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  1. She was made for someone but they never messaged back for it T_T so I made her into one of my own since I didn't want the preset to go to waste. Also giving her away so pm for download link ;)
  2. It's the eye makeup that gives her a tired/old look, I noticed this while trying to recreate it. Though it only looks like that when doing angry emotes zoomed out. I actually thought it looked better without or with makeup that doesn't go below the eyes.
  3. Hi, I gave it a shot at making it and this was the closet I could get it. Let me know if you want it =)
  4. I tried to stay away but gave in... in love <3
  5. What made them even call this an "event" lol I guess its an event to them since they're the ones getting something good out of it milking their players out of money. I just knew they were going to find a way to make people pay the same as Korea if not more than 100$ for the whole set. The fact that 10 boxes cost over $15 was more than enough to tell me to stay away from it.
  6. Ok so maybe each and every one of us should afk also then we'll never get the dc done because you know, NO ONE likes to do those dungeons.
  7. Most likely they made it rng so you'll have to spend up to $100 like Korea or more to get the whole outfit, doesn't surprise me with the things NC does anymore.
  8. Of course it can be done, I myself and others I know have had stuff transferred even before gunner release. I think it may have something to do with which GM responds to your ticket.
  9. I'm not going to say who but I know someone personally that saved over 4k US dollars (not sure how much they actually spent on the game) for the release of gunner plus plenty of ingame gold, mats, legendaries, you name it so guess what level of gear their gunner has lol it's ridiculous but some people treat games like a hobby. I'm not saying that some didn't have gear transferred over but there are some people that were just that prepared for the gunner. I also got a lot of hongmoon charms from the crafting compensation, plus others that I hadn't redeemed yet that put my gunner pretty close to
  10. Where is the proof? Hard to believe you weren't able to do a video or at least a screenshot with how long the matches for 6v6 are if it's true, definitely need something to back up this claim because there is no way a gunner let alone any other class is doing damage of those numbers with that ap.
  11. Gunner is weak in pvp but good for pve. Pick assassin, warlock or kung fu master for both pve and pvp. Destroyer and bd are good too if you go for a different race.
  12. Gunner all the way for pve but warlock if you want a mix of both pve and pvp
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