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  1. Schade, dass du diese Erfahrung machen musstest. Hier zeigt sich leider die Inkompetenz eines Publishers einen Support aufzubauen, der das Spiel versteht. 1. Es ist völlig richtig wie du beschrieben hast, dass die Seele mehr als zehn Aufwertungen brauchen kann um auf 100% zu kommen, da der prozentuale Zuwachs Zufall ist und keinen fixen Wert von 10% besitzt. Das kann man übrigens in einigen schönen Youtube-Videos sehen lieber Support. 2. Die Aufwertungschance dieses Items beträgt nie (und ich meine wirklich NIE) 100%, was übrigens aus der Beschreibung im englischen Client (dem Ingame Tooltip) hervorgeht. Denn dort steht, dass das Item bis zur Fülllung des Balkens auf 100% bei jedem Versuch mit derselben geringen Chance aufgewertet werden kann. Bei 100% wird die Chance für die folgenden Aufwertungsversuche auf einen fixen Wert lediglich erhöht. Dass dieser Wert keine 100% Aufwertungschance darstellt sieht man auch wiederum am Feedback der Community im Forum und YouTube-Videos. Was lernen wir daraus? NCsoft sollte seinen Mitarbeitern mal das Spiel erklären, dessen Kundenprobleme sie aufgehalst bekommen. Eigentlich ist es peinlich, wenn gefühlt die Mehrheit der Spieler mehr Kenntnisse über das Spiel besitzen als der Support (bei wenigen Spielern hätte ich durchaus noch Verständnis dafür). Ob es hier falsche Informationen seitens des Publishers gab oder nicht, den Supportmitarbeitern kann man echt nur empfehlen sich selbst zu Informieren, da man sich mit so einer Antwort für diesen Job einfach selbst disqualifiziert. Aber hey, Fehler können passieren und Einsicht ist der erste Weg zur Besserung. Grüße
  2. I agree the arena isn't rewarding in general and isn't fun for new players/casual players. But it is easy just to complain, showing up with a tangible idea to discuss is actually the way we should show the publisher/developer the demand for a change. So I just bring up some ideas to revive the arena, with a little comment from myself. 1. Make the account bound upgrade items soulstone crystal, sacred crystal, moonstone crystal, elysian crystal accessable with zen beans. Why not? It already exists for the pve in celestial basin with farming peaches and buying pouches. If you don't like to see them as a direct trade for zen beans, implement the pouches for zen beans. I don't see a point why these upgrade materials, that are also needed for the pvp weapon, are locked behind pve only. And maybe even pve players will have a look into the arena by the time they get bored from farming peaches. 2. Make the unbound versions of the items above accessable through zen beans. Personally I don't like the idea, because it's charming for the bots to return to the arena (even more than point 1, which is only for personal progress) 3. More season rewards for personal character development. Reward more people and give interesting season rewards like sacred vials and pet packs (account bound!), that are also viable for 6vs6 players! Why do the developers reward the first 300 of each class in arena, while they reward the first 5000 in pve content ladders? Make it 5000 for 1450 rating and above. Sacred vials and pet packs as a reward for a 10 week season, you could discuss the amount of items that would be justified, but why not? 4. Restriction of season rewards. People abuse the system by creating several times the same class, which results in having some players with 4-6 characters of the same class in the ladder. I highly doubt that's how a ladder is intended to work. Give season rewards once per class per account, so only the highest one of multiple characters of the same class will appear in the ladder. If a player is good on different classes I'm fine seeing him with that classes in the ladder, but the same class? This is like the same football team or whatever sports could have the first, second and third place in one league, just because they have different team names. This has nothing to do with competition it's exploitation of the system. Well to be honest the class restriction only works properly if there's also no incentive to create multiple accounts with the same class, which just leads to the old problem. Because of that the rewards should be only for personal progress/use, this excludes anykind of current shop currency from rewards. Instead of giving hongmoon coins I suggest do design a new shop tab for a new pvp currency. This currency substitutes the current venture token season rewards. The things being able to buy are bound to account. So in general everything in the shop that's not tradeable and isn't used to gain tradeable items, could be bought (and not gifted ofc, which would just lead to another abuse) 5. Implement a season quest (or quests), which is doable once per account per season like: win 100 pvp matches on the account (which is 1-2 per day in a season). As a possible reward I would name 1 premium transformation stone which is given once per account per season quest. To lower the abuse of this reward I would recommend to implement a new kind of account bound premium transformation stones. Otherwise people will just create 10 accounts and crash the market. Just a few suggestions to discuss to make arena more interesting for the overall players, I didn't go in changing the fight (like more health or less dmg, no 100-0 combos etc.) because I think that won't happen anyways.
  3. Rising Soul Event.

    As I said before, this failture in communication between the publisher and the developers has to be adjusted as fast as possible. The level of misleading informations from the stream is worrying.
  4. Probably the developers will revive things like that after the change to UE4, before I doubt it.
  5. The devs basically didn't talk to you about this event, the community manager and the game producer of the publisher ncwest did. Actually I don't think it's a lie, it's an error. The problem was/is that the team, that's promoting events and updates showed many times some lack in information about certain things. You can see that in updates that have come with changes, they neigther announced in the stream nor in the patch notes. For example they changed the assassin's limitless soul badge (which was bugged before) on the 9th may patch, without loosing a word about it. While this issue can be caused by different things like bad communication between devs and publisher, bad translations or just lazyness, it is still an issue that should be to be adressed and taken serious. Also I would like to remind you that she said "an extra 9% chance", but she actually never said what the 9% are refering to (9% total chance or +9% of the original upgrade chance). As I tracked the event on different characters, I would say it is additional 9% of the original upgrade chance, so it stays low. When you reach 100% for the next upgrade the growth rate changes to fixed, which should be a guaranteed success (or at least Jonathan says at some point there will be something like that). If you have a closer look on the item discription it doesn't even say that it's a guaranteed success. Actually it says "The material costs of Growth by Fixed Rate decreases while mileage increases", which is a bad translation according to a guaranteed success (and the mileage can't increase above 100%) or they gave us the wrong information about it. Personally i just can speculate at this point, because I don't got to 100% on any soul yet. Well you can read this in the item description in the stream, so why do you even rage about it? "If the points reach maximum Growth by Variable Rate changes to Growth by Fixed Rate" This sentence exactly tells you, that with reaching 100% (max. points) the variable rate will become a fixed rate. Of course you need to do another upgrade at this point, because the mileage referts to the next upgrade and not the one you just did to reach a certain amount of percentage. Regards
  6. Who knows, maybe they like to confuse people. The soul item/buff is designed, description wise, in a poor way, but nobody really cares about the fact that the soul's "cooldown" isn't comparable to the common sense of a typical cooldown for skills/buffs etc. for the rest of the game.
  7. Pve

    Actually 3 topics down you can find
  8. excess materials

    I think this suggestion is good so far, but needs to be balanced carefully as you don't want to start people farming low dungeons for converting to higher items. So there should be a perceptible "loss" in comparison to farm these items directly.
  9. limitless badge for sin

    "Limitless Soul Badge tooltip mentions “Divine Tree Effect” instead of “Sapling Effect” " This is everything they wrote as known issues to the sin after the patch of 9th. Actually now the effects go along with the tooltip (which wasn't the case before the 9th). It makes it harder to play with the badge, currently I would recommend the arcana badge for light build. Anyway light seems to be much weaker than dark under real conditions at the moment.
  10. Where is gold? Where are the materials?

    I thought I would have considered it here Anyway the 5 minute enrage timer should be a bug according to the patch notes: Naryu Sanctum The enrage timer for Xanos has been reduced to 8 minutes, down from 10. I don't know if I should laugh or cry that this happened to a dungeon of the current event.
  11. Allgemeiner Zustand 02.05.2018

    Genau das sind zwei Punkte wieso neue Spieler und Rückkehrer trotz Absenkung der Materialkosten weiterhin Probleme im Fortschritt haben. Durch die Inflation sind die Preise von handelbaren Materialen hochgeschossen, gleichzeitig wird versucht Deflation zu betreiben durch Absenkung der Goldbelohnungen (ob bei Quests oder Gold aus Kisten). In Folge dessen wird der Preis von handelbaren Materialien von Leuten mit großen Goldreserven bestimmt, während Spieler mit weniger Gold praktisch vom Markt ausgeschlossen werden. Langfristig werden die Preise eventuell sinken, was jedoch Monate dauern könnte, die das Spiel unattraktiv machen. Meiner Meinung liegt die Ursache des Problems in der nicht vorhandenen Balance der Generierung und Zerstörung von Gold im Wirtschaftssystem. Gold wird nur durch zwei Items (makelloser Edelstein/makelloses Element) und direkten Upgradekosten aus dem Markt genommen, was im Endgame viel zu wenig passiert und im Verhältnis dazu in den frühen/mittleren Charakterentwicklung viel zu viel. Zu dieser Annahme komme ich durch Vergleich von reinen Goldkosten bei Waffen- und Accessoireupgrades. Einem Spieler, der die Story abschließt, ist es möglich im Schnitt 40 Gold pro Tag zu generieren (Dungeons bis einschließlich Naryu Sanctum + 3 wöchentliche Dungeons), wenn man sich wirklich mit 40 Quests pro Tag ranhält. Ausgehend davon, dass er/sie die Edelsteine für 20 Gold kauft, weil die Materialien für die 10 Gold Variante für Upgrades gespart werden, benötigt er/sie 50 Tage für die Edelsteine (100) zu kaufen um ein Draken Accessoire auf Stufe 10 zu bringen (Wohlgemerkt sind die Goldkosten und Material für die Upgrades bei Stufe 3/6/9/10 hier noch nicht drin!). Ein Spieler, der alle Dungeons durchlaufen kann, generiert ca. 100g pro Tag, was mehr als dem doppelten des o.g. Spielers entspricht. Wenn man sich dann die Anzahl an Edelsteinen und Upgradekosten anschaut, die das Gold wieder aus dem Markt entfernen sollen, fällt einfach eine große Diskrepanz zwischen Generierung und Vernichtung des Goldes auf. Der aktuell beste Gürtel benötigt 5 makellose Edelsteine mehr (nämlich 105 laut NCsofts Auflistung zum letzten Patch, was 21 Tagen farmen für ein Best in Slot Schmuckstück bedeutet) als der wesentlich ältere Gürtel und unterscheidet sich auch in den Upgradekosten nur um 100 Gold für die Verwandlung. Das heißt es werden gerade einmal 200 Gold mehr aus dem System entfernt, bezogen auf ein neuen Spieler, der seinen ersten legendären Schmuck auf 10 bringen will, wo ist hier die Verhältnismäßigkeit? Als Tipp für neue Spieler fällt mir nur ein, möglichst bald zu versuchen einem BT Raid beizutreten, auch wenn nur die ersten zwei oder drei Bosse gemacht werden. Hier kann, je mach Verteilungssystem und Bedarf der beteiligten Spieler, einiges an Gold gemacht werden. Desweiteren mit einer vernünftigen (Stamm-)Gruppe auch immer mal wieder höhere Dungeons anzutesten und sobald die Möglichkeit besteht die Bosse zu legen diese farmen. Wichtig ist es hier sich nicht gleich von einer Mechanik die die Gruppe zum wipen bringt entmutigen zu lassen. Allein der Enrage Timer bestimmt, ob zu wenig Gear vorhanden ist oder evt. man seine DPS Rota optimieren muss.
  12. Where is gold? Where are the materials?

    Every mmo does that, just the way is different. While BnS is giving new content on the same level (55) and nerfs the older one, other games just give a new max level where the old content becomes obsolete. The rebalancing of the 09.05. actually makes it much harder to gear up the accessories, which are quiet important for the content NS+. But I'll agree to the nerf of dungeon mechanics, they are not conductive for players development. At the moment it's not 30 days. With the new enrage timer of the last boss of NS players aren't able to complete this dungeon anymore after finishing the story quest and having a party of same geared players. They rely on better geared players to succeed in this dungeon, even with executing the left over "mechanics" in the right way. Even if they do NS the gold income for these players is more limited than ever. 5,85g Naryu Sanctum 1,95g Naryu Foundry 1,95g Desolate Tomb 2,21g Ebondrake Citadel (3 quests) 1,111g 5Sogun's Lament 2,015g Shattered Masts 3,0225g Sundered Nexus (3 quests) 0,9789g Gloomdoom Incursion 0,9815g Cold Storage 0,39g Avalanche Den 0,512g Awakened Necropolis (2 quests) 1,04g Heaven's Mandate 0,39g Lair of the Frozen Fang 0,52g Ebon Hall 0,52g Ebondrake Hideout 0,273g Chuanka Frost Cavern 0,273g The Shrieking Caverns 0,245g Ogong's Folly 0,245g Talus Dungeon 1,1375g Midnight Skypedal Plains (4 quests) 0,377g Tower of Infinity 3,9651g Mushin's Tower 1-15 (9 quests) 0,468g Brawl in the Basin 30,425g/day This is an example for the daily income, some of the lower dungeons might not be the best choice because of the open field quests in Gunwon City, but the total difference would be about 1 or 2 gold more. To upgrade any draken accessory it needs 100 legendary jewels in average (as the sheet from ncsoft shows) so you need 2000g to buy them, this would take 66 days per draken accessory just for the jewels without any breakthrough and only if you're able to do Sanctum. Without Sanctum it takes 82 days. If you would do the weeklies in addition it would take 54 or 64 days. The average player doing these dungeons is farming for the jewels of one drakan accessory approximately between 54 and 82 days, neglected that the player earns and spends money on items in dungeons. So I would estimate it takes about 80-100 days to upgrade the bracelet and the weapon to a stage, where the player can start to run IF/EL for better income in a premade party (although it's still hard without ring, earring and necklace) and can actually join BT raids that are able to clear 1-4 for sure (not as a buyer, as you don't have the gold anyway). And I'm sorry to say this, but I don't wanna wait two years to play with new players, while many of the older ones quit/take a break. Hell yes, even in low-end content doing the mechanics should be the main part of a dungeon. It would be enough if all low-end bosses have self-destructive mechanics like DT/EC that must be done by the players or the enrage timer will hit (even in normal mode). The low-end dungeons should care less about players damage and more about executing mechanics and getting rewarded for it.
  13. Light or Dark

    Although it might be a little late, play the build which playstyle you like the most. Lightning build has a higher dps in parse, but in the actual raids and dungeons dark build does the same or even more dps due the fact, that there are mechanics which needs to be executed. So if you would list the pros and cons atm I guess it's somehow looking like this: pros light: - high mobility - highest dps in parse - you can fight normal monsters without any effort, as they don't see you in stealth stance cons light: - no dmg out of stealth - some boss mechanics make it impossible for you to stay in stealth at certain moments = dmg loss - if you're assigned to do certain mechanics it can break up your rotation = dmg loss - you have to switch stances every 10 seconds - if you want to use 2 for yourself or party protection, you have to switch stances - this build is heavily relying on animation cancel (about 9 in 10 seconds), which can cause huge trouble if your ping and/or fps aren't/isn't stable pros dark: - stable rotation due to reset of choke bomb on use of venom slash (which makes it easy to start the rotation again after doing mechanics) - you never have to go into stealth stance, except you need to use 2 or q - getting hit by normal attacks doesn't affect your rotation - you just have to do 1 animation cancel in 10 seconds - with the current badges you always have a 60 second cooldown on bluebuff to synchronize with soulburn (lightning doesn't if you use the arcana soul badge) cons dark: - low mobility Anybody may add things to this list. So if you want to play the most effective way damage wise for raid/dungeon I would suggest you to go dark build.
  14. Not to mention that the cooldown bar disappears for me in this simple mode. As a lightning sin I can't see choke bombs cooldown while in stealth stance... (besides that the given lightning rotation is just for leveling up and has no further use... but it's ok so everything stays the same for me I guess)
  15. Raven 9 isn't a hard thing anymore, upping the draken accessories is! Or can you explain me why you need to buy elements worth 2000g for every draken accessory to upgrade to stage 10, while the next better accessory version needs 2100g elements? I was and still I am near to max gear for many patches and I don't feel like I got spit in the face by any upgrade cost reduction at all. I always had the advantage to farm with my gear easier for days/weeks/months before the update hit and was able to play through new dungeons faster than people with less gear, keeping up the gear gap between them and me. I like to see upgrade cost reductions, because some items have near to 30 stages now but the price curve doesn't represent that. I mean we have an economy here, some parts are determinate by the developers, but have you ever seen a company selling old products for the same price while there are 10 more generations?