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  1. End of the game or Just End?

    Well the OP simply criticizes the monoton daily actions the game offers. In other grindy games often offer more: 1. Gathering for crafting A simple work but essential for crafting in many games. The point in many other grindy games is, that the common crafting materials are gathered in the open world (as a source). In BnS the developers surrendered to the bots and completly remove any meaningful gathering in the open world. Gathered materials also are an important factor for the market in these games. Fishing won't be a solution for this as it's just afking for some hours and "gather" mostly account bound items. 2. Importance of crafting for the market In other grindy games there are a lot more consumable items "craftable only" and can't be obtaint in dungeons (like dumblings and potions) which gives professions a much higher value. Of course dumblings and potions are not the best example in this game, as you don't really need any of them if you're not screwing up. BnS even impedes the trading of craftable items, as the account bound items are much cheaper to craft, which makes the same items on the market extremly unattractive to sell/buy. 3. Farming common items wherever you like and trade it for other common items you need One of the remarkable things of a grindy MMO for me is, that you can farm at a spot you like and trade your daily effort for the things you want to have. This is how a real supply and demand develops in the market. At the moment pretty much the best is to farm everything by yourself, I could play a single player RPG that has more trading actions than BnS. In BnS it is nearly impossible as the items to farm are mostly character or account bound. There is nothing like farming basin in party and you'll get the moonstone crystals and I get the elysians as we both just need those atm so badly. 4. Open world content - Bosses with fortune wheels -> outdated - Terrors -> outdated - Blackwyrm -> outdated and removed - Silverfrost events (Grand Harvest, ...) -> outdated - SSP (faction area) -> outdated, still somehow "farmable" but just a shadow of itself as a farming spot. This is open world and you are literally obliged to solo farm this due the reduction of prestige points. - current content ??? There are no current "open world" events that gives the player a reason to farm. Although players cry "it was lagging as hell at Blackwyrm" etc. hell yes, but you don't have to go there and now we don't even have something to cry about in the open world.
  2. Plese give us a way to seal our soul shields

    So the causes are pvp ranks and a classes being op after a patch? Well I don't see how players are responsible for this grievances. You can't blame players trying to take advantage in every possible way as it is the system that allows it and promotes it.
  3. Plese give us a way to seal our soul shields

    What's exactly bad when mailing the gear over for a certain price?
  4. The game needs a new Dungeon Mode...

    The OP does not. Maybe that's what you wanted to read, but you are completey missunderstanding the original intension of this topic. You made some reasonable thoughts but they aren't fitting in here. Where is it written "I want to upgrade everything faster, it's to slow"? Nowhere, as it is not the problem of the OP. Reading this forum I wonder why most people don't understand what others matter of concern is. Do they just read half of the stuff? Are they missunderstanding others because they aren't familiar with the english language? Or are they just looking for a possibility to mock others? What people need (require) is stupid? Or did you want to say what they request (ask for) is stupid? The OP asked for diversity for the endgame, which is a good idea. More dungeons to farm an items doesn't have to mean automatically a faster progress, as you still have to run a dungeon and spend time to get the same amount of items you get when you are running CC now.
  5. End of the game or Just End?

    Eh, that's why I said immune to verbal harassment :D
  6. End of the game or Just End?

    Sure, but as the OP said: There's a slight difference between forever and for months or even a year. It is the same old question as in every mmo: how many hours of playing should it be? So the answer "you are not supposed to get all max gear within a month" isn't responding to the OP after all. @JanetDewitt From your point of view there's nothing more to do in this game. There is no significant amount of sidequests, I won't mention the reward of those. There is no challenging content as they keep lowering the requirements for the players to successfully finish a dungeon. The last raid is mechanicalwise much easier then the one before. There is absolutly no need to have max gear as a requirement to participate in any dungeon. Everything max gear gives you is the ability to farm faster than others, but also not too fast as you mostly spend more time running through a dungeon than actually fighting. But wait there is one thing you can do: pvp. As in every game pvp isn't really balanced, but you can go for it as a personal challenge. Join the battlegrounds if you are tilt-proofed and immune to verbal harassment.
  7. The problem with this game ...

    I mostly support this idea and have made several proposes for such a development direction as account wide dc, wc and daily dungeon gold. However the point i can't agree is the gold and item sharing on one account. There should be a way, especially for older players to equip their toons with ressources farmed by their main. The other way around (what we see right now) it shouldn't be worth and the design of the events is another point to mention when it comes to the abundance of alts.
  8. Allow transfer Event Key

    How am I done? What is the use of doing this one dungeon if I don't do mushin several times on my main to "complete" the event? So in your opinion the effort of running mushin several times on one character is less than running it on several characters, do I get this point right?
  9. Allow transfer Event Key

    Well it's not that "simple", as "exploiting" without an explanation what exactly becomes exploited in the situation of this event is no real argument. Same for the effort, which effort is it in your mind, the effort to log through 12 characters? I'm sorry that I'm not able to read your mind :/ 1. What exactly is the exploit? 2. Same effort refering to which situation?
  10. Allow transfer Event Key

    Any reasonable arguments why the keys should be limited to a certain character while the reward isn't?
  11. The problem with this game ...

    How to start solving: Weapon: 1. Cut down the raven king weapon stages to 4 with the stats of the current stages 1,3,6,9 2. Upgrade materials for this weapon: - 1/1/1/1 Raven king weapon material - 10/20/30/40 Raven king souls - 25/50/100/200 Raven king elements (comparable with the current legendary elements, acc bound) - 1/2/3/4 Raven king transformation stones (comparable to the current transformation stones, acc bound) 3. Raven king elements drop in the raid from trash mobs (especially in the corridors) and are farmable in party via quest outside the Skybreak spire on the island (reward for kill or monsterdrop) 4. Raven king transformation stones are obtainable by the dynamic quest of "Dawn of Khanda Vihar" (1 per week) and as a drop in Naryu Foundry. 5. Do the same with the aransu weapon 6. The upgrade materials for these weapons are: - 1/1/1/1 Hive queen weapon material - 10/20/30/40 Hive queen hearts - 20/40/80/160 Hive queen elements (acc bound) - 2/4/6/8 Hive qeen transformation stones (acc bound) 7. Hive queen elements drop in the raid from trash mobs, minibosses and are farmable in party via quest outside in the Dasari Palace Gardens (reward for kill or monsterdrop) 8. Hive queen transformation stones are obtainable by the dynamic quests of "Fallen Aransu School", "Snowjade Palace" and as drop in Ebondrake Lair. Intention of the system: accustom players to a material based upgrade system, using items with good accessability to have a steady progress and that are complety cut of the endgame. Giving the choice to farm materials faster by doing sidequests and running dungeons that are "connected" to the raids. Soulshields: Disenchanting raven and hivequeen soulshields no longer provide powder. Instead it gives a box "Raven king soulshield primer" and "Hive queen soulshield primer" where players can choose a primer stat to enchant their soulshield. ... to be continued Introducing a dungeon where you acutally need to have max dps and a demanding mechanic to kill the boss. Failing in one of those things will make the boss unkillable. Well this would presuppose a balanced class dmg.
  12. I haven't counted at all, but if it's 7 (9) vials it's nice. This event has an even a bigger yield if you play it on multiple characters. Again I would like to discuss that it would be nice, from my point of view, if the players could have the choice to gain the same amount of event currency by playing "only" the main character or different characters. For example for this event: Giving players the choice to get 24 keys on one character instead of locking them on 12 different characters. (Set the 24 keys per day as an accountwide limit)
  13. Mushin Tower floor 1/5-8 So Annoying

    As I remember there was a feedback about the waiting time until the doors open once the tower was released. So three years ago there was the feedback: It takes too long. But it seems really hard to change some door timers in the code, maybe this part of the code is lost in space, who knows. Once I had faith for a minute, that with the introduction of the floors 16-20 they would have changed it for the lower floors too, but learned that lesson really quick. I mean the door animation okay, it looks cool the first 10 times you see it, but why doesn't it start right away when the boss dies? #timeforachange
  14. Delete Mao mechanics

    Well Mao mechs are not that hard, but there is still a silly bug. If you ever wanna do Mao HM take a stealth class and wonder that the timer above your head resets or vanishs while going in or out of stealth, but the circle still appears properly. It also appears for wolf kfm's if they transform. For low dmg characters it's just totally annoying, new players propably give up on the boss, because they don't know about this bug and really start to think this is intentionally. Overall I liked Mao when released.
  15. It's not a bug, it's an exploit. I don't think it was intended by the developers to play the game this way in the first place. They invented a gold income system that's relying on daily quests, limiting the gold income per character to 40 dailies. This is actually a good system to control the player generated gold, but I don't think that they thought there are players who generate a 12 times higher gold income per day as a player who just simply plays 1 character. Maybe 2 times, maybe 3 times, but not 12 times. What's their answer to the alt based main character progression? Make the main character progression even harder, as alts speeded up the progression to a point where they thought it's to fast. As they decide the game development on data and not trying to succesfully play the game they are completely missinterpreting the data they get or ignoring it as there is still enough cash flow. Further I think that the daily gold is availiable on every character as a chance to progress the character the gold is earned, besides having a main character to progress. So if someone's doing dailies on his alts everyday to generate gold and materials (with DC boxes, WC boxes) to boost his main for the next few months it is an exploit of the character progression system. In the current state of the game it's okay for people to exploit this, as it is the only way to keep up in this game if you aren't on the top yet. From my point of view the developers have the obligation to fix this to a point where it's working as intended. Actually they don't change anything about it because it would result in a complete revise of the progression system if you want to make it a 100% right and of course it lowers the $-income if you could progress on one character as fast as you can progress by playing 12 now.