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  1. Go to https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/ on right part scroll a littel bit down were is says discord server click on raid recuitment and enter that discord group. Once there, u will be say to choose a server and once u done u can either make an annoucment to participate on a VT (if u have the gear) or u can either watch many annoucment of VT selling runs, i don't suggest you to buy a full carry run just buy the vt badge u need first and neck and try to watch for runs with no fee because it will take u a long time to get the badge.
  2. yeah that's a bug in the game now, so try to avoid serching big jumps between stages u can try to do from stage 1-5, 5-9, 9-rav3 and so on but if do from bale1 to high raven or aransu it might crush u the game.
  3. Hey, i have just checked and path is still there, upgading from baleful/serpah stage 1 to stage 9, u can use it either way by using void fragments or weapons (a few patch ago they reduced some material is a way that both paths are the same). Regarding upgrading from stage 9 to 12, that path have alwayas used only weapon, but in my opinion since u get Guwon weapon from the story quest u can upgrade from bale/seraph stage 10 to raven stage 1 directly if u don't want to farm celestial basin. https://image.ibb.co/maat7p/Screenshot_180829_000_2.jpg
  4. I totally agree, that's why if i have some leftovers after getting the soul and pet i'll get the weapon just for that rifwalk 3 dps boost till i upgrade my baleful to raven 3.
  5. Tell me, do you happen to be on bns academy dicord channel under blademaster class, because i once complained there for my badge rng a few days ago and a guy from TW sever had that problem too with HQ materials. If is really you i want to you to know that how was the odds in a huge amount of players to meet you again, if you don't are him i really wish you good luck next weeks.
  6. 1) premium is worh only if u have money to waste, premium gives only a few benefits and the most important is the 30%more on gold and xp, 30% is a fair number but u can do money as f2p player too if u have no life to spent on this game. 2)If u enjoy your FM i don't see why u should change class but if u won't maybe u should pick another u like because if u want to get to any point u need to pick only one class, alts are only slaves to make gold and upgrade the main. 3)PvP is dead the only few members still plays that are even pros and smurfs if u enjoy feeling pain u can try to learn
  7. Hey, unlike other mmos B&S has a way more smaller community, most of the player base is in eastern (asia) and compered to western (EU/NA) we are really a few(obviously compared with big mmos like WoW , Black Dessert Online etc, so since the population is just a few there and only a few of content creators too. If u want to watch some big bns related youtubers i would reccomand EvilDoUsHarm, Kerropi, Jarke, Licod, Eckogen. Regarding your videos i tried to see a few and now don't take it so badly but i have some critics since u asked for feedback: 1) Try to use other recording video sof
  8. I doubt it, I still didn't get my Frosburn orb on my bm after 15 runs but i guess is very nice since is the easiest and cheapest to get. I really look forward to play this new class hope i won't have the some luck as my BM on my Worden's badge too. Ty anyway for the answer.
  9. I know that the Warden's VT badge is BW very similar to WL's VT badge, but i still don't know which boss will drop the material. Since in KR they can buy VT badges on market place, for us will be totally rng and if anyone knows what badge material is needed just for curiosity would be helpful.
  10. Nothing will change at all, the only thing will be different is that we are gonna have 2 different classes with 2 for different buffs. In a theoretical point of view warden since is both tank and sb will be more usefull but it dosn't mean necessary that wl will become useless, wl will become the next sin, in parties if u have already a KFM , SINS are not ganna get kicked from lobbies. Now there is a huge lack of wls and i think warden will be mostly played day one then the population will slowly get lower, in kr i know warden didn't become so popular how gunner before was, so for now we need
  11. Then nothing, i thought i can maybe get that if i do around 100 runs but if is not worth it i guess i'll keep praying god giving me that dam badge, is pretty frustrating if u pass the 10 runs and now i am getting near 20. They should really make a new way to get that badge because there is a huge difference between the ones called "luky" and get that within 5 runs like my guildmates/friednds and people like me or a guy i heard got it at 31st run, because we are talking about weeks not days and this type of rng make people stresfull.
  12. Hello guys right now i'm pretty unlucky with my VT badge and i'm sitting at 15 runs. I have heard that Merchant of Wonder has a chance to sell badge materials and right now I am aransu gear and all i need is my badge, since SM (Startstone mines) hard mode is pretty easy and fast to clear is it worh spamming it to get the badge, or is just 1 chance in 1000?
  13. The entire conversation was about rather or not is possible leveling through the entire main quest in a few hours. Searching isn't hard doen't it? 2 hours for an act is still a nice amount of time considering there's ganna be 9 of them and now u say that is not neccesary going through the entire story line to get into the event. Then what can i say more? Good luck trying to do IF and other relatively hard dungeon when are dailes with 400 ap, no one will actually complete the story line within minimum 3/4 days (obviously witout using a level 55 voucher). The update will be on September so summe
  14. Static raid of what raid exactly? If is for BT try to find a nice guild willing to take you and then participate at their BTs. Nowadays BT has become so easy that you don't need a static party u can apply to stangers too but i suggest yout if u are not yet 1100 ap to try to get that as soon as possible because doing BT with a party of 1000aps even if 100% doable many people will get angry and they might ragequit if your party mess something. If is for VT u need to know that the requirments are still very high becouse the raid still need a lot of coordination and knowledge in order to
  15. The video is not proving anything in my opinion, i didn't watch the whole video but it stopped nearly at the end of Silverfrost champain (not even the full one), so half the story. U didn't consider a whole new act we getting and all orage quests plus anather 4 acts in between them. If u can get to that point in 11 hours u ganna need at least a miminum of anather 11 hours so an avrage of 22-24 hours. I already done the main story line with 6 of my alts and i can say that is very unlikely to finish all in "a few hours" and if u are not addicted to this game a normal person in my opinion will ru
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