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  1. I dont know if anyone notice or if it's just me, but when you go to the stormborn stage/rage mode where you are supose to be floating, if you try to move around the character just bugs into a T pose and moves just like that: .
  2. I lvlded up a lvl 60 archer the other day and waited for today's maintenance to receive it.... Didnt get nothing
  3. Ok after this maintenance when i went up doing the weekly challenge i couldn't teleport by clicking on the link, before you could, example: open the challenge tab, click on the quest you wanna do and in that link you had a teleport function... Like this: Now its like this: And its not just the Snowjade, Aransu School and Khanda Vihar... many other dungeons like outlaw are being removed the teleport on their Link description... now the only way to teleport its by knowing where exactly it is or by CRTL-J. This its just inconvenience nothing special about it but it was way better ju
  4. The reason im replying for this old post its cause i recently past to a similuar situation... So its been years that my character was invisible in F8 and i simply had enough. I got triggered and actually contact support regarding this issue... seems its a "know issue" and the only "fix" they provide me was a link to this very post. So in order to test this theory i actually spend 2 days recreating a char and lvling to 15 ( because you can only go to f8 at that lvl) i tried to copy my friends eyes sliders and nothing i was still freaking invisible. So i did 3 things: 1- change the
  5. This outfit its indeed gorgeous, and the hair just to die for
  6. Im guessing they forgot to mention you cant purchase Gems with gem powder anymore.... and so... the only free way to get gems is with solar energy thats why they reduce the cost of it.
  7. So i've been wondering since they didnt show on the stream ( guess forgot)... Is the Lotus Illusion Chest Tradeble like the others or not? (I really Hope it is...)
  8. oh didnt notice this thread before, then ill put my yun too
  9. Using Pure White in a video dance hope you like it! :3
  10. This isnt really related to Blade&Soul but just wanted to share something i made ^^ hope you like it. Warning: Fan Service
  11. Well its basicly what the title says when this wings frist came out i think they had an emote,is there any command or u simple brought them withou any emote? The Dance emote for those who doent know how it is.. here's the video:
  12. Loving this wings Trying Trying alot of outifs combos with the wings i think this is my favourite
  13. ok i just received the ncoins stuff but not the hongmoon stuff
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