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  1. Oh nice! congrats clumsy or not that was a good run good job u 2
  2. well that "makes sense". Thats nsoft for you.
  3. What???? Really?? seriously feels like they are joking with us we have more requests about the Grand phoenix and they troll us like this? Please include the Grand Phoenix
  4. Rip weekly challenge,Rip Alts

    why did you guys create another post about this? wasnt this already being discuss here
  5. The outfit i would like to come is Chime, Colourful Silks and i guess Grand Phoenix And regarding Grand Phoenix, for those who say that dont want it back cause they want to have it for themselves and it was the 1st aniversary gift and bla bla bla... stop being selfish this outfit was never a founder's pack to begin with or a 1 time special thing ever...Dont say your are collecter as an excuse to not other people have it, let them be happy with the pixels in the game, Im a collector myself and if a costume doesnt appear for sooooooooo long and its very wanted i don't see whats the problem of having it returned. Most of the people that have it dont even use it anymore so let other people spend their money as they wich... In other server's this outfit appeared alot of times so that doesnt mean here it should never be back. As in a previews stream's i remenber liinxy said that "well its about time grand phoenix should appear...." and everyone hyped so much, so alot of people do want it, and in another stream the outfit was there but they removed it perahps cause it was too early to appear again. So unless a GM comes and tells this outfit was a Special 1 time only outfit, stop making assumptions that it would never be back, the only outfit i do agree to never be back its the founder's pack for obvious reasons, the rest of the outfits can be as much as people want them to be so they wear what they like and be happy with pixels. P.S.: This was just my opinion no one needs to be offended (in case someone is).
  6. Grand Phoenix

    Yes please bring it back... Its not fair to show it on a stream and remove is afterwatds ( i know its never the final update but that was a killer-hope action)