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  1. Which however is a pretty nice idea, but let's wait to see the craft costs until opening a discussion about this.
  2. Okay this thread made my day. Usually I like to critizise the publisher and developers with the hope something is done/gets better, but not like this! 1. NC didn't force the people to buy resets, if people would have been forced then where is my bracelet? 2. The same people who finally bought the resets are the ones that complained about "having to buy" resets when the patch was applied. "Hey NC, too much fragments are needed for the bracelet, you force us to buy resets" *bought resets and got bracelet* *NC is adjusting the price* "Hey NC I paid for it, why do you change it?" Finally the developers decide to listen to the feedback of the community (at least I hope it is a reaction and not a simple action) and now players are mad? Feels like they just want to be mad, no matter what the developers decide to do. Their efforts aren't gone, they got the bracelet fast. They lost some of the time advantage over the people who do it without resets. But during the refunding of the 16 fragments they still have a time advantage when it comes to pet gems. Even if they have max pet gems now, there will be higher stages coming for sure. And again, nobody was forcing them. They chose to throw money in the game to speed up their progress. To be honest I don't know why you even mention this, as I don't see any changes for pet gems with the upcoming patch?! So what is exactly the point of complaining about this? Do you even realize what they do with this patch? Actually people who want to speed things up need less resets = less money for NC.
  3. Hidden patch notes

    I feel like in a hide an seek game. NC hides the information, players got to seek them ingame. Where is the facepalm emoji when you need it.
  4. Moon Refuge is absolutely terrible.

    Ok, say you make it for only 1 person to enter then it automatically closes. Why have a special zone at all in that regard when they could have what drops inside drop off the monsters outside and save resources coding wise and server wise. So what is the pro of having it aside from helping "that" player in getting some materials. - variety while farming -> qol element - pleasant surprise -> qol element - recycle an already coded map -> saves up resources - every mob in there drops a chest for 100%, something that's not possible as a normal droprate in the outside world This map is comparable to the goblin rifts in D3, a highly rewarding area. Guaranteed drops from every mob which are also availiable outside, but not in that 1:1 kill ratio that's applied inside. People aren't forced to go in there, if they want to keep on brainless farming while watching a stream or whatever the reason may be they can do so. There are plently of things that are a real resource wastage with great impact on the gaming experience. Rework the accessability to the village shouldn't take much resources, as this kind of "entrance" already exists in the game. If you think radical, as I preceive it while reading this, then everything is questionable. - Why is the Moon refuge map absolutly large, if the mobs would have fit in a map that's half the size? - Why is it necessary to implement a fishing area in moon refuge, isn't one fishing area enough? - Why even implement a whole new map with moon refuge, if the developers could have added the farmable items for peaches in celestial basin? - Why does dungeons and raids have trash mobs if they have obviously no pro agrument? - Why does dungeons and raids have such a long way to run, if actually only the miniboss/boss room is necessary? - Why does Circle of Sundering has four platforms with dragon stream animations and not just one, where the bosses will spawn one after another? Same for Den of the Ancient - Why are there still mobs in the beginner areas, if the blue quests, for which they original were necessary, have been patched out of the game? - Why are there even dungeons before you reach max lvl, if they don't give anything essencial to level up? -...
  5. Moon Refuge is absolutely terrible.

    That's possible, but if you're really there only for doing peacefully your quests I highly doubt that the numbers of potential incidents justifies not even trying this out for a short period of time to gather some data. Yes i mentioned this point as a con. Actually what can be done with pvp to harass people, can also be done with pve actions like intentionally killing the mobs others are running to etc. Once I was standing semi-afk near a farmspot in moon refuge and another player tried to kill me with the mobs around me for his "fun". Those people are in every game and they search every method to bother others. It is about the community to handle this people or the publisher if those people actually drive out potential paying costumers... (code of conduct) Also I want to emphasize that this system makes no sense at all if every farmable item in there is account bound and can't be traded. We already have a limit for daily quests (40) which is in fact something like a quest energy with a daily reset and hasn't caused the downfall of BnS yet. First of all, what I haven't stated out enough in my original post, this energy should refer to new quests and just for this map. This is an additional option for farming and no limitation of the current ones. You are worried about the 10k exp charms? Increase the exp for monster kills and furthermore as a special of this map don't divide them in a party. Instead let every partymember in range gain the full exp. So actually group farming becomes rewarded. You are worried about the Moonlight Bud? make them a direct drop from the monster, without a quest. This would be better as veterans can push their new starting friends with Moonlight Buds when killing mobs in a party. Everything has pros and cons, but not enough is being tried to actually gain the feedback of many players (I really think about many and not the minority that's currently active in this forum). Introducing a new system -> making an ingame survey after 3-4 days -> analyze the feedback -> keep it/ particulary keep it with changes/ retrieve it. Why get rid of it, just make it accessible for exactly one person. It can be nice variety while farming and a pleasant surprise. However there should be a mechanism to secure that the person entering is the person that has summoned the mob to spawn the portal.
  6. Moon Refuge is absolutely terrible.

    Yep, that's bad game design for a zone where low geared players can meet up full geared players. They should have just normalized the stats like in arena for that zone (and adjust the monster hp to the new dmg) to negate at least the gear advantage. For nearly every damn item an account bound version exists, why not for gem powder? Salvaging gems would result in getting account bound powder of course... But for upgrading you still can buy the tradeable version in the market. Other possibility: Whole moon refuge will be a map with normalized stats and a pvp on/off switch like in the Panda Village, people can farm pve quests in groups and pvp in groups pros: - bots can be killed by real players - quest farming in groups as an alternativ social activity to dungeon farming - friends no matter the gear level can usefully farm together cons: - more bots (would need a better bot reporting system and more action from the publisher) - normal players can be ganked in the pve (actually this encourages you to go there with a party) Another idea to make it harder for bots: Against the 27/7 farm of the bots: Introduce "quest-energy" for this map. Every quest done consumes a part of the quest-energy. The quest-energy will be only recovered while the account is logged out of the game. This system would make it unable for bots to farm 24/7 on one account. Actually bots shouldn't be the reason to stop implementing new fun things. The developers should find a way to keep the fun up and make it as uneconomical as possible for bots. Without trying something new, you'll never know how it really works. Thoughts are fine, but only if the developers try it we will find out all the pros and cons of the different ideas posted here. Of course a puplic test server would be the best to test something like this...
  7. Treasure Trove

    I have to agree with Cor. Every trove there are several threads about this topic, yet people are throwing their money at NC. I'm sorry, but it is YOU that need to start taking action in boycott the trove instead of giving them exactly what they want. NC won't move until they realize that their actual income is in danger because unsatisfied people won't pay anymore.
  8. When are we finally getting "Easymode"

    I'm totally against that low hp. What's next? Logging in and clicking 6 times to finish the daily challenge? The developers showed us in several dungeons that it is possible to code mechanic damage to the bosses and this should be the case in the easy mode. Let the boss start the mech with 90% life, if you're successfull he dies because of mechanic dmg an the end of the first phase = 30 sec boss fight, or deal braindead dps and waste another 4-5 minutes on the boss. This is the way to encourage people to lear mechanics, the reward in easy mode is the saved time nothing more, nothing less! There is no need for low hp bosses to kill them fast, this game provides better options to save time! On top of that the mechanic in easymode shouldn't be doable by one person. These dungeons aren't solo content!
  9. When are we finally getting "Easymode"

    I haven't done a video yet, but this is what you are looking for: Personally I'm super sad that it is possible to solo the newest dungeon, which should have been a challenge, but not like this. The only dungeon that's not soloable for every class is DST atm.
  10. When are we finally getting "Easymode"

    That's right Merlin, most of the party dungeons are soloable now, sad thing in a mmo. That's why I stated, also the older players aren't happy about the changes. I would still prefer... easy mode with abnormal high hp where you can do basic mechanics. Successfull doing the mechanic once will kill the boss, making the bossfight very fast, otherwise enjoy four minutes braindead fighting. No CC's from bosses. ... a normal mode, where you have to successfully do the mechanic 3 times to kill the boss, or he will enrage after failed mechanic. Bosses will have a damage reduction shield at certain percentage to prevent skipping phases. Bosses use cc's such as knoback, knockdown, daze and stun. ... a hard mode, where you have to successfully do the mechanic 3 times to kill the boss, or he will enrage after failed mechanic. Bosses will have a damage reduction shield at certain percentage to prevent skipping phases. Bosses use cc's such as knockback, knockdown, daze and stun. Normal Boss hits do an reasonable amount of dmg. On top of that bosses will do certain onehit attacks that can be iframed or outranged.

    Sadly I expect nearly the same amount to quit again after a few weeks when they realize that there is no real gameplay challenge. There would be a challenge in pvp, but as a newbie participating in BG is like being a dummie for the geared ones and arena at it's current state is not attractive enough to bind players. Honestly new hardmode dungeons are fun for the first 20-30 times once you've done all possible roles and after that just a braindead farming spot.
  12. When are we finally getting "Easymode"

    I agree with the OP: NC hasn't delivered what they promised, again. Regardless if easy mode is already a clown fiesta or not. On the other hand I think that really no one is happy about the dungeon changes currently, neigther the new nor the old players.
  13. Since release parts of the community asked for a global chat and yet the developers haven't implemented it. Actually I would be glad to have a global trade, global recuitment and a global talk. Also the removal of the cross server for dungeons should be considered for eu/na as the original use to connect different servers is gone, plus the world would seem to be more populated for new players arriving in the endgame dungeon zones. ps: If they add only one global channel it will be used for trade and dungeons for sure, as the global part of the faction chat is the thing why players use it. The region chat is also spammed to find players of the other faction. So with a global chat, the faction and region chat wouldn't be used by traders and for dungeon recruitment anymore.
  14. trove 350 open key is bad... is very bad.

    Well, let's have a closer look. This trove offers 195 different items, too much in my opinion and too many items that are obsolete as a trove reward. - Hexagonal and heptagonal obsidans and garnets are easy to obtain while playing. Why they are still a thing in trove? - Triangular gilded gems... you can drop the unfusionable version in moon refuge, so the trove reward is just good for a expensive fusion. - Easy mode psyches, well those items are so hard to get nowadays, seems like a good reward. *ironie off* They aren't even account bound or tradeable for selling. - Mewtinner's Coin, a nearly two year old item which is easy to obtain by playing. - Tranquility Emblem, well another Mewtinner's Coin just a litte bit younger. Oh and there are even Tranquility Emblem Fragments which you can get several by doing Hong once. - 10k exp charms, thank god i only got to buy 41 359 of those for a lvl up and get 13 of those every day for free. Feel the sarcasm. - six different Reputation Charms with a 24h cooldown. Besides that the good ones have to be found first, why are 1000 and 5000 charms still a thing, when increasing the reputation lvl and the reputation experience cap to 500 000. Finish the daily challenge every day and we already have our 24h cooldown charm. I get it, you want us to transmute the charms for extra costs... - Legendary Gem Hammers... Feels like waste in trove since we got tons of them by other events which is actually nice. Since they are not sealed in trove it isn't even possible to sell them cheap to new players. - Scion's Maze Key - 40 seconds of running not to mention there are plenty of keys as the boss drops them for sure. - Silver Scale and Silver Scale Fragments are so easy to obtain, another useless reward because of the very limited amount of scales that are actually needed for upgrading. - Moonlight Bud - I really wanna know who is paying cash/hm coins and gold to get this item from trove. - Master Material Chest and Grand Master Material Chests are the first things that are thrown away in every dungeon, just another trash definitly not worth buying. Not everything is bad, there are charming rewards in this trove such as the fused square gems, Wonder Ascension Stone Chest, Wonder Radiance Stone Chest, Oils of course, etc... But even with the guaranteed crit trove still feels like a mess because: 1. the crit actually contains only skins, but you want to gamble for progress or the other way around. --> Pair skin crits even stronger with high material rewards. 2. After buying NCoins for real money or Hongmoon coins for gold there is another payment in gold to get the item. I'm still looking for a gambling hall, where you have to put another hundred bucks in the gambling machine just to recieve your reward of 200 bucks. If you found one, then let me know. Where the hell should a new player get 4.5k of gold to buy the Wonder Radiance Stone Chest? Yes, he/she actually has to pay even more money to get some gold in F9, that's how to loose new players who can count to 3 in seconds.
  15. Why should it be a fault. I have 12 characters for myself and did multiple dc on several days, but that doesn't mean I'm supporting the old system. The old system is a way for free to play to catch up with a time investment like a second job. This system is just crap. They should break it down to one daily challenge per account and adjust the materials, because i'm quiet sure that they calculate now with a person that's doing 12 dc's everyday, regarding the upgrade costs. So I'm thankful for every change that brings something new and shows there's not standstill for that part of the game.