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  1. Well I guess a sentence like "I disagree and want this privilege to continue existing, because..." is to much more work. But anyway thank you for posting this, as it is exactly what I'm talking about, questioning the current state of things which are listet in the picture and which have already been named by Grimoir and others.
  2. Why should they refund the initial cost because of the skins? If you want your money back, then the company should ask you to return your closed beta experience, 3 days headstart, 4 character titels, 48,800 Premium points + Premium lvl 4, 90 days of premium membership, two name reservation, extended booster pack, two character alteration, five extra character slots and 7200 NCoin. That people paid 125$ for 3 skins is a mere lie. Compared to the disciple pack (75 $) where you have no skins, we also paid for - 1 character title more (value?) - 12,400 Premium Points + 1 lvl
  3. You're completly right, this is the current state. However as I stated my opinion, I don't mind if it's not exclusive anymore. Times change and I'm not the person who does want others not to have an outfit just because I paid 125 bucks in an advertised boundle with many other things for it. The fun of the master pack has been paid off for me of a long time ago. Money keeps the game alive and I would be happy to see more cosmetical buys than for item progression.
  4. Well we'll see if they also changed the coding at some points. The new engine is hot, but if it's still a spaghetti-code even that won't help too much. Hopefully they will reorganize their ressources after the ue4 release and bring new life to old mmo elements like gathering, crafting and other stuff to do. The announced reintroduction of the 4-man dungeon mode sounds great to me.
  5. How many founders are still playing the game? Since the launch of this game NC has turned around in many aspects of the "original intended way how things work in this game", especially in the shop. Nothing is set for eternity, I don't see any problem here as long as the price is somehow comparable to the original one. It's easy money for NC to make. Just my opinion as a founder.
  6. Like the others said, they didn't change the difficulty, they changed the gear requirements. The mechanic is still the same since release.
  7. That's right, but it's obvious that this game is developed around the store and not around the gameplay anymore. Buying things in the store is always an easier progression. The original intend of a game is to be played for progress and not to be paid for progress. It becomes unfair, if the store progression allows you to have items one day after the release, while the fastest playing progression still need weeks for the same result. It also can be questioned, why the latest raid items are buyable in the shop, if playing the raid should be a long term motivation to gear with the latest equiment
  8. May I ask what you have in storage, that needs so much space? 1. The finite amount of storage in each game is also a challenge for players to decide which items are worth to be stored. 2. We already have 2 different kind of storage, second soulshield storage with quick equip function, a wardrobe, seperate storage for unity stones and a premium membership storage, which is plently enough if it's fully developed. 3. Alts can be abused as additional storage for account tradeable items. 4. Many people having trouble with inventory space store things on the main character
  9. Well then stop hoarding antiques, i've got 6 free rows and haven't even open every possible.
  10. Yes, they are very strict in asian countries, especially in south korea. The devs lazyness to costumize the event before using it in the western market is a reasonable thought, but it's somehow poor regarding the difference in the audiance. Could be a reason for the lamps, but the wishing lamps? An item that can be transmuted how many times a day? 3-5 (depending on premium or not)? Why did they give the wishing lamp the same cooldown, if you're actively played (or afk fished) for it? I know those questions can be annoying, but I think the more of this questions could have a
  11. For example if you're not at home at all on the weekends. I would like to know the developers reason to set a 5 hours cooldown per lamp. What is the purpose of this cooldown? - Letting people log in every 5 hours of their time awake? Sounds pretty annoying - Letting people run to their pc after 5 hours for the event time? Sounds pretty annoying too I thought events should be fun. - Drawing attention to the game every 5 hours? To make BnS omnipresent in our mind? - Why does the opening has a cooldown, if you're supposed to farm the daily limite
  12. Greed. A powerful player most likely already spend some money on the game and will continue spending with new systems/content for them. A company should be interested in making as much money as possible, but it should also listen to the people who spend the money. This is called community management, it is work and not easy. However NCsoft has a very poor mindset when it comes to NCwest: Make money with little to no additional effort. So the western community has little to no influence on the game with it's feedback. Thankfully there is no need for players to get this to play through
  13. A "general" chat definitly would have the pros you mentioned and I support the idea. I think it would be even better to have a "trade chat" and a general chat which are both global, as i could imagine that having people of both factions selling in one chat could make the chat unreadable at certain times. But I alsothink the devs aren't interested in setting this up, because: - Party find -> F7 or F8 - sell stuff -> they would like to see you use the auction house, as it is part of the gold sink system
  14. In duo or solo runs you're about to maximize the loot. It's just another parameter in the system. Opimization is the operation to maximize/minimize one or different parameters in a system, maybe we can agree about this. Sadly nowadays many people just want to optimize their progression in a way, that they're minimizing the social aspect of mmorpg gaming. The ongoing monetization of everything ingame in combination with lowering the progression by playing makes the social aspect even worse (developers manly reacting to shareholder interests). If I see the party leader acting like this,
  15. I realized this "feature" two days after the event start and lost 5 wishing lamps in the end. It is nice to know about all the stuff to loot on the website, but it also would have been great read something like "Opening an antique lamp has cooldown time of 5 hours, so don't forget them to open while you can!". However I wonder why there is a cooldown to this lamps anyways. As you want to maximize the gain of the event you won't open them all on day one with no cd. Farming the clothes nearly every day to transmute the good version of the lamp brings the player back to the game. So w
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