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NClauncher 2 installer not working??

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1 hour ago, LegionCommander said:

the support didnt tell that how to solve this problem cause when, click at the "install" button it not doing anything just blank and usually if click at the install buttion that must have the directory to save the game and this is nothing

Like @Belido said, check Event Viewer and screenshot the log info.

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On 07/06/2020 at 3:37 PM, LegionCommander said:

Taking a screenshot of whole Event Viewer does no good for us, you need to check what time your problem occurred and then go into detail and read description, so next time when you open the launcher and the launcher doesn't do anything, then you go into event viewer check if an error occurred, you can identify if the error is new or old by looking at the date and time you got the error, and then click on it and read details/description, if the error has no description you can copy Source and Event ID: To google and find out more information about it and how to fix it.

17 hours ago, AsunaKaoru said:

help I can't even download the launcher from the website it redirects me to create account page eventhough I'm already login 

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i_622nmSwqhZKMJFNpSY5ZD7fmZoYdcn/view You can download the NC Launcher from here, hope this helps.
To fix your problem in the future you will have to contact Support, they will be able to easily fix it for you, I had similar problem when trying to buy Premium, every time I tried it kept asking me to login and then login again, never ending cycle Support fixed it very quickly and never happened since then, you can bypass this now by downloading the launcher from my Google Drive, but I'd recommend you to contact support so they can fix it for you for the future.

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