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  1. Is already dead guys.No new players get in ,old players can't get enuf mats to keep gearing ,mid players are left out far away and even if playing daily won't be able to keep up or be motivated to run same and same dungeons - and no reason even to keep premium up. So well,Shackled Isles should been put up when players were still playing the game ,like around of 2 y ago,now is dust in the eyes.Gold reward is unnoticeable ,mats are just few ,pvp is suffocated by high geared players and the game performance is worse then ever. I saw death of WildStar.Old producers left haha- BnS is in slow motio
  2. Oh thank you so much for putting light into my wonders.I really could not understand what would be a reason for them to make an event that quite of mid players won't benefit on .I have decent gear ,decent ping all good -yet not enough dps to kill that turtle even if i craft the weapon.I think thats not normal at all .As I think,this game is not taking care of enough ,or the feed back of population really reaches late on devs ? I have no ideea why,yet I hope they will fix this for us .Have a nice day!
  3. I don't understand what's going on ,got crash from game and now every time says some error.I can log just from my friend pc ...
  4. Last update-managed to make it work by changing the settings on ''Routing raw forced''-takes tones of time to load but after loading is ok in game. Good game all!
  5. Well i can't play without VPN.I've already paid for NoPing and I was overall very happy with it ,but seems this game really wants to cut off players.Probably its time to end my sub ,since can't really play...thanks all for your answers.
  6. I got plenty of disk space .I'm using NoPing-and seems when I started game without it,now works.But I been using NoPing forever .Turns out now i can't for some reason.Why the Xigncode won't let me use anymore the NoPing?
  7. The cherry on top of cake were the Master Hong killing .I don't have fragments and i don't like Master Hong at all .I have multiple alts but i won't be able to open any kind of box .Thanks devs ,you put me off once again.This game instead of keep casuals playing (1.2k) discredits them and push them off by doing repetitive things .This Master Hong actually never dropped any fragment for me,i can do max 3 bosses in the dungeon.Ok devs,why i'm left off? Do you really want your mid player leaving and end off like Wildstar?
  8. BnS have the worst optimisation i ever seen.Been playing it since day 1 ,never got any better.since the shrinking servers we all know where the game is heading to.Any other game i play loads and runs decently .This game takes enormous time to load and also long time between loading screens ,shutters and DC's since day one (now DC's are much less) and overall a high ping + fps drop . Wildstar died,i hope this game stays alive .
  9. Guys ,this game is a milking cow .They don't look like fixing anything ,we already have few years since release and it stays exactly as Wildstar.I been playing both games and seems we getting same direction.If they don't do anything with the game performance ,this is going to fall down exactly as Wildstar.So -limit your transactions,so you don't regret it later on.I really can't play it also,with the last update my fps strangely dropped to 12 in dungeons and i can't play the raids anymore.Halfly moved to other games now because this game is getting unplayable ,repetitive and cash grab.We call
  10. They made it so sad this time that keeps me away from playing.Too much death.I'm chilling in RL since the games start to look too painful to provide joy and adventure anymore.
  11. Windy

    symex big fan

    I love your tricks ,Symex.Stay cool!
  12. @ shujin51 I'm playing earth build.
  13. All my attacks are incredibly slow ,in before done ~ 350 K dps on Moyun,now I barely rise on 150K. Whats up ? Do any of you fellows summoners encounter this? Did they ninja nerfed stuff ? I suddenly get less dmg as in before patch.Haven't seen some summoner nerf in patch notes tho.
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