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  1. Well done once again, making the game even more alt unfriendly. I guess pvp is the only thing that can be done but then again they screw us up with patch balances.
  2. We have closed down the Sunday raid, I ran out of resets and i cbf to do sunday raid with alts anymore.
  3. If you are playing on EU(group 1) there is a whole realm - Chinese Mafia, Chinese Gangsters, Chinese Slackers, Chinese Smugglers, Chinese Ganker. The mafia one and ganker are the main Chinese clans with 120+ Chinese players between them.
  4. Joenator if you are talking about the feathery one, from 30+++++ runs I have seen none. The one that you can buy with 10 run achievement goes for like 100-200. In regards to the topic, I have updated the very first post. This is how we will proceed from now on.
  5. We don't do runs just for your achievement, if you would like such runs go to Group 2 and pm @Divine Dragon Soul if you are 750+ they do it for free :)
  6. @kasmala 1. You would have been planned for the whole run so you might as well stay unless you wanna leave and do other stuffs. 2. No queue you can just simply assume you are in next week as well, unless we have a person who needs say more than 1 accessory (for example accessory + mat) , which is very unlikely because I can move people around. 3. Of course you can, what I did last week is at the beginning collect 2500 gold before we even started, once the ring dropped I distributed the ring, then collected another 2500 before we even start the next boss and like that. If it drops
  7. I have updated what's to sell for Wednesday next week, Saturday and Sunday to come.
  8. yeah, thats a bit late for EU don't you think ? Majority of the players are +1 so they start playing at 22:00 and finish at 00:00... not to mention those who are +2 +3...
  9. Hello, could you please move the guild 6v6 in the appropriate time - 20:00 +0gmt as it was before and not 21:00.
  10. Between 1 to 4 hours depending in which raid, for example last week Wednesday took 2 hours, Saturday took around 2 hours as well, Sunday... we waited 1 hour hoping that Muruyama will show up and at the end was 2:30 or so, and in each one of those raids we had minimum 2 inexperienced players and alts(there are only 2 players left that need to pass the raid next week and most likely they will get their at least upgrade material on the run). I can make raids that will take 30 mins and POSSIBLY get 2.5k gold, i would rather run raids where at the end there will be 10k gold pool. There are raids fr
  11. Absolute rip-offs. I can only assume they run a single raid, everyone is dressed up so they ask for high amount so the other players can get a good share since they have bid less on items or they have used dkp system. I was going to put the prices even lower but one of the guild leaders pmed me that I am taking a *** and I should not undercut so out of respect I bumped them a little bit.
  12. And im still here waiting for soul and pet to get account bound
  13. Alright I will modify this message as it is old first and second I have been busy lately moving houses etc so from now on this is how we will proceed. So far we have had more than 20 sell runs, pretty much every raid there are 2-3 people for sell. Since there is high demand I will just place it here for everyone as this is what I tell people who pm me. The raid times are below, pm me 15 mins beforehand if there is a free slot for the mat you want you will be taken on board. Wednesday raid (18:00) Saturday (13:00) All times are UK time. The person in contact i
  14. I am usually a lurker rather than a poster, but I have been thinking for quite some time to create this topic and since I am bored to my guts at the moment at work I believe now is the right time. I have been playing BM for now what 3 years + ? , pretty much fully geared but as you can imagine after playing one class for so long no matter how much you love it, it becomes boring. So I decided I need an alt, I need something new to push me into the game again like it did few years back right. So I leveled an alt in like a day to hm 5. Had absolute blast (except for the last couple of hours becau
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