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11 hours ago, Valkyriewild said:

See, Now that we can dye stuff, might mess around with it a bit, wonder if you can dye wings


You can get a refund of your NCoins.  I bought the outfit and even claimed it and wore it for about a day then realized it really wasn't that great.  So I put in a ticket requesting a refund and they took all the items off my account and gave me my NCoin back.

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Same i regret not getting when it was up... and also got disappointed when in the Blade & Soul: 2nd Anniversary Patch Preview i actually saw a sneak peek of it and i was actually excited and charge it so i wouldnt regret again.. just to see they actually remove it before they implated the SilverFang..unknown.png


It's been a year already.. new classes and stuff they should bring it back again...


And i remenber them saying " Its been a while now, i think we should bring it back.." dont remenber wich stream they said that but im still waiting for it >.<

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