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  1. Black Friday Sale

    You must not have been here last year. The black Friday "sale" last year was a trove key bundle of 250 keys for the price of 200 keys that people could only buy once per account. That was it. Nothing else. 1 item that was already expensive and not much of a "discount" on it to top it off.
  2. Variants of Amity Wings

    Phoenix was a 50 dollar bundle but yes 500 bucks for the pink ones is really freaking stupid
  3. Variants of Amity Wings

    They both look stupid IMO. I bought the phoenix set when it was released and was very dissapointed as the set isn't that great looking and the emote is very meh. I asked for a refund on it and they gave it to me. I don't think recoloring the pink ones will make them look any better but you can bet they'll release the other colors later.
  4. But didn't you know that they're.... TRIGGER HAPPY!! lel...
  5. SOLUTION to the BT raid gear drops! PLEASE READ.

    The new raid Korea just got gives new elemental rings and earrings but you need the accessories from BT to even do it. To top it off almost nobody can even beat that raid in Korea yet though it's been out for months as it's just that hard. In 10 months time if we even see that raid BT accessories will still be the go to for 99% of the population. Also we'll very likely start getting BT accessories in trove soon because other regions already have them in trove.
  6. SOLUTION to the BT raid gear drops! PLEASE READ.

    Except it isn't outdated. BT accessories are still best in slot at 55.
  7. Well they "kind of" already have at least the idea for a safety net in place. The Maple Leaves are a start but most games that have a token system to purchase items from the RNG box if you don't get what you want give you a lot higher drop rate of the token if not a 100% rate of getting 1. NCsoft has the safety net in place but they're doing it wrong.
  8. Gunner use 2x machine guns?

    No. NPCs get to use lots of weapons players can't. She's the boss to the new solo dungeon we're getting on the 6th.
  9. Name for this Character (lyn)?

    Rude. She's clearly a bunny ratbit. Kidding aside, you should name her Twilight Bonnita.
  10. Warlock they just couldn't resist screwing things up

    Before using it as an example you should at least get you info straight. In Korea Destro is one of the top DPS. Only gunner and possibly assassin out DPS it. So saying Warlock does less than Destro in Korea isn't saying much when almost every class does less.
  11. mechanizer weapon box at celestial basin

    If it was then it wasn't there very long cause my gunner had to farm IF to get her Mechanizer weapon because it was the only weapon not at the peach vendor.
  12. How to play shadow and fire build (Gunner guide)

    I have to agree with @Emiile. He's not very good at shadow gunner if that's really his rotation. You should never ever let your light speed activate unless you have tombstone ready. Bullet Storm is a huge DPS loss unless you can keep your focus 100%full for the entire duration. Moonshine can't keep it at 100% for the entire duration of lightspeed even with the floor 20 badge.
  13. Amity Wings & Future

    Actually they're the Blighted Harpy's wings from Ebondrake Lair.
  14. Halloween event question

    Actually the most likely thing that happened is they gave the wrong info in the stream. It was probably intended to be 16+ all along but the devs on stream don't know their own game. They've given us the wrong info on a lot of things in stream.
  15. KR Test Server Update: Customise Your Outfits!

    It's not a system for designing your own outfit. It's a dyeing system for already existing outfits. If you pay attention to the video he's taking outfits, hairs and accessories he already owns and recoloring them. It's pretty similar to GW2's outfit dyeing system.