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  1. symex big fan

    I love your tricks ,Symex.Stay cool!
  2. Did summoner got a DPS nerf again?

    @ shujin51 I'm playing earth build.
  3. All my attacks are incredibly slow ,in before done ~ 350 K dps on Moyun,now I barely rise on 150K. Whats up ? Do any of you fellows summoners encounter this? Did they ninja nerfed stuff ? I suddenly get less dmg as in before patch.Haven't seen some summoner nerf in patch notes tho.
  4. Add Surrender option

    Good ideea.
  5. Changes for Faction

    Nothing all of above,yet the bosses HP needs to be increased . Also I would suggest that the channels would be distributed based on GS.This would be fair for everyone ,giving access to new ones to the zone,because this game says is free for all.So yes for the sake of fairness,don;t let this zone ( assuming is about SSP) to be STILL under control of same group.Otherwise ,we still think ,WHY is allowed to be like this.
  6. I hate love it too.But I'm sure when i'll find something better i'll just move away -the amount of frustration when loading the game passes my patience.Yet i like the fluidity of movements and animations here.
  7. I'd agree with this-for practical side that would spare me later on to explain the guilds i'm joining that usually i'm playing along with my friend.So maybe this would make the fact more understandable-be it called a marriage sistem or just a partner sistem.Some bonuses would be cool too .
  8. Ping Spikes

    The spikes are common thing,they are for sure from the client /server and most of the players having problems.No one got for real an effective solution to this,and I just assume even the devs don't give care about it-since they all agree the game engine is old and stuff.Might as well after time get sick of the multiple bugs /shutters /lags and leave game -after 2 years of random problems -either you get used to it ,either you just walk away hopeless.But yes ,since it affects your fun you probably will take a deccision which fits you .
  9. Why nerf Gunners?

    10% dps is even too few, if you ask me ,around 25% would be even better.Yet I don't think this would happen straight-they need to sell the lyn gunner and for now it stays.Take my 2 cents .
  10. Why nerf Gunners?

    This sums entirely my oppinion,I couldn't say it more clear or better! Thanks .
  11. Ticket to reroll class question

    Don't put such thing.I'd hate to see all whales population turning into gunners.
  12. Forum Emoticons Now Available

    Thank you ! When we can customise our forum avatars also ?
  13. Stop swiping ,don't show them the credit card anymore.Don't beg for Trove and don't ask p2w events anymore.This should work.GL all.
  14. Earth Summoner Magnum Badge Bug

    Yea,the damage is not huge ,is ''balanced''.*looks up to the gunner class* (I just hope they get nerfed and balanced as deserved.)