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  1. Thanks, I sure will! Change always has to start somewhere.... (and when ya think about it, dreams are rarely a bad place for a start!)
  2. First, may I say, I used the penny demonstration in the OP as a bit of a set-up for the reason why I think NC soft's prices can (should?) be compared to the prices used by say... Kakao or Sega. Pennies are irrelevant to this discussion otherwise, as is the concept of a "tax" in general, hence my capslock disclaimer at the start of the post. That said... ...I can certainly understand what you're saying here! Shouldn't a person be able to create a new thing and charge whatever they want? It's their creation, isn't it? But going deeper, doesn't that kinda push back at the rea
  3. Let's talk about Ncoin and venture tokens! Hello all! I thank you for reading and participating in my previous post (it was my first post)! I apologize I had not made it back in time to clarify my reason for posting it, though. Ok, I have a personal policy of not re-opening threads on a discussed, especially locked topic (though I do necro threads from time to time!), however, my previous topic was taken (understandably so) to have been about a literal tax of 20%. There is no such thing, so there is nothing to discuss in regard to that and that thread should be locked.
  4. To the GM's or our lovely Yellow Texts or whomever in NCsoft that actually sees individuals as more than credit card number 543,341, etc: I hate that my very first post is about something like this, but I just... can't... any more; I have to say something about this. Not even Apple, which is even known for charging an "Apple Tax"(!!), does anything less than 1:1 on its coin cards (though I realize it's not really the same thing in this case), yet Ncoin is still a 4:5 purchase, a moron tax of 20%. Why is this still so when in games like PA/Kakao's Black Desert or Sega's
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