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  1. Crashing accepting event quest

    This game without fail crashes every time i accept the event dungeon quest for frozen firing range, ive tried file repair and various other means, but every time i crash on accepting quest and i have to restart game to do the dungeon.
  2. Differences between NA and EU communities?

    EU community a lot more fragmented then na community.
  3. Elite Dragon Box

    It all depends on good your team is, ive dealt 800k, and not gotten the box cuz the team killed dragon so quickly, from my experience you need around 14 percent damage of boss to get elite.
  4. Cat Illusion Weapon in HM Store

    its not likely too return to hm store cuz cat illusion was neverr in hm store to begin with, it was a trove drop.
  5. Loot at Raids

    Wait what? How will this work, lol. If your suggesting that clan runs should be without changes, and raid leaders cant, u do realize that someone has to have the option to change it right?, and either way in selling raids its their choice whether to take you since nearly all raids are pre-organized not some pick up group, well maybe for bt but not anything else.
  6. past HM store outfit rotations, no way to get right now but be on the lookout they may return one day.
  7. FINALLY, it is coming!!

    Hmm isnt their already a ponytail hairstyle ... and better yet it was free, aka alice in wonderland head piece.
  8. How find group for VT raid?

    Mmm if your leaving every group u go to, then ofc u will never find a group that clears 1-2, every static raid group wants dedicated members not leavers like you, every static group starts out learning how to do it, on my alt i pugged a vt raid with a random group of ppl, first 2 weeks we had 2 ppl subbed every time and i stuck with them through their failures. I spent like 24 hours with the same raid group waiting for them to learn. Now they are clearing boss 1 and 2 and learning sk. Its a matter of sticking with it.
  9. Get rid of F9

    Tbh most of the people complaining here are probably gold sellers, WERE YOU ACTUALLY ABLE TO SELL THE GOLD at 1:3 ratio there were like 10 pages of people putting 1:3 ratio at some points, the chance that some whale gonna buy all that is none. SO ofc ncsoft lowered the rates so i for one applaud ncsoft for their decision. THe only people who wouldnt benefit from this are people who sell gold on illegal sites, since buying gold from currency exchange is now cheaper then through those illegal sites which is very good for the community.
  10. Black Tower loot drop rate /quantity

    And this is why u dont pug bt and instead find a static raid.
  11. trove question

    Asuea ember very likely, its been in every trove in the past since soguns lament first came out, hm skills items in the past at the least have always been in trove.
  12. Why do you charge a 20% tax?

    I think its based on where you live i get 1:1 every time i purchase ncoin and also hint* you can avoid the tax by buying ncoin through amazon o.o, using codes from what i hear.
  13. Name Change Voucher

    Well from personal experience yes, if you dont believe ask ncsoft.
  14. combat record...

    I know that but ncsoft HAS NOT BANNED ANYONE YET or at least i have heard of yet for using it. and i did say terms of service WHICH IS YOUR LINK pay attention <.<, i dont use it tho cuz trojans x.x
  15. A question about Assassin's Heart stab

    revelation mystic badge plus magnum soul badge plus dragon bracelet equal rmb really fast i do about the same amount with this gear. ap isnt the only stat that matters check his other stats and soul shields.