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  1. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Aww you too farewell Liinxy and wish you much success on your future endeavors
  2. Improving my specs to make game smooth on Ultra

    No matter what gpu you have you will not be getting good fps in raids with everything maxed out. I have a 1080 ti and have to turn off characters to get decent fps or lower settings. The game just doesn’t have good optimization, hopefully ue4 will fix it or atleast make it a bit better. A 1060 is actually really decent for this game, a beast pc is definitely not needed. The focus should be on the cpu if we’re talking strictly bns.
  3. Bots don’t exist in pvp anymore, last time I played there were some people who didn’t move but they’re just afk players. I can’t tell you what something will be worth to you, as we all have different opinions of what something is worth but if you enjoyed pvp then you probably will still enjoy it now. You lose nothing by trying out a couple matches. Also keep in mind that there is a tough learning curve so don’t be discouraged if you lose a lot while getting used to it. Another thing is that 6v6 will require you to also do pve and isn’t gear equalized like arena, there’s also a battle royale mode coming that is gear equalized. Furthermore, people don’t use the forums as much so if you want you could ask this question on the bns reddit and you’ll get more answers there.
  4. Returning player whats new?

    I recommend looking at EvilDoUsHarm on youtube, a lot of helpful guides and other things to get you started. Forgot to mention that your main priority should first be to finish all the story quests before worrying about anything else. Also don't upgrade your weapon until you get all 8 gem slots unlocked.
  5. Hey, potentialy returning player here.

    You’d probably be much better off to just buy gold than buying the boxes. I haven’t logged in the game for a while so I don’t know what the ratio is.
  6. Blade and Soul IS NOT PAY TO WIN

    After reading the OP's content and a few of the replies, while I agree and disagree with some of the points made, it seems like a few people might've took what they said out of context. As someone who was heavily supporting the game when I was playing I really didn't feel like what they said was meant to attack or blame us/those who spent money on the game but maybe those who do can shed some light on that part if I missed it? Sure at the end they contradict some things by saying to stop supporting the game but again this doesn't sound like a personal attack against whales. Also whales aren't the only ones that support the game, you don't have to shell out large sums of money to show support, lets just say there are levels by which people support the game such as those who pay for only premium, those who buy cosmetics and most participate in trove and rng boxes to get them, small whales that spend just enough to do most content, big whales that spend to get maxed out on everything , imo even f2p show support by playing, etc.. There's nothing with people who decide to spend a lot on gaming after all it's a hobby and their money but there's also nothing wrong with f2p people in which some can't afford to spend money, in the end we're all just here to enjoy a game.
  7. People complain about any class they lose to
  8. New players

    I didn’t say anything about telling them to never do it. I said you should tell them it’s a CHOICE and that it’s not required of them to complete the blue quest. Since many new players aren’t aware that it’s optional so they do all anyway and get bored quickly.
  9. New players

    I think it's a good thing to tell players early on that they don't have to do the blue quests and that it is a choice. I notice that a lot of new players often get bored with too many quests especially since it can get repetitive and end up quitting the game early on.
  10. update on housing and mount please

    Actually this sounds like a great idea especially since only your character can enter into heavens reach and it would be nice to have the ability to invite others into the instance. I'm all for housing since it would add something more to the game, even if someone else doesn't like housing then they don't have to use the feature but at least others who want something else to do outside of dungeons, raids, etc. would have that option. Housing also allows for some great screenshots and creativity especially since we can't mix and match outfits. Mounts on the other hand I'm not too sure how that would work since at the moment the game barely uses the open world besides when you're leveling up and even then you can just wind stride everywhere. I can imagine the fps drops in celestial basin and mushins tower if a bunch of people have their mounts out. Maybe it could change in the future with better optimization though.
  11. unreal 4 pc and consoles

    It was confirmed both by KR and briefly talked about on NA stream. This is where they first mentioned that it was in development in this article: someone translated it here:,15700022,15700124,15700126,15700149,15700186,15700191,15700201,15700237&usg=ALkJrhh3g6ezjOkUvfVlHQli4b3KPoMroQ
  12. The gift was a trap to new players

    They tell you that information after you click on the complete offer terms. This also isn’t anything new, with all previous registration events they never let you register if the account is brand new. I don’t think they’re offering it to trap new players, more like awarding players who already actively play their game or get returning players to come back.
  13. Banning random people again

    I read a long post about someone who was wrongfully banned on bns reddit, they were accused of doing a chargeback even though they didn’t. They went through hell trying to get their account back and had to get in touch with someone in a higher position since support is generally no help when it comes to that and just repeats the same thing. There is no one that hasn’t made atleast one mistake at their job so I just don’t believe that there isn’t a possibility of them accidentally banning someone.
  14. BnS 2 was already confirmed multiple times to be a mobile game and was the first to be announced among the others. BnS for pc will just receive the ue4 upgrade
  15. This would be accurate if you had done it on the KR forums