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  1. The total size of the game is about 34+ gb. However, in the download + installation stage it would take up another 20+ gb or so for temporary installation files. Therefore although the final total file size of the game after everything is done is about 34+ gb, in order to install it, you need about 57+ gb free in your drive, or just make it 60+ gb to be sure. During the installation and download you would see your 57+ or 60+ gb all being consumed by the game, but after the game done installing and is ready to play, you would get your 20+ gb space back. The info on the website is out of date and many people have asked the question that you are asking, NC should update the info on the main site. Hope this help you, cheers.
  2. Talking about animations, I like BM's dragon tongue (fire RMB) and SF 's animations (both elements) the best. Ice warlock summoning dragons and Ice FM ice rain look good too.
  3. Just have the 3 bosses drop some sort of token like people have mentioned a long time ago. That'd help I think. Bt is old content, 10 kills (2.5 months of weekly Bt) should be guaranteeing you an accessory or two by now. It gives gold as well so people will keep doing it even after they get their accessories anyway.
  4. Dps is decided by ping + fps. Now with that out of the way I can give you some info. Not sure if Im 100% correct but here goes: On high ping (200ms + especially for 300ms+) with the appropriate gears: Fire fm, fire gunner, shadow des, shadow sin hold rmb only build, maybe earth sum. These are the most functional at high ping. On low ping optimal conditions, the way the classes are meant to be played: + Solo without party buffs and with appropriate gears of course: SF both elements, shadow sin, earth sum, wind KFM, wind BD + With party buffs: SF both elements, shadow sin, earth SUM, fire FM, fire GUN, wind BD The classes and elements I didnt mention are just a tiny bit lacking behind... So if you like some classes but dont see it got mentioned, just play away. The difference in dps during party environment is mostly minimal anyway and it all just comes down to your ping and fps like HateMe above me has said. Ive heard that the upcoming warden class is having top dps as well... Not sure about how ping hungry it is though.
  5. Just because they don't like getting out of their comfort zone doesn't mean they are selfish... What if they can't? What if they have depression or severe anxiety? What if they are just painfully shy/reserved? So are you saying being shy is equivalent to being selfish? If your answer is yes then I think I'll give up right here.... People are shy/anxious/depressed not because they want to be like that ya know? Trust me those kind of emotion states / conditions are not really good for anyone. Yes, you don't have to help them. Yes, you don't even have to reach out for them either. And yes, if they are inactive too much, are passive too much, stay silent and/or not being a team player for too long then I even agree that kicking them is a viable choice. But that doesn't mean they are selfish. That doesn't mean they don't deserve basic respect. To call them names and berate them when you don't even know them or know what's going on with their lives or in their heads is just not cool man, not right either. .
  6. Know any emote commands?

    You can't I think. I've played the game for over 1.5 years and still I don't know how or if I can even do that. If there's anyone that knows how please enlighten me as well. :D
  7. Do you want to remove all the F2P?

    Well what if I tell you that "building a new raid team," "deal with RNG madness," "fight for items for months," and please lemme add "enduring hours and multiple gaming sessions of wiping over and over" are all parts of MMORPG's mechanics and of the MMORPG's journeys; and that everybody including the paying players has to go through them and not just you? If they could find like-minded people that are willing to endure progression raiding like themselves, then why couldn't you? Everybody is using the same tools you have. In-game chat, Discord, teamspeak, etc... Here, lemme put this raid discord link here for anyone who's still looking for a team and good luck that you can find a clan/raid that suits you: "Building a new raid team (or any team for that matter)" is all about the social interaction, about networking, making friends, finding like-minded people and do content with them. This has been an essential part of MMORPG ever since its conception. AN ESSENTIAL PART, lemme remind you. And in fact more often than not, it IS the hardest part. If you have been raiding, then you should know that most of the time, the raid itself isn't the real challenge. The real challenge lies in building and scheduling a loyal trustworthy raid team of 12 24 or even 40 people together, being online at the same time to do the bosses. Guilds / raids / dungeon teams / friends (online friends or even friends IRL for that matter) are something you have to EARN, not picking up randomly like a pebble on sidewalk, not something that's given free and taken for granted. YES, you actually have to EARN your friends and your teams, even in game. Good relationships / teams don't just fall onto your lap. And even if they did, if you don't actively try to maintain or nurture them, then they'd be gone before you know it. Nothing that's good comes easy. It's true in real life and it's pretty much true in videogames as well. I daresay that bulding/having a raid team that is loyal and trustworthy and capable is more important that getting/having raid gears themselves. Having raid gears is, and should just be a by-product of having a raid team and clearing the raid / playing the game together. Building a good team and finding friends to enjoy the game together should be the main goal here, not the gears... You say that many people are thinking that having to build a team and having to endure wipe is pointless and inefficient and stupid, then I'm here to say that those people are missing the point of playing this game, or any game for that matter. Videogames aren't about getting bigger numbers, it's about actually playing and enjoying them. If the players actively choose the path of least resistance - which in this case is to buy gears and skipping building a raid team and progression raiding altogether, then it's their choice, it's not NC's fault. If there are too many people that think this way and thus you can't find a progression team together, then while it may not be your fault, it's still ultimately the players' fault - or rather choice like I've put it in my post above. NC gives you the tools - albeit they are lacking, but they are still there and people've been successfully using them to get their teams together. It's ultimately the players' choice whether they choose to use the tool to try to get a raid team or not. Even if you are in an active raiding clan, if you don't open your mouth and speak and build relationships, then don't expect people to take you in during dungeon or raid runs. Just because you sit close to someone at work or in class doesn't mean that person is automatically your friend. If you play the game just to catch up to the top dog in gears and don't enjoy the act of playing it yourself, then firstly, you are a very competitive person (just an observation); secondly, you are kinda missing the point as well. The point of playing a game is to play it, getting bigger numbers is just a by-product. But who am I to dictate how other players should enjoy their this game or any game? Who am I to say that many people are approaching and playing the game wrong? I'm nobody. Your opinion is as legit as mine. TLDR, If you don't like making friends or networking your way into a decent raiding guild - or can't, or don't bother trying because you think it's inefficient, then you have to be content with not being able to do raid content. If the game is so full of people who think that building raid teams is inefficient and not smart and just want to buy gears, to the point that the people who want to build raid team can't get a team together to do raid content then it ultimately is still the players' fault, not NC's. Sure, the game design does play a part in this - as it doesn't really encourage you to team up early in the game so players don't get eased to the group mentality later on, but ultimately it's the players' choice that they want to play this way, not NC. BTW, how do you think top clans get their first clears? Surely some or many of them pay to skip grind, but not all of them; and they still have to go through the wipes, the networking the scheduling to get their teams together just like other teams. Their teams didn't just fall out of the sky, they actually had to try and had to walk the walk of getting their team together. To just discredit them because you think they paid to skip grind (which you don't even know is a fact or not,) don't you think you are coming off as a bit too hostile? This game is has a vertical progression system with 2.5 years of content (or 5 years in KR version.) On top of that it's a F2P game - so grinding is to be expected. After all NC gotta make the micro transaction P2progress/win enticing to make a buck here and there to keep the game running you know? So to expect to play end game content as the same time as players who have played this game for months or years right off the bat is just unreasonable, especially in a F2P game. I agree that this game has rather a steep grind, but except for TT (which is the absolute end game raid,) you just need about 120k - 200k dps to enjoy most of the content - which can be achieved by most classes at Raven 6 with proper soulshield (BT, don't even need VT for this) soul badge and mystic badge (don't even need VT badge either) and decent ping. Ping is the most important part but it's not entirely NC's fault if you have high ping because you live far from server. Yes I know the game has out of date net code and quite bad of servers, but it still all comes down to where you live. The gears I mentioned here you can achieve within 2 or 3 months of 2-3 hours each day, which is not much compared to how much the top dog spend or play (they either spend a lot thousands of USD or Euro, or play 5-6 hours a day everyday for over a year or two.) They top dogs are top dogs and stay as top dogs because they either spend a lot or play a lot to keep it that way. If you can reach their level or somewhere close to that with just a fraction of what they've spent money or time wise (say 3 4 months of 2 3 hours a day, which means say 200-300 hours compared to their thousands of dollars or 9-10 months or even over 1 year or 2 years of playing, which means thousands of hours) then how do you think they'd feel? Not to mention the game has a lot of catch up events and will keep having catch up events to keep players logging in every day, so as long as you are active and actually play instead of just AFK in Mushin tower or celestial basin, you should be progressing fast enough to get to enjoy most of the game within a reasonable time frame of a F2P grindfest (yes I'm calling BnS grindfest because it is). If you think that time frame is too much, well as much as I dislike saying this, I think this may not be the right game for you. The only F2P that doesn't force players to grind hardcore is Warframe, but even in that game, the players would just flatly tell you to enjoy PLAYING it and don't care about which is or how long it takes to endgame content or how long it'd take to catch up to the top dogs. They'd be the first ones to tell you that if you only care about getting the best frames and guns then you are missing the point. The point is to just pick a frame, go in, enjoy shooting things up and doing acrobatics and have fun. Collecting frames and guns and cards sure is essential but if you are not enjoy the shooting and the running - aka the actual gameplay, then why bother? These are my opinions. If you read all the way down here then whether you agree with me or not, I still thank you for being patient and for your attention.
  8. Do you want to remove all the F2P?

    IMO, players not wanting to tryhard to raid on their own isn't NCsolf/west's fault. It's those players' "fault" - or I'd rather use the word "choice" instead of "fault". Many players don't want to or can't commit for different reasons. Maybe they know they are not very good at the game and don't want to drag other people in the raid down with them. Maybe they don't want other people to drag them down. If they don't want to/don't care for/are too afraid of team play, of getting out of their comfort zone, then it's OK, leave them be. It's not like they urinate into your morning coffee or anything. To those players, if they want the gear bad enough, they are gonna go one way or another to get it, whether it's buying gold from F9 or farming gold to buy raid. It's true that getting gears through beating the raid on your own is the most legit way to go about it, but the other ways mentioned are also legit too - they don't violate any rule of the game, they don't hack or compromise any system. If you ask me it's pretty much as legit as beating the raid on your own as beating the raid with your own effort is just a route among multitude of routes to get to the goal (gears.) With that being said, even though they do possess the gear, their knowledge of the game hasn't progressed one bit (because they got carried.) And they can't really claim that they've beaten the raid (again, because they got carried.) They will never have the full experience / satisfactory of beating every content of the game as a player who did all those things. IMO, the point of playing a game should be about the journey (trying to get the gears) and not the goal (the gears themselves.) But who am I to dictate what other players should and shouldn't think, should and shouldn't enjoy their game? Could NC have done anything to reinforce teamplay and tryhard mentality of players? Yes. But is not doing it their fault? No I don't think so. It's mostly (if not entirely) the players' fault if you ask me. Anyway, to pin whole thing this on NC isn't really right or fair if you ask me. Raid selling isn't new, it's as old as raiding is. There's supply when there's demand. It's a fair market out there. Players who don't want to or can't commit but want the gears will go one way or another to get them. And it's OK. It should be OK. People should have freedom to do what they want. 'About gold selling, I think "nobody is forcing you" is pretty much a legit reason too. The game has F9 as an official market. So buying and selling over there is legit within the rule of the game. As for 3rd party market, it's outside of the game now and it's entirely up to you, not NC. As for scamming, and flaming - those are both toxic behaviors and are not respectful of other players, so they are legit causes for ban imo. (There's a clause in the terms of use of the game about being respectful of other players, so NC can pin these behaviors as bad - with proof of course, and ban.)
  9. There was a time when 6v6 wasn't as broken as much as now, and that was before BT - before Raven weapons and raven accessories with their elemental damage wreaking havoc to the stats balance. Eversince BT release, 6v6 has never really recovered since then. Back then, all you needed was 5 pieces of PVP shield, and maybe a galaxy stage 4 and you are good. There was no 1 shot thing (true soul, VT badge) like now...
  10. How to get worse but stable ping?

    I Yes I know, but after years of complaining and giving feedback (the game is 2.5 year old now), nothing has changed. So if you like the game and want to keep playing it, those are your only choices. Pretty much can't expect anything from NC at this point. Everybody knows this game has out-of-date engine and netcode. That's why people are hoping that the engine upgrade to unreal 4 would fix these problems. And I replied like that because OP wants some advice. If OP just wants to rant in the form of a rhetorical question I'd have stayed far away from the thread.
  11. Well, match making of 6v6 being broken is very old news at this point... Many people've made videos, with evidence, etc... about it for months now to no avail. One of the main reasons is that the number of players that play 6v6 is too small. NC has been trying to reduce price of 6v6 pvp weapon but still people won't play it. This is due to many people don't like pvp (they are bad at it and they don't feel like trying to improve, or dislike competition) or that, even with price reduction, gears are still expensive - people already burn their resources on their PvE weapon, so PvP weapon is out of question, etc... Gear disparity is real too.... Another big reason to do 6v6 is moonstones. But old players who actively do 6v6 already ran out of keys a long time ago and they don't get many keys doing dailies - many have suggested 6v6 keys being available for battlepoints but well... New players with keys want to get moonstones go into 6v6 only to get hate because they don't have gears (they are new, duh) and thus just get killed and feed points to the enemies. There are many problems with 6v6, but pretty much all of them can be traced back to the main reason: there are too few players playing the mode.
  12. How to get worse but stable ping?

    To stabilize ping and increase DPS, you have to use ping tool - pingzapper, WTFast, Noping, Exitlag, mudfish, etc... Which one of these you should use depends on you. I've personally tested pingzapper, exitlag and both of these are very good. Some of them come with a few days free trial so you can test and see for yourself. If you can't or don't want to use ping tool, then try stand still while doing dps. Your ping fluctuates whenever you move and attack at the same time (in whichever direction, whether strafe left right or forward backward). So you can negate a significant chunk of ping spiking by just standing still. However, if you are a melee or tank then, well...
  13. Gauntlets/Bracers are too ugly in my opinion, no matter what

    I think Aransu one looks pretty decent - it doesn't look too oversized like Baleful (oh man baleful is the worst.)
  14. Remove T-stand emote from FM plz

    It's there to allow you to switch element without needing a target or having to use i frame. It's more or less a pvp quality of life thing. Back then, when you wanted to switch to ice stance, which was where all the defensive abilities of fm are, if you were not within range of an enemy, you either had to use your e or your ss - which were i frame skills. This change allows you to simply press rmb to get to such stance, so you don't have to waste your i frame. If you don't like these skills, you can disable them. Just go to your skill board and untick them. And no. They are not dumb. They are optional though.
  15. Regards !!!

    This game is very ping dependent. You can only attack as fast as your ping allows - the lower your ping is, the higher your dps is gonna be. You can try using VPN programs like Pingzapper, WTFast, etc to stabilize and lower your ping (to an extent), thus increase your dps. However, I think what you are asking about is auto programs, or macros, etc... If this's the case, you can use various third party programs at your own risk. Many players including me use razer mouse macro, xmouse, autohotkey, etc.... for pve grinding - trust me I know how much your fingers would scream when you play classes like summoner earth destroyer or fire force master for long hours... You pick a program, then make a macro suitable for your class and your ping and then just use that. I recommend using macro for PvE grind to protect your fingers' health. By now you should know how spam intensive this game is. I originally did all the skills myself until my fingers started hurting and I've been using macro ever since. For program, I chose autohotkey. You can look up various guides online as to how to use the program and how to write script for it. For example, I know that fire force master has the main rotation as follows: RMB LMB 2 + F whenever available (there are a few other things going on but this is like 80% of it, the rest I'll do manually). Because the engine of the game is unreal 3 which contains delay on mouse input, I rebind my Rmb to button "t" on my keyboard, and my lmb to button "r" (you can look this up on YouTube) to mitigate that input lag. Then I proceed to make an autohotkey macro with a script that auto spam on toggle the following loop 'T 2 R 2 F' in that order. There are 2 button "2" here because it's the main dps skill and I don't want the macro to skip out on any 2 blazing beam. If I want to I can just shorten it down to T (RMB) R (LMB) 2 F. This macro has helped me a great deal after over 1.5 year playing. I only use this in PvE. When I go to PvP, whether arena or 6v6, I turn it off. .......... Besides 3rd party programs, you can use the simple mode feature of the game. You can press ShIFT F3 to activate that mode. When the mode is on, you can just hold RMB and the game shall perform your rotation for you. Do take note that the rotations the game performs for you are, for most classes, inferior to what you can manually do - or what you can program 3rd party macro to do. Most players that use macro just stick to their 3rd party macros instead of this simple mode, except for fire gunner or shadow assassin players. Hope this helps ya.