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  1. @Green Stormare devs aware and making a fix for this?
  2. my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
  3. they actually plan on just sweeping this under the rug huh? okay i see how it is
  4. are we supposed to just forget that its listed there? i dont want to have to spend gold on something i know were meant to be getting for free
  5. anything? anything at all? cmon i need them to level up my accs. maintenance notes said nothing. do they really just plan to ignore it and not give any kind of explanation?
  6. well at any rate i doubt they are going to implement my suggestion when they cant even hand out the items that are listed in the box (130 legendary jewels) and nothing has been said in the maintenance notes.... such incompetency
  7. the ma'o gloves? well thats fine. leveling my gloves is the least of my priority.
  8. how are they excuses? theyre valid reasons that you just dont want to accept because you had to work for all this free gear that theyre giving to new/returning players. also why would i need to do den of ancients to upgrade my gloves. there are no mats needed that is exclusively gotten from den of ancients.
  9. will you keep advertising your vids of you flexing that you can clear dungeons? i never said anything about den of ancients and idc if the game is unplayable. im playing for nostalgia
  10. Right, but thats the bare minimum dps required to clear, and in a pug party people are bound to make mistakes and get killed. myself included. so pug parties are always raising the ap so they can just braindead dps the boss and not care about mechs
  11. the guy was talking about how easy the dungeon is to clear with 1700ap and yeah i have gilded triangular gems, the only thing is that i cant use them because my weapon only has 3 open gem slots, and i kinda dont want to waste my life away farming gem hammers.
  12. its been almost a week and ncwest still hasnt said anything......
  13. now do it again with 400 ping. exactly. not everyone plays with perfect conditions buddy. also how do i know the rest of the party doesnt have 1800+ ap. u only checked 2 other people
  14. i know about lucky revitalizers ive been using them for the harder dungeons. the issue isnt mechanics. its that i cant even find a willing pug to take me in f8. guess ill just have to try lfp
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