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  1. Outfits in f10

    Maybe also the dark emissary wings and others too. That has never come back again to the store.
  2. February Store Update

    Yet to see a brand new outfit thats not locked behind trove or rng boxes... It has been like 2 years now...given I've been playing since launch and have almost every outfit there is... smh. They keep recycling old outfits and recolors. Edit: Ice breaker (don't remember if thats the name) is probably one outfit that was in f10 directly.
  3. Catwalk Delivery Stamp Increase

    I swear it wasn't 35 in the beginning... It was 6... why i was taken back when i saw 35.
  4. So, wanted to mail this outfit over to my alt when I noticed the increase in the delivery stamps needed From 6 to 35. Why the increase? is it because of the achievement or was it only low because of the event at the time?
  5. New Daily Dash

    I am beyond pissed about the venture token removal from the dash. Like what the actual heck?! Venture tokens barely drop from the reward boxes in-game and its been 2 years...yes, 2 freaking years since I've ever seen a purple venture token drop in a box or anything for me. So, do they want to force players to buy ncoins now? Gold is hardly selling on F9... I really hate this...
  6. Amen to that... but would people listen to sense or give into their wants? Solely disappointed with this patch.
  7. As topic, eating a dumpling no longer restores resilience out of combat. The dumpling clearly says it restores both hp and resilience.
  8. Please need to know if this covers people who bought trove keys with hongmoon coins. Thanks.
  9. Lyn Warden... '-'

    So...looky what I found here... '-' wtf Why not just open the class to all races? Why is lyn getting this class now after launch just as they did gunner instead of launching the same day as with jin/gon? Why no love for yun? So many questions, i need answers
  10. Funny enough, in the story in-game we have seen yuns as assassins and warlocks but of course we can't play them with those classes...
  11. +1 Been waiting on that grand phoenix for a long while. I want it terribly more that rosethorn and silverfang outfit.
  12. 2018 Cosmetic Design Contest

    This set has really nice costume designs, it's so hard to vote. >.< But I definitely know which weapon skin I want to win :D
  13. I'm just writing this suggestion down before I forget. Like, wouldn't it be nice to be able to access the in-game store on the website, for like outfits? Say, if you traveled and can't log into the game but there are some outfits dropping that you would like to get. It would definitely be nice to able to buy the outfits off the website too.