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  1. they shouldn't really remove yehara mirage quest ....i had outfit need head and face adornment and iam not pvp player..i remember struggle in drop rate and thats fair enough 😕
  2. excuse me with all respect as long you love getting money and thats normal ...can u add (fps bundle) in hongmoon store? because i have laptop intel core i7 7700 HQ CPU 2.80GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 you are not alone have fps issue ..currently clint 64 not playble at all fps 10 in empty map and clint 32 freezing with all settings lowest and ppl hidden max fps 25
  3. helloo :) it would be very nice if u bring empress regalia back ..i know ... its happened and i asked about it before but for very strong reasons i was away from pc for 1 and half year its very kind of you if u bring back empress regalia and butterfly clip hair style
  4. if u there ..i wanna buy one ...MoonBloom EU
  5. hopefully you add yura hair back to specials as i lost chance that time because of currency was limited to 10 times a day even i had prem on other thing i hope if u add empress regalia to specials been 2 years now thank you ....
  6. i love grand phoenix hair its sooo beautiful but rest is meh for me hopefully if they add it back
  7. me too ,,,only ppl in ride told me ..but i did not see any warning on screen
  8. i understand this but iam also against idea of make it easy to get ( no gain without pain) outfite name (infinite challenge ) by this meaning u need to understand in same time there is black version in hm store they add it from time to time go to this topic and see post of ppl who get it .. personally i spend almost 8 months until i got it..and happiness from it is epic edit : do not farm every day 8 to 9 hrs daily just make it as habit ..if u will farm it as crazy u will end up give up easily make it like 6 to 7 runs daily ....or day after day..at end its RNG
  9. problem now is even if u get (random team) non wanna team up with dawn / rif players my main is tank and i can not get IF easily for 2 reasons 1- non wanna dawn players as i kicked alot or 2- players from random teams at least 3 whips in last boss all i wanna put it in peach npc ..let us move on like others moved as IF dg non now do it more often u need to wait 10 min or more to get one random full team (that when IF in Daily challenge )
  10. up up this topic ...yes after feb updates i get sooo stressed farm IF for weapon to get out from dawn stage 5 and even now every single dg ppl asking raven + even in DKV ..soo i really hope if weapon will be in peach npc
  11. half year of farming today 30/1/2018 got it ... advice if u wanna it dont ever give up <3
  12. hello every one .. from my deep heart trying rise this outfit if they can add it back to hongmoon store future since 2016 couldn't see it any more plz think about this outfit at least for far future
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