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  1. Then explain to me, why do many characters run these dungeons every single day still not knowing the mechanic. I'm really talking about meeting the same people in random parties. Why do they do the same mistakes after two weeks again, because they haven't got 100 runs yet? Because that's Grimoirs argument for forcing people 100 times in a dungeon. I sadly personally know people with 200+ runs in a dungeon still not knowing any mechanics. How does the ability to trade the above mentioned items takes massively influence on the majority of the players ability to play their character? While I get your point it does matter, as it's a false information. You mentioned yourself it's a matter of knowledge or capability of character play to be successful in the dungeon. Only because the game says you can, there is no guarantee that you will, people misunderstand that. Only because a person has bought a nice car it doesn't mean the person is capable of driving it. While having this nice gear the person must have the ability to react to the changing surroundings like other cars, pedestrians and many more. How fast people are able to learn to react to those surroundings can't be predicted as it is a matter of too much hidden variables. As you said you're expecting an Aransu 3 player to do 60% of the DPS they could to, I got the question: Is it the games fault they don't do also the last 40%? It would be a pleasure to have a comment to the possible solution to this problem I mentioned above. That's right, but they don't have to be expensive. As you mentioned new players earn less gold then older players, so it's okay to have a cheap price from an older players point of view. From a new players point of view the prices might be not that cheap but decent. So it would be worth the effort for new players to spend some time to discover it. I don't see any problems in that.
  2. And you will see them also next year. This has nothing to do with how many times they run these dungeons. It doesn't matter to them because they are doable for them. It is a matter of mindset to play a mechanic in a dungeon where you don't need to to the mechanic anymore. While you may have this mindset most of the common players don't have, otherwise you wouldn't see so much failure every day. Running those dungeons 100 times will not change the mindset! Exactly someone is paying gold to get items, what's exactly the economical difference in buying those from the market for gold? Not really, diversity is a choice. You're giving the impression like nobody would have the choice to farm them by themselfes anymore, which is not true. Instead of giving people choices you're breaking it down to the most efficient way to farm and advertise it as it would be the only way. Not everyone and everything wants to be most efficient in a game. I would choose the second or even third efficient way to farm if it's more fun for me. Although I admit that I still would have an eye on how much more time I would spend on the second or third way, however it should be reasonable time difference in comparison to the most efficiently way. If nobody runs the dungeons and everyone buys them out the supply would shrink and the demand rise, or am I missing something? This will lead to rising prices. It could come to the point where new players can't afford buying those items anymore, which would lead back to your dungeon farming scenario. Or actually more people would start farming them as some sort of additional income. Furthermore I want to point out, that it's often a topic in this forum, that gold is hard to gain as a new player. If that's so then why should they buy an item, loose money and postpone their upgrades? Even if it doesn't give them an advantage in time it is their free choice to do so.
  3. Yes maybe they could just "antique" the current items. However I don't feel well by erasing them totally from the game. They are the only farmable upgrade materials which aren't needed for all the stages. Yep, but there are only a few bosses that will cause a party wipe, leading to a situation where you actually need to learn the mechanics. Uhm I don't know if you play the english version, but it says GC 3 for the normal mode. Maybe they messed up the translation?
  4. I would like to agree with you, but in which world do they have a chance to learn dungeons and mechanics? They are running easy mode in f8 and I've seen what happens in lesser geared parties if you want to explain and do mechanics. There are nearly always 1-2 people who don't care about the mechs because they realized, that they don't need them to get a reward of that dungeon. Even if the boss takes two minutes longer they don't care and mess up while other people try to learn. This item change will change nothing as long as easymode isn't reworked. Giving an alterative is not cutting away 90% of the content for everyone. The dungeons are still part of the daily challenge rotation. The players have their own free choice to do so. Meanwhile players are paying gold and afking in CC for elder scales without learning any mechs of one of the latest dungeons. Yet I haven't seen any of them saying "Sadly I'm cutting my content by doing this". Free choice is something the devs permanently cut down in this game by restricting the market further and further. Allowing different ways to farm for item upgrades bringes diversity to an MMORPG. Without diversity it "just" can be a multiplayer online game which should concern the developers and publishers, as the word "massive" is the one that leads to more income.
  5. I edited the original post to be more precise: There shouldn't be an account bound version anymore (like former ToI tookens) No doubt about that, but that's worth another topic and as you still need gold to buy the items from the market it is more a feature for returning players or players who get pushed in an already existing group of players. I don't see the mistake here in making these items tradeable. It is the easymode, where you literally need no gear and knowledge to run. I rarely see any hm party recruitments via f8 these days. This problem will occur until the devs decide to make mechs truly rewarding, even in easymode. So I don't think my suggestion will touch the core of this problem. Isn't that more an ideological problem of the community not trusting anyone because of the "bad impressions" made by some players who once a time were in the same dungeon? Good argument this probably will happen. On the other hand if that happens the new players will get something, that they'll have hard to fight for now: gold. Even if it's just some silver it can help them.
  6. To keep it straight: - Blackstone - Silver Scale - Onyx Scale should be all tradeable like the tookens of the former tower of infinity seasons after a new tier is implemented [edit]. pros: - new starting friends can be pushed faster in gear by older players - players that don't need those scales at the moment (maybe for a toon later) can sell them on the market cons are up to you, I'd like to see if there are any reasonable.
  7. over 5000 keys 0 penta gems

    Yes, there are always some people who will learn their lesson in this game. But there are also addicted ones that will always try on gambling and keep on complaining.
  8. Negative QoL Changes: Intentional or Not?

    There's still an income if players would die once on each boss and using a charm due the weekly quest and dynamic rewards. There is no need for raid revival charms in ET anyways if people would care more about surviving during a boss encounter. However if people are too stubborn to learn to survive in raids, then maybe the "buy gold to buy raid gear option" is the better one. I'm fine with that change, because it's a kind of reward for players who have learned to play well in a raid. I agree with that, it's just more and more items where effectively could have been used one in different amounts. There are several other items that fit for this too (there was another topic about this some weeks ago).
  9. over 5000 keys 0 penta gems

    That's not how rng works. As Grimoir said a penta showed up in 200 keys, with your logic that would be a ratio of 1 in 200? Even if the chance is 1 in 5000 you could spend 15000 keys without seeing one penta, while another person get's it in the first 10 keys, that's how rng works.
  10. Anpassungen von Verliesen

    An für sich ist die Vorgehensweise der Entwickler scheinheilig, da sich an den Marktverhältnissen nichts verändern wird. Es kommt zwar weniger Gold ins Spiel, was die Preise augenscheinlich senken wird, aber für diesen geringeren Preis muss genauso lange gefarmt werden, wie jetzt für die höheren Preise bei höherem Einkommen pro Tag. Vom zeitlichen Ansatz wird sich also nichts verändern. Das Angebot/Nachfrage-Verhältnis, was zu einer reellen Preissteigerung oder einem reellen Preisverfall führen würde bleibt völlig unberührt. Wenn die Entwickler es wirklich auf die Inflation abgesehen haben, dann bin ich doch sehr enttäuscht, weil sie anscheinend nicht mit mathematischen Modellen umgehen können. Da unser Upgrade System fast vollständig ohne Zufall funktioniert, würde sich eine Inflation bereits langfristig bei der Planung von Upgradekosten verhindern oder verringern lassen. Generell finde ich es schade, dass das Gold im obersten Gearstand fast keinerlei direkte Bedeutung für ein Upgrade besitzt (goldsink hallo!). Ich habe für kein Upgrade in diesem Spiel jemals Materialien verkaufen müssen, um an das Gold für das Upgrade zu kommen. Es ging immer nur darum mit dem erfarmten Gold oder dem Gold von verkauften Materialien andere Materialien zu kaufen (Gold bleibt im System). Dadurch kann eine Inflation nicht gestoppt oder verringert werden.
  11. Kulanz ist das Stichwort. Es gibt im normalen vor Ort Einzelhandel kein Rückgaberecht bei funktionstüchtigen Waren. Im Sinne der Kundenzufriedenheit bieten jedoch viele Unternehmen von sich aus eine Rücknahme von unbeschädigten Waren in einem bestimmten Zeitraum an. Bei Fernabsatzverträgen gibt es ein gesetzlich vorgeschriebenes Widerrufsrecht von 14 Tagen, was manchmal beim Kauf einer Ware abgetreten wird, wenn der Verkäufer dies zu einer Kaufbedingung des Gegenstandes macht. Bei NCSoft tritt der Käufer das gesetzliche Widerrufsrecht ab durch Punkt 2.3 der AGBs (Verlust des Widerrufsrechts bei digitalen Inhalten) beim Zustandekommen eines Vertrages. Und das gilt auch nur für den Kauf von Ncoins, für den Kauf von digitalen Produkten mit Ncoins gilt dieser rechtliche Rahmen aus meiner Sicht nicht (hier gelten nur noch die internen Bestimmungen des Unternehmens). Wenn vom Support also keine Kulanz gezeigt wird, lässt sich dort nichts machen. Es bleibt allein die Entscheidung des Kunden, wie er/sie in Zukunft mit diesem Wissen darum umgeht.
  12. I have requests.

    That's right, but you are also forced to check the "use buff graph" for that. A standing alone option for that would be nice. Another weird thing is, that the braclet buff even shows up with the check for this option. Also there are a lot of other buffs/cds that certain players don't need to pop up in the bar. This is a kind of qol suggestion, not a must have.
  13. I have requests.

    I agree with this one. You'll never understand if you look at it just from one point of view, the system is unbalanced. Instead of creating a system that makes is possible to catch up and keep up with those hardcore playing gamers, NC introduced a system where you can't keep up with the most paying gamers. You think a game where you only get decent progress by playing is bad? Well imagine the gamers who actually are playing this game for hours and realize that they only get a decent progress by paying (and there are people who can't pay!). So you should be quiet capeable to recognize that NC did a bad job here, because you just changed roles with hardcore players in this game. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against you buying the gear out of a shop, as long as it is possible to earn that gear in a decent amount of time while playing. Oh and ofc there should be decent time difference in aquiering if you're running hardmodes or not. sincerely, a former playing and paying gamer
  14. NClauncher 2 installer not working??

    Maybe another programm on your system is blocking the installer?
  15. Actually the bleeding effect isn't that bad, it just requires a totally different mindset that players didn't need at bosses before. "Oh a red attack, I just i-frame that" isn't working anymore, therefore a proper positioning is. Usually you don't die to 1 stack if you keep hitting the boss, mostly it is the panic "Oh god, I have one stack" which leads to a lethal mistake like another stack on top of that. Not to panic if one mistake has happened and to stay into rotation is difficult, as the body stops logical thinking when starting to panic.