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  1. Nice (not) meme

    It seems like you completely and utterly missed the point of the statement.
  2. How do i get dragon bone Inscription ? help me

    Yeah, unfortunately might be confusing for newer players, since you are level 31 when you need it and market is from level 36 and by the time you get to level 36 you will be in Clear Sky City in Spire stone canyons. I often see newer people asking about this item in faction chat and where to get it, since it doesn't say in Dragon bone inscription description which adds little bit to the confusion too, but if I remember correctly, you can get it as a drop from any monster in "The Cinderlands" as well as Wheel of Fate. so updating the description of this item would clear some confusion on it.
  3. Possible ban exploit (?)

    You cannot use Mail nor Market before level 36.
  4. Which fraction should I join?

    Depends if you are in NA or EU, in EU Crimson is most populated, and Cerulean is pretty much dead, so for progression and joining to do dailies more easier Crimson would be best choice for EU, however, I'm not sure for NA
  5. My Brain cells just died reading this.
  6. We need a Rollback

    While I don't support anyone participating in this exploit as it does bring unfairness, but I think Rollback is out of the question at this point, never heard any game doing rollback on one week of progress, it will hurt everyone, innocent or not, if someone farmed like 20" Pet Boxes or thousands of Braze Stones, not to mention Legendary drops from dungeons, Raid sellers or drops etc everything would be gone, the impact of rollback would be greater then the exploit it self at this point. Rollbacks usually happen within same day sadly. however I think they should do something about it. they should have deleted the NPC the first time it become known
  7. It blows my mind how dumb sometimes people sound... no offence... how can you say, that the only people benefiting from this is the people who are abusing the bamboo village exploit? are you kidding me? Doing arena requires no gear, only tiny bit of brain cells, selling Soul Stones that are literally 6G each is not a profit to you?????, Gold Rank Chest gives like 50-60 Soul Stones which are sold for 300-360, Hello? /palmface, hek even silver chests gives decent amount of soul stones, you can easily collect thousands of Soul Stones daily, 1k of Soul Stones is 6k Gold..., Use your brain and from that "nothing" you will turn into "So much".. Doing arena and Selling soul stones doesn't make you bamboo village exploiter..., Out of all this exploit, honest or not, everyone is making profit, Exploiters might be making faster and more, but you will not come out of this empty handed either.. because of soul stones.
  8. I doubt that, I'm sure it just wasn't publicly known until today.
  9. It's not going to be ban, the amount of people abusing this right now, they would have to ban all Blade and Soul population..., there's literally 25 Channels.. so you can imagine how packed it is, the only way would be Rollback
  10. Dark Passage Events / summer of splendor

    Making Pristine Lamp and then making Wishing lamp is more expensive then using Special Polishing cloth, you need 5 Polishing cloth to make Special Polishing Cloth not 10, Your method is 6 Polishing cloth vs 5 Polishing cloth aka 1 Special Polishing cloth, you save 1 Polishing cloth by transmuting Special Polishing cloth lamp.
  11. Error when starting game

    Client.exe is located in Bin and Bin64, Bin is for 32Bit Client and Bin64 is for 64Bit Client. If you are experiencing or receiving errors because of corrupted files, you can visit my Cloud Drive where I have full Blade and Soul game uploaded -> you can use search function to search the name of the file that is corrupted for you, and download the same file from Cloud Drive to Replace the corrupted files. For Example > This method is good if "Client Repair Function does not fix your problem or the corrupted files."
  12. Spectrum Pet Gems

    Will Immutable Spectrum Pet Gems become fuseable in near future? or are they going to be similar like Hongmoon upgrade-able and non upgrade-able version? I mean it does kind of say in the name "Immutable" but I thought I'd ask, since I have 10 of them and they are wasting my space ^^
  13. The weird thing about that place for me is.., It shows I have 50~ FPS, but game play feels like 10+. FPS is not dropping but screen has micro freezes.. so weird...
  14. last tier legendary accesory

    Or you can spam farm Stonescale Passage for cores/scales, Runs takes less then 5 minutes and quite often you get criticals from boxes.
  15. last tier legendary accesory

    Most of the time you will be achieving 100 Clear Achievement and collecting 250 cores to buy your accessories, that's how you'll be getting most of your accessories and that's how most people do too, it's very unlikely you will have a drop before you get 100 clears, I mean it does happens, but not too often, RNG is RNG. Your best bet would be to set your mentality of getting 100 Clears and buying accessory with 250 cores and forgetting about drops, if it drops then great, you'll have a chance of skipping the farm, if it doesn't then it doesn't, don't put your hopes too high, I've done over 550 Stonescale Passage, I've seen a drop on 17th Run, and second drop was on 354, meaning over 330 runs was dry until second dropped, I've saw my first H0 drop on around 150~ Clear, and I've done Cathedra Cliff over 250 times and seen it drop once, So just forget about drops and focus on clearing 100 times.
  16. Yeah, sacrifices have to be made unfortunately, Performance over beautiful graphics, however you can play around and make it somewhat pleasing to look without sacrificing too much stability and performance
  17. Blade and Soul is a CPU Heavy Game, so having RX 580 or RTX 2080 won't make much difference FPS wise, so it all comes down to your CPU, Ryzen is a good CPU but you won't be able to play Blade and Soul completely Freeze/Stutter Free, there are some optimisations that you can do to improve your experience and make it smoother, however it will not be completely Freeze/Stutter free, Blade and Soul is quite badly optimised game. Since your Graphic card is Nvidia try following this guide; (Skip the Addon part as this is no longer working with BNS Buddy. The optimisation works for both 32-Bit and 64-Bit)
  18. I play on both EU and NA, but don't have Disconnection issues either, I used to have few years ago, when I moved to my new ISP, used to DC probably like 50+ times a day for few days, but then contacted my new ISP told the issue, they asked to do some tests and eventually sent me a different modem and that fixed for me, never got a DC since, I only get Game turning off without an error and no error in event viewer either, but that happens quite rare.
  19. Can't press confirm

    As long as it helped ^^ You're welcome.
  20. Can't press confirm

    When you launch the NC Launcher, then Login and next to "Start Game" you see "File Scan" What it does is, when you File scan the game, it downloads an online manifest of files. Then it compares the manifest with the current files on your system and if there is some discrepancy, it is corrected
  21. Can't press confirm

    Have you tried to File Repair the client?, I don't think I've ever heard of this issue before. You could try Resetting your UI By Pressing Shift + F1 or ESC > Customise UI > then Reset and see if that fixes the issue.
  22. Screen switching issue

    You can prevent that from happening by downloading software called DMT "Dual Monitor Tools" In the software you go to "Cursor > General > Lock Cursor onto screen (Choose Which hotkey combo to lock/unlock) So for example Ctrl + R, While your in game you press Ctrl + R, your mouse gets locked onto that screen and you can't go to second screen even if you minimise the game, if you want to go to second screen you unlock cursor again by pressing Ctrl + R, very simple and efficient tool.
  23. Screen switching issue

    Not really sure what you mean by that. Do you mean your game randomly minimises to desktop.? Ignore everything below if that's not what you mean ^-^ Would you mind telling me the version of windows you are running? You can do so by pressing Windows logo key + R, type winver in the Open box, and then select OK. Do you use Skype? or any other similar program? in Older versions of Windows, Skype used to forcefully minimise a full screen game when receiving notification. Assuming you are using Windows 10: Try disabling background programs to see if some other program is causing this, you can do so by pressing Windows logo key + R, type msconfig in Services tab tick "Hide all Microsoft Services" and select "Disable all", now go to "Startup" tab open Task Manager > Disable all programs > Restart your computer. And See if that solved your problem. Another thing that you could try is editing ForeGroundLockTimeout to prevent an application from stealing focus, But first backup registry before doing any editing, unless you feel comfortable editing there. Editing the Windows registry can sometimes be a dangerous. Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box. Type in the following text, and then press Enter. regedit. On the File menu, click Export. In the File name box, type a name that you will remember, such as Registry Backup Than: Type Regedit in Start Search, Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Control Panel > Desktop > ForegroundLockTimeout > Open it and edit value data to: 30d40. Restart your PC. See if the problem still persists, if it still does, change Value Data back to 0. Try these first and if problem still persists we can try something else, my head is not working at moment, literally writing this with one eye open First we need to find out if the problem is hardware or software related. Have you tried using a different mouse to see if the problem still occurs?, have you tried plugging the mouse to different USB Ports? This could be an an issue with the drivers for the mouse, doesn't hurt to try, I recommend that you uninstall the drivers for the Mouse and install the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website. 1. Click Start. 2. Type in Device Manager in the Start Search. 3. Expand Mice and Pointing Devices. 4. Right click on the device. 5. Click Properties, click Driver Tab. 6. Click Uninstall Drivers, click OK. Now restart the computer and download the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website.
  24. free pack?

    For 4th Anniversary there were few rules you had to be met, account had to be created before 10:00 a.m. PST, January 13, and should have at least one level 10 character on it. And from January 22 you were able to claim them. If you registered for the Shadow Crusade Costume Pack, you should go to your account, apply a code that is already in your account, to claim it.
  25. how much big the stage 1 installation?

    Theoretically Stage 1 - only allows you to create and customise your Character, you will not be able to go past creation until you fully download the game, For your error, just fully download the game and see if the error still persists.