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Why do you charge a 20% tax?

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To the GM's or our lovely Yellow Texts or whomever in NCsoft that actually sees individuals as more than credit card number 543,341, etc:


I hate that my very first post is about something like this, but I just... can't... any more; I have to say something about this. Not even Apple, which is even known for charging an "Apple Tax"(!!), does anything less than 1:1 on its coin cards (though I realize it's not really the same thing in this case), yet Ncoin is still a 4:5 purchase, a moron tax of 20%.


Why is this still so when in games like PA/Kakao's Black Desert or Sega's PSO2, a player gets 1:1 (actually more since they often offer good sales and at a minimum offer bonuses for purchasing a larger amount at once!) Why can't we have that here?


I play a lot of mmos and I rather enjoy spending money on ones that I enjoy, but this one makes me feel like an absolute moron every time I go for Ncoin:


Don't you think, even if you say "oh, we can't do 1:1 coin purchasing because our parent company won't allow; they've got jets to buy and shareholders to please!" or whatever, that you could do something as nice (and simple!) as giving a brilliant or sparkling venture token or two (or three!) as bonus with certain Ncoin purchases? Surely such a thing would not topple profits and kick them into a death spiral as that's just in-game currency! At the very least, can't you guys consider something like this for an event, test it out and see if people's spending habits change a little when they are given more for their money, nay a (sparkling!?) "thank you!," rather than a greed-fisted bare minimum of what other companies would give them for that same amount of money, you know, basically treating them like decent people and not a gaggle of brain-dead, money-giving morons? "A fool and his...," as they say.


Maybe no one else minds and I'm the only one that feels this way, but I know a little piece of me dies every time I spend money on Ncoin and get my moron tax.


Does @babbletr0n read these forums? Wishful thinking, I suppose....


p.s. Why even advertise discounts on Hongmoon store items as a premium perk when nothing useful is ever discounted ever. Please actually discount things (maybe even all the things!) "Honey and vinegar," as they say. Also, impulse purchases are quite real, you know....


p.p.s. Since I have your attention (or maybe not, I wouldn't blame you...) Why does premium rank cap at 10 and after that purchases mean nothing. I think after 10, the Premium Rank bar should go to Hongmoon rank (just like levels after 50!) and each Hongmoon rank a person is rewarded sparkling venture tokens. Or something. Other than a never moving orange bar.

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If I try to buy NCoin with a CC, it will charge me tax.  As a workaround, I set my CC up in Paypal.  I then simply use Paypal to buy NCoin and select my CC as payment.  Amazon might work in certain areas, but in my area they will charge me tax to buy NCoin from them (in the US anyways, simply because they have a physical presence in my state).

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Tax is being charged depending on where you live, this is something NCSOFT is required to do by law as some countries/states are taxing digital products. Money collected as tax does not end up in our pocket and goes right back to the government collecting those taxes.


If you believe that the amount of tax charged on one of your purchase isn't correct I would advise you to reach out to our Support Team who will be able to assist you further with any billing issue you may have.

Thanks again!

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