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  1. GEM Powder

    Im guessing they forgot to mention you cant purchase Gems with gem powder anymore.... and so... the only free way to get gems is with solar energy thats why they reduce the cost of it.
  2. Lotus Illusion Chest?

    i mean the weapon chest
  3. Lotus Illusion Chest?

    So i've been wondering since they didnt show on the stream ( guess forgot)... Is the Lotus Illusion Chest Tradeble like the others or not? (I really Hope it is...)
  4. The Yun thread

    oh didnt notice this thread before, then ill put my yun too
  5. Using Pure white! ❤

    Using Pure White in a video dance hope you like it! :3
  6. Beware: Fan Service

    This isnt really related to Blade&Soul but just wanted to share something i made ^^ hope you like it. Warning: Fan Service
  7. Well its basicly what the title says when this wings frist came out i think they had an emote,is there any command or u simple brought them withou any emote? The Dance emote for those who doent know how it is.. here's the video:
  8. Show off your characters!!

    Loving this wings Trying Trying alot of outifs combos with the wings i think this is my favourite
  9. Buying Stuff From F10 and Not receiving it

    ok i just received the ncoins stuff but not the hongmoon stuff
  10. Buying Stuff From F10 and Not receiving it

    I used both and still nothing...
  11. Like the title implies people buying stuff from F10 and still waiting and yet nothing comes.. usually this happends when its maint like these but usually not that long there's no info about it or anything just i was wondering if anyone else also has this issue and if is there anyone that already got his/hers stuff yet?
  12. it wasnt the WL talking it was another friend of mine XD but yeah i wanted to try duo so i kept saying it wasnt to take that long ( also in the video description's i set the time for the boss clears u dont need to see all XP Clears: Boss 1: 3:35 Boss 2: 25:50 :3
  13. Not really sure wich section should i put this but oh well ... Some people still have difficulties on this dungeon and some even think you need to have a full party to actually complete it.. the thing is more people more dps and its faster of course but its also possible to do the mechs with 2 people Altought i did alot of stupid mistakes ( and cause of it we used res charmbut overall it's possible). It was a clumsy run but if done with no mistakes, no res charms or whatever is needed. So i just took that part from the stream i did and wanted to show people how it can be done i hope it helps some of you :3
  14. So i've been doing Shadowmoor everyday and usually im always doing mechs either curse or cut, and some of times the mark/cutter dies doing the mechs phase without apparently reason... we start thinking maybe we pulled too soon or too late, or even hit the pools without noticing, anything at all. The other day i did 3 man and we all know the mechs perfectly and for no reason the same thing happend again the marker/cut dies with no apparent reason so we tried to do with different strategies trying to figure it out why it was killing and we found out is that if you Soulburn doing the mechs phase the mark/cut dies... Apparently Soulburn removes a certain buff that keeps the mark/cut from dieing when switching phase... Seriously!? I honestly don't know what to react... So yeah guys until they "fix" this issue dont use Soulburn during mech phase.
  15. In my personal opinion( if you are a fire Fm) i dont recomend using 1 on block simple cause you cant cast instant inferno and thats the main source of damage of fire stance, best choice is use your fire tab it became really easy to use it when they change it and if u sucessful block it reduces its coldown by 6 secs wich is enough time to block again when another orbs spawns and the best thing is u can constantly continue dpsing, u dont even need to turn to the orb u can block from all directions(front, sides,back whatever) just press tab when orbs are near and done.. i personally block anything either weeklies or range tank in VT or whatever aoes that are blocklable i always use tab making not waste iframes so fire tab all the way baby ;3