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  1. BD is super op, usually those who were decent or trash prepatch can now be top100 because of the buff BM is still strong but now they have less cc (cc they didnt even need for 100-0) Sin should be harder since they got buffed maybe you were lucky and faced sins that drop combo often WL is indeed harder but they were already hard to begin with. FM has always been broken but you barely see anyone playing it nowadays. Sum got a 2sec resist cc on ss that's why they are so broken now, also every sum you'll see will abuse the air combo bug which is a shame because they are playing sum to begin with Des in low gold or silver are braindead so no wonder it is easy. SF is a kfm natural counter. Tbh I recommend blue buff and normal pvp palm. Elbow is risky and because it has a lower counter timer than the normal one. A decent SF will prefer KD Howling blast against kfm rather than guard break. There is no cc to surprise them, you really have to wait for them to use all of their iframes before even trying something. You want to tab the second knock up if you see burning tundra (ice rain) as it will deal huge dmg or the frost storm. If you find a SF with defense break you can bait it with ss. Put up counter > ss. Last tip : You want to keep your distance with the SF as if you are too close they can melee q or e or range q or e, the latter will put them behind you which allows him to open a cc chain with the ranged stun.
  2. How to beat Destroyers as FM in TOI

    From my ToI experience the AI is really unpredictable. Sometimes they will drop combo (= start combo then stop attacking/cc) and sometimes they will chain the ccs for a long 15sec. My highest right now is F66 where I had to beat a BM it was an easy fight . But later at F62, a BM cc chained me forever. I am using full msp for lower floors since i need to burst the hell out of those bots and 5 challenger + 3 xanos at F50+. So imo the AI acts in a very unpredictable way. As for the destroyer, they never use fury unless you have used your tab escape but even so, getting caught by a destro means they will cc chain you. Oh and sometimes they will even try to extend cc duration which can't be done because cc extension only works once i.e. Shield Stun 3sec > ram 2sec extension > leap no extension. Yep the AI is op but also retarded sometimes.
  3. SF ice build is for pve. Not earth. Earth is ok but not as strong as air combos. Basically you tundra + air combo does a lot of dmg. That means you are either doing a lot of dmg to your opponent or he will tab escape post tundra. Then you can finish him with Focus Chi + frost storm provided you caught him after his tab escape.
  4. Anicancel advice

    I'm playing with 90-120ms and using the R key + F key. So far, my anicanceling is just fine, it is a bit tiring at the beginning to find the right timing between R and F but after a while your brain just registers it and does it easily ^^ Using only F will make your dps lower, because F animation is really slow hence why R comes into the equation. I think it takes between 0.7 and 1sec to have a full cyclone kick animation. anicanceling with r would make it 0.5sec, the leg should stop around the head of the dummy just like in the 2rf combo.
  5. General KFM Inquiries

    Seraph for KFM is a very special choice. I made one because it looked amazing but now I got the Holy Fire soul Badge from Tower of Infinity which allows me to rf rf rf forever since my x cd is lower than the badge proc effect (6sec cyclone kick available). My rf rate is 2 per second (rfrf) and on a dummy I can go for 60k+ dps currently only anicanceling (no tremor, no hm soul, no blue buff, only msp soul shield). I switched my camera angle last night while rf-ing a dummy and IT LOOKED Amazing ! And yes, it is like having the sb after effect where you can rf rf for 10sec. Imo, You should go Baleful for Fire because it refreshes your Cds upon 10 darkness stacks (procs on hit only) because Seraph is being hit only procs. But you could also go Baleful for Wind if you want to keep using the 2rf wind rotation which isnt bad either.
  6. KFM : Bad / they took away our tiger strike which was a very good source of dmg if the ground game was played right. Good : We now have more 3rf dmg with searing palm applied, our iron shoulder procs a pivot kick on hit. Leg Sweep has a deflect penetration. Worst : Sin/WL/Sum/BD got extremely buffed Sin : C stun 0-16m /insert meme "what is a tech chase", X dagger with defense parry penetration (have fun trying to counter it). WL : Huge dmg on aerial combos Sum :2sec resist status effect after ss and more) BD : Aerial + LD does 50% hp with flash step (8m dash so most ground counter wont even touch the BD = safe dmg), Kd that has defense parry penetration, still has a huge stall power once all their offensive abilities are on cd. Best : FeelsGood to play challenging classes and win vs carried ones.
  7. Pvp now..

    Fm is better. Especially with hm impact. Also you can pt freeze, heal yourself. Freeze ppl. Air Combo. Grab. Yep FM op. And lets not talk about the dmg it has + 2 escapes :>
  8. No new event?

    Hoping for new outfit soon. Baseball players <3_3
  9. Don't add the jump to 50 event

    I don't see any issues with the lv50 voucher. Actually it might hurt botters because it will definitely kill their power leveling market and also as mentionned earlier, it won't be free so they will have to pay. Bots in arena is not an issue since they mostly lose (the infinite stealth sin or summoner). Right now soulstone price is 10s so assuming they log in to get gold rank once they have max beans they will get 30ss/pouch (60k beans = 900ss = 90g minus fees). Since they get 20-30 beans per lost (in silver), it will take them more than 2000 lost to get that 90g. So I don't see how it would be profitable to botters.
  10. Hi, My ingame name is Lee Ryu. I am looking for a LV13+ clan with many pvpers from which I can learn (spars, 6v6, 3v3) and play with. I play mostly PvE because it's fun and relaxing (achieved rank 11 in ToI during season 2) but I love PvP which is even more fun but more challenging too. So if you are interested. Send me a mail with 1 copper and tell me so or pm me when I am ingame. Cya !
  11. NERF for FMs 10/5/2016

    Don't worry you still shine in PvE :) You talk about balance but FM pvp is one of the easiest according to the doxa. You have impact which is a heavy counter to melee. You have 2 escapes. You have a heal that is getting nerfed. This nerf will just force you to play better and make less mistakes. The two escape mechanic really is op since your opponent can go all in if and only if you blow them both. You say every class has an attack that pierce defense but you have a chill/freeze attack which can root an opponent making them defenseless if they already ssed or used skills that allows them to break free. The balance is there. Every class have problems.
  12. BM Hongmoon Skill Priorities?

    The actual order for pvp is : HM Z > HM Block > Lightning Draw Because the first two bring more to a 1v1 but the costs are also higher.
  13. BM best dps build

    Step 1 : Spec Dragontongue and Fire Flicker Step 2 : Spec your V skill to the last branch of flock of blades/blade call Step 3 : Spec your Tab to have the conflagration effect Step 4 : Spec your Flock of blade/Blade call "X"skill to get the Conflagration effec too "Conflagration will allow you to spam Dragontongue with no CD" There you go Fire build. Combo you can pull as an opener against Boss: 2 > V > TAB > Dragontongue Spam > 1 > Hm Block (to have 5sec of immunity and spam more > 4 > X > spam dragontongue > TAB > spam it again > spam flicker/dragontongue > TAB. Repeat the spam till V is up. There you go. I can do Ssp with that as a 520ap BM.
  14. Once upon a time, I could beat fm

    Except you forgot the part where FM uses his second escape :) they have an ice dash too
  15. SF Overnerfed?

    Hum... You guys do realize that SF dps got buffed last patch ? This is just a new (old) mechanic they introduced to the Sf kit. If you can use it then Gj you made something of that 3 golden stacks, if not well try harder :) I don't remember SF having only one stance :) > Displace + Burning Tundra gives 2 stacks So, you can use one of them to keep ahead of the golden dragon timer. I honestly think that this mechanic is really hard to pull if you don't have the right skill rotation but i also think it was made to make you play better.
  16. KFM - is it really that hard?

    Not hard in pve. Hard in pvp. Its pve is more about dps potential. Some classes just needs 2 buttons to bring the best dps they can do. Kfm has 2,r,f,x,v,tab,4 which means you have to use them all or you will lose dps. the other skills are defensive skills such as q/e/z/c and counter. Its pvp is high skill capped and that's why it's hard. Because every low cd CC are on q,e or ss procs. Its Kd is 18sec cd, comet daze 30sec and everything else is above 36sec. That means wasting those high cd cc are putting the KFM in a harsh situation since it cant do much dps against moving targets. The solution is to stall the game and counter damage with his counter and iframes while trying to control as much as possible the playground in order to avoid dmg and wait for his skill cd to be reset.
  17. Stealth And Soul

    Destroyer has so much in his pvp kit you want the game to give you free wins too ? Fury works only against low skilled players or in Tag matches, Persistence is the eternal skill that will free you from stunlocks. Your first escape is to prevent too much dmg while being able to get on the offensive (against melee mostly) and it is during that time you can throw your dmg at your opponent, grab him after a tech chase and take away his chi. Ask yourself is there is another class that grabs you and depletes your chi pool from one grab. This is one of the most annoying skill in pvp and you can abuse it. If you want to just blow an escape than go 100-0 choose another game, BnS pvp needs brain.
  18. Gems

    Gems. :>
  19. how to knock enemy into the air

    The breeze kick only happens if you have rmb spec to right punch. But that pvp combo is only doable if the opponents has no escapes. For the displace knock up id rather use the stun from glacial beam. Because the frost nova tech chase can fail if you time it wrong which means you lose an opportunity to deal dmg. Then once your opponent lands use burning tundra then frost nova to pressure him and bait his escape. Then use ground ripple with knockback > lightning fist stun > z > v > f> knock up with 4 > ss > f
  20. The joys of leveling an alt

    The best thing you can do is get gold in pvp so you are shiny and they respect you cuz they suck at pvp :) More srsly, having a gold medal is one way to show that you are not a brainless guy and that you are skilled enough to reach 1600 pt in arena. But still only a few veterans like me take into account pvp rating when we recruit ppl with lower ap than the actual ap requirement. Imo someone in gold elo is someone that has mastered at least 3/4 of his class and can perform well enough.
  21. Gems

    Kfms can get 100%ap buff when pulling more than 3mobs. The first two rooms in dokumo takes 2 or 3 min. I had 680ap when I farmed it though. The tricky part is to two shot the eggs but now with the tremor buff it is stupid easy to do it.
  22. Kfm new tremor rampage ?

    warning cancer tips below Has anyone tried it ? Run in ssp as kfm , q or e to get 1sec of immunity. Tremor with the 100% ap buff to pull everyone. Pop focused blue buff, start wind comet spam while procing the soul badge effect (resist stun daze kd and kb) z stun in between. Comet strike with 1k + ap ~(- o -)~ Sounds fun right ? It makes me want to switch faction xD
  23. Grab on Misty Woods res point

    Comon its nice to have a chat during these moments (unconscious). Also you can still use the escape function if you get locked on those situation then switch ch.
  24. Blade master or soul fighter

    It seems you are the lazy type of player so Bm is out of question for you x). Why ? BM has to tank and dps which is harder than combos. I mean bm has 2 stances basic and draw. The first is all about defense and the second is about offense. So you have to switch a lot to keep dpsing in order to keep aggro. That is why SF is for you ! It has a lazy press rmb and f build or an easy lmb rmb f anicancel build. You can also stay in force master stance if you wanna chill and do low dps. However, both classes have huge dps potential at the moment. Highest being BM with fire build.
  25. KFM - is it really that hard?

    Yes, in ToI Kfm dmg comes mainly from that burst if well executed. Then it is all about cc and 3rfing or 2rfing. List of cc: Iron shoulder 2sec daze (or 3?) Triple kick 2sec stun Leg sweep 3sec kd Rising dragon 2sec stun Flurry 2sec daze Tremor <3 3sec stun + strategic skill if cc. The best strategic skill is 100% status dmg. That combined with 3 challenger ss, you will reach 230% which means your dmg on cced target will be multiplied by 2.3. That is why KFMs can land 100k dmg comet in tower. However, KFMs have great difficulties fighting bd, sf, sin. Since they all hit and run to make you lose time. Ranged classes can hit them without having to chase them. Bd immunity for instance or sin stealth or even sf whirlwind. The worst ive found in ToI is that seraph blade dancer in higher floors. The more you hit them the more their cd refresh. So I ended up with a bd that popped immunity, used escape like they had no cd. Then they would just run around spinning and have you chase them. Same thing with summoners, they can double grab you in higher floors which is terribly sad when you hit F57 only to get raped in 10sec.