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  1. Space space space

    Well then stop hoarding antiques, i've got 6 free rows and haven't even open every possible.
  2. Does anyone actually care?

    Yes, they are very strict in asian countries, especially in south korea. The devs lazyness to costumize the event before using it in the western market is a reasonable thought, but it's somehow poor regarding the difference in the audiance. Could be a reason for the lamps, but the wishing lamps? An item that can be transmuted how many times a day? 3-5 (depending on premium or not)? Why did they give the wishing lamp the same cooldown, if you're actively played (or afk fished) for it? I know those questions can be annoying, but I think the more of this questions could have a reasonable answer, the better an event would be. I feel like many desicions of the developers (that are not about monetization) aren't well thought or even discussed in their team. It feels more like one person said: "We do it this way, I have no reasons for this, don't question it, just do it."
  3. Does anyone actually care?

    For example if you're not at home at all on the weekends. I would like to know the developers reason to set a 5 hours cooldown per lamp. What is the purpose of this cooldown? - Letting people log in every 5 hours of their time awake? Sounds pretty annoying - Letting people run to their pc after 5 hours for the event time? Sounds pretty annoying too I thought events should be fun. - Drawing attention to the game every 5 hours? To make BnS omnipresent in our mind? - Why does the opening has a cooldown, if you're supposed to farm the daily limited clothes anyways? This event felt essencially like a "how to set up a 5 hours timer for 1 klick and wait 5 hours again... In general the event wasn't bad, but I do not unterstand the "necessity of a cooldown" decision here.

    Greed. A powerful player most likely already spend some money on the game and will continue spending with new systems/content for them. A company should be interested in making as much money as possible, but it should also listen to the people who spend the money. This is called community management, it is work and not easy. However NCsoft has a very poor mindset when it comes to NCwest: Make money with little to no additional effort. So the western community has little to no influence on the game with it's feedback. Thankfully there is no need for players to get this to play through the latest dungeons, as the damage output is beyond ridiculous for the dungeons.
  5. In game CHAT feedback

    A "general" chat definitly would have the pros you mentioned and I support the idea. I think it would be even better to have a "trade chat" and a general chat which are both global, as i could imagine that having people of both factions selling in one chat could make the chat unreadable at certain times. But I alsothink the devs aren't interested in setting this up, because: - Party find -> F7 or F8 - sell stuff -> they would like to see you use the auction house, as it is part of the gold sink system
  6. In duo or solo runs you're about to maximize the loot. It's just another parameter in the system. Opimization is the operation to maximize/minimize one or different parameters in a system, maybe we can agree about this. Sadly nowadays many people just want to optimize their progression in a way, that they're minimizing the social aspect of mmorpg gaming. The ongoing monetization of everything ingame in combination with lowering the progression by playing makes the social aspect even worse (developers manly reacting to shareholder interests). If I see the party leader acting like this, while the dungeon is doable, I'm leaving the lobby. A cherrypick can be a successfull strategy, however I personally don't see a reason to cherrypick except for hardmode or long term farm runs, for normal mode dailies it is just a waste of time.
  7. I realized this "feature" two days after the event start and lost 5 wishing lamps in the end. It is nice to know about all the stuff to loot on the website, but it also would have been great read something like "Opening an antique lamp has cooldown time of 5 hours, so don't forget them to open while you can!". However I wonder why there is a cooldown to this lamps anyways. As you want to maximize the gain of the event you won't open them all on day one with no cd. Farming the clothes nearly every day to transmute the good version of the lamp brings the player back to the game. So why on earth do I have to be logged in for 5 hours or log in twice/thrice a day to fully participate in an event? Who invented that 5 hours? Why not 2 hours, 30 minutes, or instant? I can't understand the devs decision, please explain it to me (and yes I know, that will sadly never happen). ps: The event itself had great rewards and gathering clothes was a doable task. This is just about the lamps cd.
  8. You want to tell us, that speedruns aren't about optimizing the time to spend in a dungeon? Well, what's the way not to support the malicious progression system, not to progress in these systems? Not to pay for these systems?

    What I would like to ask the managers: "Hey, I just was wondering, is this an out of season April Fools joke?"
  10. Can we agree, that being toxic is a harmfull behavior against others? Experience: Why do people feel offended by this requirement? There has always been a difference between learing runs, in which people expect to die several times, and farm runs, in which people expect to efficently farm (without dieing several times). So far I haven't seen any "learn runs" in F8 for a long time, people tend to do learn runs with already known friends. Link the achievement: This one is useless in dungeons. Even with showing the achievement you still don't know if a person has been carried through the dungeon several times or has experience in doing mechs/surviving. Furthermore it's useless for alts, that haven't visited the dungeon yet, where the main already has 100+ runs. AP requirements: It's people's choice, whom to group up with. This is called free decision, which is triggered by the person itself and the environment. However the developers (who have massive influence on the ingame environment) have done their part to encourage players to request a ridicoulus amount of ap. Anyways I don't see any harm of other people, although you can call some situations dumb behaviour. Toxic people intentionally burn you before reaching the boss room. Toxic people don't criticize you for dealing "no damage", they insult you. Toxic people don't criticize you for failing a mech, they insult you. Toxic people blame others for their own failures. Toxic people intentionally do something to wipe the party.
  11. The people at NCSoft West?

    Just enjoy the combat as long as you can. NCwest is not heared in Korea, you can actually see it by the thing that's going on at the moment. NCsoft doesn't care about pc games anymore as you see the company transformation to a pure mobile game developer and publisher is going on. The best that could happen to this game is, if it is sold to another company, which cares about the pc development. However this will never happen, as BnS will be hold by the company as a mobile brand.
  12. It's all about the playtime, as investing in alts gear is bound to a specific time investment for the materials. Time is the only investment of every player, playing this game for fun. Some players additionally invest money in upgrade materials or items, for what? Right, to cut down the investment of playtime aka time to grind for specific items. You haven't finished the story of investments. The major reason for people to invest in alts is to speed up the main characters progress. I personally know just a few persons playing 1-2 alts "just for fun" like their main character. The investment in alts isn't only rewarded with faster progress in unity, but also a faster progress overall. If someone has got only a single character from the beginning, a second person with 11 alts feeding the main character will pass the first person progression wise and will be unassailable. In the end the overall time investment to progress on 1 character with 11 alts is much lower than progressing one character only by itself (money investment excluded). So why does the first person got no alts and is behind in progression of his main character after half a year? Now that that has been said, I'm not against having alts or playing alts, as I got 11 of them myself and I like to play different ones of them. I'm just asking (like the op) for the equal time investment for both playing styles, as I would like to see this game stay a bit longer in the western market, by allowing different playstyles with equal grinding efficency.
  13. I disagree with your opinion. If they play the same amount of time why should be the progress on one character be slower than playing with multiple? The otherway around it makes more sense to me. If I decide to play 3 hours per day on one character I am dedicated to it and expect a higher progress than playing 2 hours main, 1 hour alt. Keep in mind, the same play time! The unity system is such an agressive attempt of the developers making quick money. The account wide unity level gives them much more opportunity to sell unity stones. Otherwise there is no reason to make the unity level account bound. Even the hongmoon level isn't account bound, as the developers got another monetization strategy for it (hongmoon scrolls), which is independend on the hongmoon level. If the developers would have been consequent on the unity system the unity exp either would be character bound or the whole unity stones would be account bound. In both ways the possible income of the unity system would shrink. In my opinion that's the reason why we have this ugly account/character system.
  14. Then explain to me, why do many characters run these dungeons every single day still not knowing the mechanic. I'm really talking about meeting the same people in random parties. Why do they do the same mistakes after two weeks again, because they haven't got 100 runs yet? Because that's Grimoirs argument for forcing people 100 times in a dungeon. I sadly personally know people with 200+ runs in a dungeon still not knowing any mechanics. How does the ability to trade the above mentioned items takes massively influence on the majority of the players ability to play their character? While I get your point it does matter, as it's a false information. You mentioned yourself it's a matter of knowledge or capability of character play to be successful in the dungeon. Only because the game says you can, there is no guarantee that you will, people misunderstand that. Only because a person has bought a nice car it doesn't mean the person is capable of driving it. While having this nice gear the person must have the ability to react to the changing surroundings like other cars, pedestrians and many more. How fast people are able to learn to react to those surroundings can't be predicted as it is a matter of too much hidden variables. As you said you're expecting an Aransu 3 player to do 60% of the DPS they could to, I got the question: Is it the games fault they don't do also the last 40%? It would be a pleasure to have a comment to the possible solution to this problem I mentioned above. That's right, but they don't have to be expensive. As you mentioned new players earn less gold then older players, so it's okay to have a cheap price from an older players point of view. From a new players point of view the prices might be not that cheap but decent. So it would be worth the effort for new players to spend some time to discover it. I don't see any problems in that.
  15. And you will see them also next year. This has nothing to do with how many times they run these dungeons. It doesn't matter to them because they are doable for them. It is a matter of mindset to play a mechanic in a dungeon where you don't need to to the mechanic anymore. While you may have this mindset most of the common players don't have, otherwise you wouldn't see so much failure every day. Running those dungeons 100 times will not change the mindset! Exactly someone is paying gold to get items, what's exactly the economical difference in buying those from the market for gold? Not really, diversity is a choice. You're giving the impression like nobody would have the choice to farm them by themselfes anymore, which is not true. Instead of giving people choices you're breaking it down to the most efficient way to farm and advertise it as it would be the only way. Not everyone and everything wants to be most efficient in a game. I would choose the second or even third efficient way to farm if it's more fun for me. Although I admit that I still would have an eye on how much more time I would spend on the second or third way, however it should be reasonable time difference in comparison to the most efficiently way. If nobody runs the dungeons and everyone buys them out the supply would shrink and the demand rise, or am I missing something? This will lead to rising prices. It could come to the point where new players can't afford buying those items anymore, which would lead back to your dungeon farming scenario. Or actually more people would start farming them as some sort of additional income. Furthermore I want to point out, that it's often a topic in this forum, that gold is hard to gain as a new player. If that's so then why should they buy an item, loose money and postpone their upgrades? Even if it doesn't give them an advantage in time it is their free choice to do so.