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  1. Treasure trove costumes

    That's why I updated it and as mentioned, I said nothing about being here since beta
  2. Treasure trove costumes

    I just reread this thread and that was actually 895470 who mentioned they were here since beta so maybe note who you're replyig to next time. I won't reply back anymore since it's obvious we have different views so it's not getting anywhere. Update: now I see which part you're talking about, I never said I "been here since day 1" I said I was watching the hm store for the return of trove costumes since day 1, meaning since the 1st trove. It had nothing to do with being here since beta.
  3. Treasure trove costumes

    I never said they haven't brought back trove costumes, I said they didn't bring back "nearly all" as you claimed they did. Tell me how I think playing from day one makes my "opinion" more valid when you were the first one to bring up being here from beta like that means anything. I simply stated that I've also been here since beta. Also reading others comments in this topic about the trove costumes just proves my point even more. I'm not here to argue just saying they haven't brought back as many troves costumes.
  4. Treasure trove costumes

    And I've been here since beta as well lol though it doesn't matter since trove wasn't a thing then but if you say so
  5. Treasure trove costumes

    We must not play the same game but they definitely have not released "nearly all" of the trove outfits, not even half of them. As someone who is a diehard outfit collector, I've been watching the hm store since day 1 for trove outfits and only seen 3 of them released (not including adornments) and only one of those was one that I actually cared about. I think you're confusing the trove outfits with the rng box outfits, now rng box outfits have been released a lot and are often in the daily special.
  6. I love this game :) <3

    Would be much better if you broke this up into paragraphs with spaces to make it easier to read. Also putting a tldr is helpful for getting to the point, it seems like this contains a lot of rambling.
  7. Moonlight explorer not account bound??

    Haven't logged in for a while but moonlight explorer isn't an exclusive either, it was released already. I have it on my summoner and it's account bound, maybe they made the giveaway one non account bound because it's a giveaway item.
  8. The New Class (Warrior)

    Also have to take into account that no one knows how to fight against the class yet
  9. Grand Phoenix

    Will the Grand Phoenix set ever be making a return? I missed out on getting this when it came out and really want the hair adornment so I would love if it was brought back.
  10. Free to play player needs some help

    They actually had another in 2017 so chances are they will do one this year as well
  11. Does Team Bloodlust wants to quit BnS?

    I look at my clan's discord and barely see anyone playing bns and some days none playing at all. It seems a majority have moved on to other games or waiting to link up again for new games coming out. I used to log on to do dailies and log back off and that eventually turned into not logging on at all. Now it's been a month since I've logged in though I still check back for updates to see if things are going any better. It's a bummer to see the state the game is in now since now that I'm done with finals and on summer break I would of had more time to play.
  12. So what do u want from us guys?

    You can get void fragments with peaches
  13. Some Questions from a new player

    Just continue checking the chat for clan recruitments, there are usually a few clans that recruit with no level/ap requirement or something along the lines of newbie or beginner friendly that will accept you. The reason why many don't allow those below 55 to join their clan is that a lot of those people tend to be alts just wanting clan benefits and not contributing to the clan, new players that end up not liking their class and decide to pick something else or they end up seeing that the game isn't for them and decide to quit. Since the clan leader can't see who is active and who is not it becomes a hassle to kick them. I can understand where you're coming from but that's why it's helpful to have a clan and run dungeons with them because they won't expect you to be an expert or rage at you for messing up mechanics. I highly recommend you use the hongmoon training room though and learn your class, rotations, iframes, etc.. Look up guides on whatever class you're playing. Also recommend looking up guides and videos on a dungeon before running it for the first time so you know what to expect.
  14. I can kinda understand both sides but I remember when I was gearing up my bm that was around 900-1000ap and got kicked from various parties for NS that I met the requirements for due to hm level and people didn't even bother to check my stats. Even though I was well experienced with the dungeon and tanked all the time for my clan, on top of that my main had some VT gear. I ended up joining a group of 800-900ap, some were running for the first time yet we still cleared. One of those parties I got kicked from was also due to a high geared kfm not wanting to tank. Just recently I also was leveling up a new warlock and got kicked again from dungeons I met the requirements for, even ones that advertised to have such and so and so ap due to hm level even though she had raven wep, some BT accessories and ss. Yet I never have trouble finding a group on my main lol. I find it crazy how the community focuses so much on hm level and ap rather than someone actually having experience and the requirements to run the dungeon. You might ask well why didn't you just start a group of your own?? My answer to that is that I have made groups numerous times during those kicking phases, it fills up to about 5 people. then some elitist comes in, and you know they are checking everyone's ap by how they don't ready up right away, they see one player's stats and see they have ap that don't meet their expectations so they leave and then the next person leaves and so on until the room is back empty again. Yet I recruit a group on my main and it fills up within a second with no one leaving lol. My whole point of sharing this is so that maybe you/others will give that person you're contemplating on kicking a chance to prove themselves before kicking them/leaving. Don't get me wrong I realize some people really are trolls and some are far off from being able to run the dungeon they're trying to join but a majority of the times, as far as I've noticed, it is the latter.
  15. Everybody knows that lyns get it easier because they can't wear it lol. It's like they increase the drop rate for lyns. I have 3 of them on mine.
  16. Maybe it's just me but I don't care if everyone can easily obtain a cosmetic item, if I like it I will wear it regardless of how many other people wear it. I wear things because I want to wear it and not because of how rare it is. Take for example the Alice ribbon hair adornment that was given for free to everybody, it is one of my favorite and I still wear it often.
  17. Show off your characters!!

    Finally decided to make a char with some melanin rather than always being pale
  18. Game's population

    There is no way for an outside source to get access to the official game server population data and link it to their own software so yes it is coming only from bnsbuddy. Only way they would be able to obtain that is if NC allowed them to and we all know that isn't happening because they don't want anyone knowing the game population and they don't support the use of third party software. Also it would be hard to believe that only 2k people are online on EU and NA and not only that but that amount would have to be divided into each server that is available.
  19. Game's population

    Yea those are only people using the bnsbuddy launcher. Not many either since most don't want to risk their account.
  20. Doesn't look bad to me especially being free, I love how much detail went into the male's costume.
  21. Why nerf Gunners?

    I just wanted to point out that every class in the game is capable of tanking. Classes are largely nerfed (not the only reason) due to the feedback of the community since if they don't listen to the community then that results in them losing players and money. I believe that they also do things by trail and error, for example they took away the bm's deflect on block and seen how the bm performed in pvp after that and now they are bringing it back (I love this change since ranged classes can't spam attacks at you anymore without getting penalized for it). So the point I'm making is, is that no decision is completely final, changes will always be made to the classes so even though gunner is getting a damage nerf it doesn't mean more changes won't be made as necessary.
  22. Missing skills

    Are there any other quests there that you didn't pick up? If I recall I believe there is a different npc you go to first before Old Man Cho. If not then it is possible that it is bugged for you so you will need to submit a ticket to support. Also be sure to press J to check in the quest journal too.
  23. Missing skills

    you probably didn't go to Old Man Cho in jadestone. Actually just saw you said you didn't have water dash either so I'm absolutely sure that you missed him in jadestone.
  24. Apparently it is locked for some regions, I never knew this.