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  1. You could've made the requirement "has opened stage 11 armory chest" and added 100+ Jewels. After all the solid amount of TT gear, hundreds of elements, upgrading material, weapon skin, exp charms you only get 10 jewels in contrast, yikes what a sad finish. Still if you made it to stage 10+ you couldn't complain since its free stuff but if you are a new player this is something you will see often in the future with this company.
  2. Sorry but with a little bit of patience theres usually some "CC all welcome" or "CC 1.6K AP" in F8 which is very reasonable considering the dungeon mechanics are very straightforward, the other ones are much harder. Either find friends or a clan that can carry you or just work hard on reaching stage 6 of your armory chest to get GC4 weapon and hope the room leader isnt an elitist or just an alt willing to help. I only did CC to get the remnants with my 1.7k AP char, be understanding if they kick you and just wait for the right room or make one yourself and hope nice people come help.
  3. Lol, why would you even expect a treasure chest to attack you especially if it doesn't have arms or legs. Look at how many players are in one area in BDO and the players can function smoothly spamming all those particle effects. BNS has some bad optimization like single digit fps on raid boss so doing mechanics is going to be harder in general because some players will have even worse computers. BNS is all about grinding dungeons over and over so theres no point making the boss mechanics too unique otherwise its even more frustrating. They cant be too creative because the game'
  4. Well just save up hongmoon coins and get lucky on rolls in the daily dash once it comes back. Just dont be ugly lol, srsly though i agree it should be half the price but you can change the hair color at least with certain custom headpieces.
  5. Just make the Trove outfits customizable and later release the non-customizable one in the store or add some subtle particle effects, give the trove outfit legendary tier lettering while the store one is purple tier, anything to differentiate the trove and common version.
  6. I also had 3 slots when i opened mine but soon after getting stage 3 i had 7 slots open so try to upgrade first. Meanwhile stick to your aransu weapon with all gem slots until you can upgrade the new weapon to hopefully get more slots otherwise you can decide to leave this game.
  7. Server is up. If you haven't found the answer by now you can go to the NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENT section on the forums to see the latest server status etc. Also you can check the blade and soul twitter for updates and when server is live.
  8. Crazy right? They give discounts on the RNG boxes if you buy more but they dont do that for purchasing NCOIN. Even during holidays or anniversary they never gave any special discounts. They would make so much more money if they put a 10-20% discount on buying the highest NCOIN or atleast add some EXP charms and materials. They would reach a larger target market and gain the trust of buyers who think the company thanks you for spending money but clearly the state of this game is because they dont have that mentality forcing them to just satisfy whales before they quit.
  9. Anyone know how they look for Gunners, very interested to see.
  10. Wished Gons could be gunners. Hard to have the "Big badass sister" vibes with Jin. So im making a "younger sister" vibe. My Gunner Jin *Younger Sister" equivalent.
  11. Summer photoshoot, enjoy! Check out the entire album here,
  12. Summer photoshoot with my Gon, Enjoy! Check the ENTIRE photoshoot on
  13. It wouldn't make sense for them to release a great outfit for only 1 day. What if players weren't on this week etc. Huge loss of profits i assume its gonna be either recolors or bringing back old outfits, props if they release good outfits to compensate for this disappointment.
  14. The reason why is because the side with the left arm, apart from cropping in outfits, doesnt show the entire body, instead its just boobs blocking everything, since the model is angled differently.
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