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  1. Merry Christmas to you all. I wish you all the best and may the rng be with you. #NothingButLove!
  2. Well, this situation was to be expected and even came faster than I expected. Ncsoft is failing to acknowledge the gap growing between free players and those that invest into the game. The op just experience a direct consequence of that. Damn, TTk of less than 2 seconds. I guess no soulshield or defensive stat can protect me against that, lol. RIP 6vs6 (for the second time and for the same reason) 2016 - 2016 (personally, I hope for it to see the new year).
  3. You didn't even try to give a counter argument, did you? Well, In this post of mine, I tried to demonstrate that the process you describe was wrong and so your conclusion "think a little longer" was absurd. But if you want to take it personally, then you are on your own mate. Allow me to redirect the train of thought here. My aim here was to sensitise about the discrepancy growing with each new content patch between the free players and those that invest money in the game ( Once again, I find nothing wrong with it). The "Ap" gap between these 2 catergorie
  4. Let me "thing a little longer" about this. Before this patch, evolved stones had nearly no use and moreover drop at a very little rate. Basically, you are telling us that these clanmates of yours bought (notice: bought them, didn't drop them in anyway but bought) 8-9k of an item that had no use, taking 8-9 inventory space, at a price of 800 - 900 gold (evolve stones never fell to 10 silver but whatever) ? For what purpose (whale logic might be, lol)? There are only two reasons that may justify this: either these clanmates of yours had an inside informat
  5. You are right, I will do the same. I will forgo any other upgrades for it. It will take a very long period of time but I love the grind.
  6. The argument commonly used to defend NC cricketing management of BnS is that "It is not pay to win but pay to progress". Reason be that part of the player base do not have the time to grind for their gear. These players have jobs, wives, kids, families, etc and do not have the time to grind. So these players need a way to catch up with the free players. When taking a look at the current state of BnS, I will like to ask that who exactly is trying to catch up with who? The most geared players are not your usual no life/neet hardcore grinders. No, the most geared playe
  7. Yep, the midnights is a truely amazing and beautifull place. Blade and soul may not have a good graphic as compared to modern games but its esthetics is by far the best I have seen so far. I hope I will not be white knighted for this comment. lol Anyway, with the introduction of the 64bits client, these graphics will be even more enhance. I am really hype for that.
  8. Please stop, your insecurity is overflowing. 1. What do you mean by "efficiency" in farming? I do not understand. To get all my gold and materials, I do all purple silverfrost dungeons once a day and craft. So you mean that when entering the F8, I do have more favourable factors in a run because I am a sin? The factors affecting a run vary but lets say there is the ping, noobish party, rng, lag, deconnections, no afkers, experienced members and so on. Do you mean because I am a sin I have less chances to have ping spikes, less lags, and more experienced party members or do sins hav
  9. These threads have been poping here and there and I usually refrain from replying to them but sorry guys I need to say it. Rerolling and moreover quitting the game because of something like dps is the must retarded reason I have ever heard, Like seriously Dps. Every 4 months or so there is the BnS skill change where nearly are skills are rebalanced. Before the last skill change, BM were not even counted as a dps class and sum were the master class in term of dps. All these changed only after one skill change which happen every 4 to 5 months. No one knows which is the
  10. This is why I had to buy a wired mouse because buying batteries was becoming a huge investment. ;)
  11. I totally agree with these. Clan leaders should have more management functions. Keeping track of who donated what and when, members login activities and crafting records will be very well appreciated. I do know that the devs have lots of things to do with the huge and insane demands from EU/NA players but these features will be gladly welcome. I do not demand an ERP but simple features will greatly help. Regards.
  12. (read with a cute voice) Omg, gurrrllls have you seen the new awakened skills? So op, jeeezzzzzsssssss! Especially the FM one, awaken Dragonchar, lol. 80 to 0 %, desolate tomb first boss got deleted from existence, lol. Anyway, dat sweet talker deserved it, lol. Omg these skills are so good. With these skills FM and WL does more damage than BM during SB and by far. lol FeelsAmazing gals, lol.
  13. Demand and supply, nothing can be done about it. It is a good thing for me. I will buy now and sell later.
  14. The stealth mechanic is not the only major one in the fight. There is also the need for 2 or more daze tab escape ( which sin do not have) to complete the dungeon. Yes, Ebondrake citadel is a class reliant dungeon, but to my knowledge sin/summoners ARE NOT THE ONLY CLASSES NEEDED for this dungeon. As @Shadovvv said we clearly relie on other classes as they relie on us. wow that cat can do nearly everything in this game lol #ultimatebeing
  15. -I doubt that only using the crtl+c permitted you to get all the gems and moreover a fused (hepta) aquamarine gem. I really doubt that but if that is the case,then you are the luckiest player I ever heard about. Seriously, share your rng. -Fair enough -I am no casual player,I am a "farm alot" player and still donot have those gem. -I am no casual player and even a casual player will love to have those gems simply because there are there.
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