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  1. What???? Really?? seriously feels like they are joking with us we have more requests about the Grand phoenix and they troll us like this? Please include the Grand Phoenix
  2. why did you guys create another post about this? wasnt this already being discuss here
  3. The outfit i would like to come is Chime, Colourful Silks and i guess Grand Phoenix And regarding Grand Phoenix, for those who say that dont want it back cause they want to have it for themselves and it was the 1st aniversary gift and bla bla bla... stop being selfish this outfit was never a founder's pack to begin with or a 1 time special thing ever...Dont say your are collecter as an excuse to not other people have it, let them be happy with the pixels in the game, Im a collector myself and if a costume doesnt appear for sooooooooo long and its very wanted i don't see whats the
  4. Yes please bring it back... Its not fair to show it on a stream and remove is afterwatds ( i know its never the final update but that was a killer-hope action)
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