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  1. Well it would be pretty easy to tell if an other char has that name now because they would most likely be another class with gear from 3 years ago
  2. I get your point however i think people who have not touched this game for years do not care who currently has their name. The Problem is that you cant get to talk to them because they are inactive. That is why i think people should be able to "borrow" founder pack names and whenever the owner of the name comes back he should be able to claim it back.
  3. You can already get inactive non founder pack names without a problem you only need to ask the support and have 2 name change vouchers. However it is not possible at all to get founder pack names but i feel like people should be able to use the names when the founder pack users have not played for a long time. If they ever come back they could just get their name back.
  4. The support said i should make a post in this forum if i wanted to get a name that is reserved by a founder pack so here it is. I think if an account is inactive for a year+ there names should be available to take with name change vouchers if they ever come back they could get their name back i guess.
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