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  1. Ever wonder why NCSoft hides the actual % numbers even though right next to each item theres an actual "%" icon? Almost as if they forgot to remove the symbol even though they clearly purposely omitted the number. Fact is selling costumes via RNG scam boxes is a shady money grab at best. You wanna make money? Sell the freakin costume in this store like every other cosmetic item on there. Period. "Oh I gots it with only two boxes, RNG must be great!" Oh yeah, awesome! So those individuals that bought 150 boxes and got squat, what...theyre just crap out of luck? "Oh well too bad so
  2. Oh I know all about how fickle RNG can be. Still, two outfits in 20 boxes? Kinda hard to believe since there are peeps here sayin theyve gone 100 plus without one. That tells me that costume sits at no more than a 3% chance of dropping at best. 2 in 20 isnt "luck", thats hacking. That, or guess he made a deal with the devil.
  3. Too little, too late. Hardly worth blowing smoke up their bums for. What were they gonna do, nothing while the remaining 2k, (being generous), or so people that still play in NA continued to leave? Nah, not getting giddy just yet. Not when persistent problems that have plagued this game since day one like haxors, bots, and a horrible server infrastructure the seems to decay daily continue to exist. But hey, some people are easy to please. To each their own I suppose.
  4. Which is why NCSoft couldnt give two cricket squirts what you, I, or anyone else thinks of their methods. They prey on the consistent stupidity of the average consumer. Which pays. If I were them, Id do the same. It works. After all: "Theres a sucker born every minute." - P.T. Barnum
  5. This game isnt dead, its actually, undead. Not really dead...not really alive either. But hey at least its a form of life, and as we all know you cant kill whats already dead.
  6. Thats the thing. People arent mad cause theyre not getting it due to RNG. Theyre mad cause theyre forced to gamble for it cause its hidden behind RNG in the first place. Im willing to bet NC would make twice as much money selling it on a regular rotation, than trying to scam people into gambling their money away in an attempt to get a costume with a 1% chance of dropping. Its a nickle and dime scheme and frankly it sucks. Funny thing is, I bet the only reason this costume was hidden behind an RNG wall to begin with was cause NCWest scans social media to see
  7. No, not at all. However...continuously pissing people off is. Cause you know, this game doesnt need even emptier servers. Besides, whats the point of getting costumes cheaper or otherwise and costume whoring, if theres no one around to see it?
  8. RNG is RNG. It's completely random. What took you 3 boxes could take another 100. There is no "good or bad" RNG, there is simply...RNG.
  9. Ever hear the expression "Where theres smoke, theres fire?" Maybe there's a reason why there's so much negativity on this board. Justifiably so in fact. Or do rose colored glasses obscure ones vision that much?
  10. Inb4 someone posts a screenshot @ Mushin Tower and claims, "...but...but...game is still populated kappa...!!!" Mushin Tower: Where the last of the mega whales gather in herds to costume *cricket* and troll chat.
  11. Theyll never give you a straight answer to that. If they did theyd be short curcuiting their own plans. Who'd buy the scam box otherwise?
  12. Wish I could say Im surprised, but that would imply I had higher expectations for NCSoft. NC games ported over to the west exist for one purpose, to milk whales. Games like Aion still exist because people actually spend upwards of around $1000 US per person, per RNG scam event. Otherwise NC wouldve pulled the plug on that game in this region ages ago. Blade and Soul NA will follow the same path. The sooner the general playerbase comes to grip with the fact this game exists here to satisfy the gambling addicted whales in our society and not the casual gamer, the happier
  13. Yup, people that actually admit to enjoying repeating the same monotonous repetitive tedious chores over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again ad nauseum certaintly are a minority. Thankfully this minority isnt catered to by all game developers otherwise the entire video game industry wouldve caved in years ago. Since most sane people whom play games actually enjoy uniquely refreshing and rewarding experiences as opposed to playing "2nd Job Simulator Online". BTW...equating not particularly enjoying tediously repetitive chores to "wanting to
  14. Your first mistake was thinking NC Soft gives a cricket about "the competition." Your second was continuously mentioning Guild Wars 2, as GW2 is an ARENANET developed game, not NC Soft. NC Soft simply published GW2. What Arenanet does and what NCSoft does are two separate things. I mean, if NCSoft was actually taking queues from AN, we'd have account bound costumes freely interchangable from toon to toon within said account without the need to purchase "Outfit Mailing Stamps", or any other nickle and dime scam. Now would we?
  15. The "Limited time only" gimmick sells. Businesses prove this day after day. It gently forces the consumer to quickly hand over their cash quickly before they miss out on a "rare" deal. Proven time and time again to work. After all, everyone wants the new shiny, and they definitely dont wanna be the only ones without it. Hence, limited time sells by feeding off our very own insatiable greed. I dont blame them one bit for doing it. Still, tells you what they're most concerned about. Heres a hint, its not player satisfaction.
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