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Battle Ground DEAD


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36 minutes ago, MushinKFM said:

Wow you're very thin skinned dood.

You know what happens when you *cricket* up a yeti run? Ppl leave and blame you, nothing special hm? But you have to play victim.. such nonsense.


It's just the arena should have a better system queueing veterans with veterans and having newbies take a lot longer to rank up.


For example my lvl 27BM is gold rank, now it has to get defeated by like 100 lvl 50 players so I can finally battle an equal opponent again.

I've been pvping since the Doom, Quake, UT era. I probably know more about pvp than you could possibly imagine. But what do I know, I'm "thin skinned".


Do you even know what that means?


Anyways, if nothing else gets through to you, remember this:


"You attract more flies with honey, than you do with vinegar"


If you still cant figure it out...than "git guud" son.


Edit: These low cost, bare bones forums suck NC, seriously. I know youre "cost effectively cheap", et all; since youre trying to milk us for every profitable cent you can, but still...theres limits.

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5 hours ago, Ryax said:

I'm pretty sure whirlwind died because of all the people forming 600+ AP groups and stomping all the casuals.


One of the reasons open world pvp is trash

thats why losers should be given a good amount of price rather than giving them nothing. Pls read the whole thing i posted

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20 hours ago, bitcloude said:

u said im an idiot but did u understand what i was trying to say? Like plant said better having afkers than getting nothing and i dont care if they afk or not as long as we can play it plus if they do then team that doesnt have afkers wins and afkers or not it will keep battle ground alive.


Anyway, to my knowledge the reason why BG is very dead is because of the poor management from *NCcricketing* or a very bad timing.

BG was release alongside the Spring treasure trove event. As you all know by now, that event was the most p2w thing we ever had in this game. This event literally push swipers to legendary weapons when the average was still true pirate/true breeze. Then BG became a showroom for these swipers.


We literally had requirements for 620Ap in F8 when the average was  still 520ish. Even sound pvper players stood no chance against the "One-shot" power of these people. Unfortunately, the most obvious happened, the BG was disserted and gain the reputation of "Den for wallet warriors" Due to this reputation, new players are actively discourage by more experience ones.


To my opinion, the rewards for BG are actually good as they are now. On its launch it was a solid alternative to SSP and was suppose to be even more fun. Actually, the BG is more of a fun thing to do with ur friends and clan members than a grinding ground and I think it was designed with that goal. Sort of a clan to clan pvp arena. Not equalizing the gear is part of the fun, encouraging people to care more for their clan members and friend (helping them obtaining a good pvp gear) then do better in BG.


Anyway, BG has a bad reputation and I am very curious to see what modification *NCcricketing* will do to change this. Increasing rewards will do nothing to change this reputation but attract more wallet warrior, afk-idiots (note the hyphen), bots and hackers. I really hope they do some serious work on it. The BG is definitely a place to have fun with ur friends.

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While the "die tonight of cancer, you f888g moron you" is basically the attitude of each group PvP mode in any game (and tbh of all group modes in all MMOs), they do generate more interest than in BnS. BnS compounds the overall unpleasantness of group PvP modes (i.e. having to play with other people who have no ability to lose or even win without running their mouth) with gearing nightmare, no zonal variation in the mode (well, it's not like they have variation elsewhere in the game either) and rewards not worth mentioning.




Yep, I was told that Infinity Tower has a couple of slivers of the ss, but that's the crux of the problem imo, that you have to play something else before playing PvP in BnS. To unlock my HM skills I need to run Cold Storage every day for a month, to get soulshields I need to do dungeons and Infinity Tower, etc.


I prefer a simpler set up, where you log in, and play PvP if you so wish, and earn PvP gear while PvPing. And when the game bolsters you while you are building the sets. 


From various PvP modes in BnS, I like solo Arena - fun, thrilling & no need to play with anyone/endure profanities; I don't like tag-3 mode, it's neither here nor there imo.


I have not tried the 6 vs 6 'cause in the OW PvP I saw what the gear difference maketh.  And, well, I am now way late to the game for this one, so I won't know where to go and what to watch out for, so I am bound to have atrociously bad experience starting out with 5 people screaming insults at me. So, I am not in a hurry.


The SSP was fun while my server was small when there was some equality in numbers once in a while. But as a latecomer to the MMOs I have never seen the large-scale MMO battles/sieges so the SSP is as big ow PvP area as I've ever seen.

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I'm not going there anymore -i don't feel motivated to do so.I been reading there will be some changes about this situation-but i highy think it will be smth about RNG again.Don't think it worth .The pvp is for the ones that does not have lag -i mean -the one with the less lag wins always .As the game is poorly optimised the PvP ascpect is screwed up right at its very first begining .

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If you manage to give a good fight, you can come out with more than 100 BP even when losing. Reward is proportional to your score, plus a bonus for the winners. So another reason not to go afk even if you believe you will lose.

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To sum it up, to make BG alive, people would like to see:


- Equalized gear

- More beans for losers, but at the same time not so rewarding to avoid AFKers

- All randoms so no premades (separate queue for premades?)

- Better rewards

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It is my understanding that the premmies are in a separate queue already.


You do not necessarily need the Equalized gear, as the ability to tinker with your gear is always a good thing.


I would love to see a combination of AP tiers with the ability to earn soul-shields & mats from Arenas, SSP and WWV.


Ideally, imo you should be able to start on the equalized Arenas and gear up for the gear-dependent PvP while leveling (i.e. entry-level OW PvP soulshields and the HM skills unlocks). Yes, HM skills unlocks while leveling. Maybe gate them from activating prior to level 45, but overall, if someone leveled purely through Arenas, even in silver, imo there should be sufficient rate of beans acquisition to buy all HM skills.


Then you can enter the end-game OW PvP in the low AP tier, and gear up for the higher ones by continuing to do Arenas and the OW PvP/WWV.

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AP tiers in a literal sense are a bad idea. AP in the community is a popular method to measure someone's gear, because it is very hard to artificially enhance and because there is no incentive to have low AP.


If you introduce AP tiers, all the pros would go into the lower tier, using defense instead of AP diamonds and lots of the high HP, high defense, high pierce gear options available.

I can have 500 AP and still go 100k HP, 4000 defense, 3000 pierce. What newbie could stand up to that?


I know I supported tiers for 1v1 arena, but for battleground any seperation right now would mean even longer queues.


Oh and premium members get separate server log in queues, not separate queues on battlefields.


Enoll has it pretty much right I think, except I think reward structure is ok due to the fact that kills and braziers taken _do_ earn you battle points even when losing. So nothing for afkers, but something for try-harders. ^.^


Banning premades is a bit counterproductive for those who like to play with friends, though. How about a battle buff for random groups? 10% damage boost and I bet a lot of freelancer pro types would go there and thus boost the chances of the beginners without big clans to help them. ^_^

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12 minutes ago, Shuchin said:

If you introduce AP tiers, all the pros would go into the lower tier, using defense instead of AP diamonds and lots of the high HP, high defense, high pierce gear options available.

Then the only solution is to buff up the loser's share. If there is no bypassing noob-farm, noobs have to be paid enough to open their legs wider. Again, my understanding is that it's premmie vs premmie, pug vs pug already. And there is no, and never will be, a buff that makes a random pug holds its own against a geared, experienced, VoiP premmie. In a small PvP community, yes, you can have a pug mostly staffed with regulars who know each other anyway, and it will fight as good as a premmie. but this is cross-server, so all bets are off.


Anyway, dart it, hope the whatever upgrades they will do will open up the mode a little. I miss the objective-based PvP, but the "gir" and the flames... meh.

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