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  1. Shadow rotation

    Only lightspeed when Tombstone(Tab) is up and never at any other time. Moonshine doesn't give enough focus regen to keep your focus full for all 8 seconds of lightspeed even with the soul badge for it and using it without full focus is a dps loss. As for rotation during lightspeed just hold down RMB til it ends. For Moonshine you're mainly going to use it when you don't have tab or your soul buff active to keep your focus up so you don't have to reload.
  2. Weapon of wl

    Actually @Thicc Stoccpot is right. They released a comic in KR with Warlock that explains why they use razors. The talismans they wield are red because they are powered by blood magic and the razors main purpose is for cutting themselves so they can use their blood to power their magic.
  3. Grand Phoenix

    You can get a refund of your NCoins. I bought the outfit and even claimed it and wore it for about a day then realized it really wasn't that great. So I put in a ticket requesting a refund and they took all the items off my account and gave me my NCoin back.
  4. Boring bi-weekly outfit rotations

    You say that as if it wasn't obvious. They're not buying time to "think" of what outfit to release next. They're saving most if not all new stuff for RNG boxes and trove to flip us the middle finger. There are still lots of outfits out in KR that we don't have yet so it's not like it'd be hard for them to include some new ones.
  5. Boring bi-weekly outfit rotations

    I get that some people want old outfits that they missed but I agree with SalemK. Put old outfits in Today's special and give us something we don't have yet in the rotation. They'd make a lot of sales if they'd put up a random old outfit maybe once a week in Today's Special.
  6. Show off your characters!!

    More of my Gunslinger
  7. Irontech Forge weapon box WTF?

    I know how you feel. It took me 25 runs to get a weapon box from IF on my gunner and all 25 runs we had a person in party with the leaf icon giving us an extra dynamic loot box. So in all about 50 dynamic boxes opened til I finally got that weapon chest...
  8. @tsubara @Mossawi you should head on over to https://bnstree.com. They have this feature already complete with PvP stats. Just make sure you remember to select the correct region to the left of where you input the character name you're searching for.
  9. Premium

    You're getting something for free. Stop complaining.
  10. About premium again..

    Your level 10 was a side benefit of making other purchases in the store. That money you spent to get to rank 10 was spent buying other things you wanted/needed off the store so you already got over 1000 dollars worth of merchandise. Comparing the value of 2 months of premium vs the total cost of all the things you bought on your way to stage 10 is one of the silliest things I've ever heard. You're all complaining that they need to reimburse you the total cost of your rank 10 and forget all the items you already bought and used with those NCoins.
  11. Celestial Basin weapon chests

    It's not just that those dungeons need more skill to complete either. The drop rate of weapons and weapon chests in those dungeons is extremely low. It's basically the same amount of effort to just go raven at 6 then take it to 9 as it is to go from rift 6 to 9 then swap to raven. The time it takes to finally get those 3 weapons you could farm up all the mats/gold to do the raven path instead unless you get extremely lucky on your RNG.
  12. premium-membership-tier-reward, comment

    Sounds like people forgot that they already got their money's worth for getting rank 10. Making cash store purchases was how you ranked up so ranking up was a side benefit of buying things you wanted from the store. They could have given us nothing at all as compensation for our premium ranks and it still would have been completely fair. For those who are going to claim I must not have premium or be a low rank to say something like this, I'm premium rank 10 and have been for almost 2 years.
  13. Really Bad Winter Trove Experience~!!

    I swear it knows what you want and gives you the good crits you don't want. Also of note all 3 eagle eye adornment crits were fireworks crits.
  14. Really Bad Winter Trove Experience~!!

    I saw the eagle eye adornment 3 times in 600 keys but never saw a gilded gem
  15. Let Democracy Rule (vote to kick AFK) an option

    I think it's a good idea if it's done right. Another online game I play has a half hour cool down on being able to initiate a vote kick so people almost never abuse it since they know it could put it on cool down for them when they actually need to vote kick someone.