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  1. The 2 outfits in the rotation get swapped out every 2 weeks on Friday. It's a set schedule that's been in place since launch.
  2. I'd just like to say that I support this. I'd also like to point out that other MMOs make use of account tied achievements and similar post end level leveling. Diablo 3 has paragon levels after you reach level cap and they are account wide and shared by all characters on the account plus they have their achievement system tied to the account rather than each character. Guildwars 2 also does this. They have Mastery levels you can gain after hitting level cap that are account wide and shared by all characters on the account plus they also make use of an account wide achievement system.
  3. Just want to point out that obliterate and time distortion are a bit more useful than you think. Time distortion is a pretty good dps boost if you have more than one warlock in party in PvE and it's generally used a lot in PvP. Also of note is the fact that there are so many warlocks running around in f8 that I almost always end up being 1 of 2 or 3 warlocks in the parties I join so you almost always get a chance to benefit from both time distortion and SB. Obliterate may seem like a troll skill only usefull at low tiers of PvP I'd like to point out that if you have the 3 piece VT soulshiel
  4. Got a couple new ones of my GS and WL to post
  5. I would like to say that I agree with the general sentiment in this thread. I've been playing this game since beta and I can tell you that by the end of the first year I've told anyone who asked me about the game not to even bother. While I love the game and enjoy playing it I still recognize the stupid decisions the devs keep making trying to force people into spending real money on the game. I have more than 1 character at roughly 1.2k ap with full BT gear and partial VT gear and have 0 problems finding parties for all current content and I STILL think the devs are making a ver
  6. Well in another game I play there is a race with horns instead of ears and according to the lore the horns function like ears allowing them to hear. I highly doubt the devs put that much thought into it for the Lyns but it's something to consider.
  7. I think you've been avoiding the forums for a while. Lots of people were begging for the 20 gold option to come back LONG before the exp charms inflated the mat prices. Topics kept popping up all over about it.
  8. It is a real bonus. I think you ignored the person who told you that everyone in party also gets 2 dynamic reward chests instead of 1. The extra boss drop(s) is also not always a material chest. I've seen extra Black Stones, Forging Orbs, Xanos Discs, etc with the green leaf as bonus drops. It's also not always just 1 drop sometimes it gives 2 extras it's all RNG.
  9. Haven't posted in a while so here's a few new ones. My main (GS) My other main (WL) My alt (FM)
  10. They're all exactly the same. None of the races have different stats. It's all cosmetic.
  11. Oils haven't always been account bound. When they first came out unsealed oils were character bound and you couldn't mail them between alts. They made them account bound a couple months later.
  12. It's not new. Eagle eye adornment was in the last trove we had.
  13. It was never meant to be an exclusive launch gift. It was the EU winning design of the very first costume contest so EU got it on their first daily dash while NA got it on their second daily dash. Regium Corvis was the NA winner so NA got it for their first daily dash while EU got it for the second. They've never been shy about letting us know they intend to eventually sell/giveaway the costume contest winning designs and have never advertised them as being intended for 1 time only exclusive giveaways. Regium Corvis has already shown up on F10 so it's only a matter of time bef
  14. Only lightspeed when Tombstone(Tab) is up and never at any other time. Moonshine doesn't give enough focus regen to keep your focus full for all 8 seconds of lightspeed even with the soul badge for it and using it without full focus is a dps loss. As for rotation during lightspeed just hold down RMB til it ends. For Moonshine you're mainly going to use it when you don't have tab or your soul buff active to keep your focus up so you don't have to reload.
  15. Actually @Thicc Stoccpot is right. They released a comic in KR with Warlock that explains why they use razors. The talismans they wield are red because they are powered by blood magic and the razors main purpose is for cutting themselves so they can use their blood to power their magic.
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