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  1. What makes it more funny is, every month u gotta buy a new ticket...like jst put it together with subscriptions lol Most game battle passes last more than 1 month, so this is definitely milking whats left of the playerbase
  2. The milk must flow! Wonder if there is anything useful in there for older players... Might jst cater to newer players, in that case I do not mind. Will jst suck if there is some outfit locked in there... Always locking outfits behind some paywall, why not jst put them on f10.
  3. Honestly lol And the outfit rotation is like very old outfits 3-4 years back. Anything new these days is locked behind trove or rng boxes.
  4. Still waiting on elder scales (and hopefully Nocturnal...but who am i kidding?) to be account bound...🤣
  5. Oof, I second this. Like we already use prem stones for pretty much everything... now we need 5 per stage again...feels overkill for some especially with the %chance to craft the stone. Just my opinion.
  6. 🤣 LoL I am not that dude but hey, think what u want. I know myself. I hardly pvp ever since most of the xml edits came out and servers moved but I do know a good amount of sincere f2p players who enjoy pvp. Maybe provide a nice suggestion/solution instead of crying about something. You know...make a sound argument. And if u do know Inaxx, you should be used to his vocabulary and the way he chats/talks...
  7. Yeah, that's not gonna happen. That's gonna be cucking most of the playerbase that are f2p lol and this is the only guaranteed way to get hm coins because as far as im concerned, the daily boxes are a scam lol (havent seen a purple venture token in the 4 years ive played this game)
  8. I can only hope that what ever they implement, it is not like how it was in the past. They should take time to make sure the system actually works and not rush to put in the game just because of people crying for it. Make it work properly. Which they should have done before, but we can't know the reasons why they did not do it in the first place and can only assume.
  9. If anything, game needs it more now. Just hope its better than it was the first time because it just randomly banned people who used nothing at all lol
  10. Amen to that. Everything just seems so blade. Does not help that the ui is kinda small too, gotta squint to see.
  11. Like bruh, I got into a party in F8 and went into BC That first boss...I thought we were in hard mode because we actually had to do mechs and the dps was not enough... Left it, only to find it was easy mode... That is not easy mode...and not for characters doing call to arms. I do not know what they were thinking and can only speculate they want you to buy their keys at end of event if you don't have some high geared friend to carry you every day through the dungeons. That's just my experience. The dungeons before this update were very doable with 1500ap characters. Now its like hardmo
  12. Yeah, i did not get any error message also I have deleted the $patch numerous times. Still freezes Really frustrating...
  13. Hi, Is anyone having this issue? I have been stuck at 2% on the launcher, its been over an hour now. I have restarted numerous times and even restarted the pc I do have lots of space on my drive so I do not know...
  14. Dunno if this is offtopic: Would also like to ask why they keep removing the previous stages of dyad garnet/obsidian gems from the transmute. Its like forcing u to swipe if you don't get the gems in time... If u dont get the previous ones, u are forced to trove for it... like ...why?
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