badges do not work there. You have to do all mechs if you don't want to keep dying. People are wiping cause they do not know how the dungeon works xD - they die to Sashimi cause they dont know when to iframe /cc or that you need to counter his charge - They wipe at Poharan cause they do not know when to time pulling the lever or when to CC her or avoid her charge and tigers
  7. Its already fixed and non-premium members can claim it now.
  8. Nocturnal scales are needed to upgrade current BiS raid weapon to stage 6. They are also needed for the first part upgrade of new talisman tier and pet tier. Elder scales are mainly used in the upgrades of the call 2 arms items.
  9. Common sense. Events page clearly states: "The Divine Secrets Chest can only be redeemed once per account, and it will include items to upgrade your Mythical Weapon in November. " I doubt you have mythical weapons on alts, so you should obviously claim it on the main character.
  10. Scales were always more valued due to the fact that a lot of upgrade items need them compared to oils that are just needed for heart and soul. The more of an item upgrades need the more it is valued. Especially after the call 2 arms event that just ended.
  11. Added Talisman, Heart and Pet Aura. Working on adding Soul now. Missing Gold costs will be added once the game comes back up.
  12. It is kind off subjective. I still farm in Basin daily for 2-3 hours and am sitting on multiple stacks of crystals. The nice part about it is you can just braindead it while watching a movie lol
  13. If my memory is correct you can buy the hat and costume from kagcha in mushins tower.
  14. Players seem to forget Moon Refuge and Celestial Basin exist which are great and easy ways to farm crystal pouches.
  15. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TlO3gTd0ZMarECT_yFt2uGqn7pOMWY2c/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=100210098748233779409&rtpof=true&sd=true You can use this one. It is still missing talisman / soul / pet/ heart, but I will add those later today / tomorrow.
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