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  1. I'm plenty excited for gunner, will be doing both fire and shadow builds.
  2. Do you mean like the bikini and swimsuit outfits? Your question is somewhat vague.
  3. Tomorrow, as soon as the servers are back up after the update.
  4. That may be true, but there was still a lot left to be shown. There could be something hidden in there that may surprise all of us. Something rather divine if you know what I mean.
  5. Obviously, Gon is a top candidate for the upcoming gunner class. Most people agree with this perspective, however it just doesn't feel right to discriminate against Yun. Like you stated in the above post, it's clearly lacking a race exclusive class. Also, the version of gunner we'll get on the 13th is the nerfed version KR is currently using.
  6. I'm pretty sure NCSoft doesn't charge tax. At least they have never charged me tax when purchasing Ncoin.
  7. Like someone here said, just start a petition and see what happens. I personally couldn't care less about which race/s can be gunners. As long as the preset is good looking, and the class is fun, that's enough reason for me to be content. I'm quite aware that there are many players who are deeply involved in role playing, so it's understandable that you want your preferred race to have this class. However, arguing with each other on how a race is more fit to be gunner than the other isn't going to get you anywhere. I find it quite condemnable to go about your way and say that Yun are not fit t
  8. No one knows the full contents of the upcoming trove at this time. We have to wait for the patch notes to see the rest of the list. They probably have a surprise in store in this trove, hence they did not show the entire list.
  9. If you have purchased the Duelist bundle once already, you will be able to purchase it one more time. Jonathan said there are currently no plans to reset the Duelist bundle at this time.
  10. Well that is rather unfortunate, I hope you can find a solution to your problem before the update this Wednesday. Sorry I couldn't be of any help.
  11. Something of that nature only happened to me once with one of the servers on WTFast. If you're using a pingbooster, try using another server. I also get some error 300 or something whenever my internet connection goes out. You can try checking the stability of your connection if you feel that could be the reason for it.
  12. According to Jonathan's twitter, the duelist bundle will just get the one per account limit increased to two. The Starter and Mastery bundles in the other hand will be changed. Just wait for the upcoming patch notes, they'll provide all the information in regards to these changes.
  13. Play at your own risk people, potential pedophile on the loose.
  14. Maybe if you can provide them with the evidence floating around reddit, or if enough people send in a ticket regarding this individual, they may do something. I'm not gonna name this person for he does not deserve any publicity, or chances to find new victims. However, I agree that the guy should not be allowed to play BnS, or any game that's online for that matter. I'm appalled by the fact that he is still out there doing what he was previously doing. I haven't heard of any new victims, but still...
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