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  1. You mean you do not even get a shard every time you spin? so when all is said and done and the event is over you might not even have enough shards in the end to even get the item?
  2. Hopefully people will be decent for this event and come together and let people get there rolls done, from 1 gamer to another. Like an unofficial don't attack rollers rule.
  3. I play in fullscreen windows mode and until recently this was never a issue but let me try and explain. As you know when you bring the mouse down towards you, it changes the camera view in game to the top looking down which is fine but for some reason it now pops up my task bar which is very annoying when your trying to fight and change your camera view around and you start clicking on your taskbar which can result in either opening programs you have running or shrinking down the game, i want to fix it so you actually have to hit the windows key to pop up the taskbar, i have try'd rebooting an
  4. See, Now that we can dye stuff, might mess around with it a bit, wonder if you can dye wings
  5. I have 2 sets still unclaimed, wish I could sell them =( thought i wanted them and changed my mind
  6. I only bought 100 keys myself, I was mainly after the Eagle Eye Adornment but I knew I would not get it as I watched 1000's of boxes being open on various youtube videos's and never seen it even once, refuse to believe it was even added, anyways I got the gilded triangular crit twice not even trying for them but didn't have the money at the time for them anyways lol, RNG suxxors. SS of one of the times I got it.
  7. Yeah prolly wont buy any keys if my chance at getting the 1 item I want is basically 0.
  8. Trying to figure out if they forgot to include the Eagle Eye face adorn to the trove, watched the entire 2000 key opening on twitch and did not see a single one. Would like to know before I buy 50 keys as it is really the only item i am interested in. Can anyone confirm it does drop?
  9. I think there is a internal 24 hour clock as well, I was unable to claim them all evening so went to bed, decided to try again 30 mins before reset and sure enough it worked fine which means I am now going to have to wait again till 30 mins before to claim again
  10. I cant receive mine either have all 3 hours but wondering if it cause I am now over 1000 items in my received items?
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