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  1. or awakened fellstrike / awakened raze I think some bracelet modifiers might also be bugged and not working correctly
  2. Show off your characters!!

    been awhile since I posted here
  3. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    breaking up with all of us on valentines day, jonathan you savage XD good luck man, miss you already!
  4. hey, I think I remember this being an issue before with gameguard too when it was used instead of xigncode. the problem is the asmedia sata 106x controller driver. you can remove the controller driver and all of the sata will still function fine, all the controller driver does is give you the ability to "eject" drives connected to the sata in the same way you would eject something connected via USB. honestly it's a pretty useless driver, there isn't very much situations where I can see someone wanting to use the eject function to disconnect their hard drives while their computer is running. it seems for some reason the game causes the sata controller driver to malfunction and "eject" drives without you telling it to. uninstalling the sata 106x controller driver *should* stop your issue from happening, good luck
  5. BnS Buddy after update

    If they're trying to kill the game, they're doing a good job at it.
  6. After Blizzcon - Thinking about coming back

    they aren't going to catch up to doing TT raid as a F2P while it's still the most endgame content unless they play the game as if they are working 2 full time jobs at the same time.
  7. After Blizzcon - Thinking about coming back

    1: the state is bad, games being managed badly, events always getting worse, incompetent support GM's 2: warden is OP. top 3 pve/pvp assuming average skill probably warden / gunner / maybe FM 3: hella p2w if you want to do any actually challenging endgame (TT raid or 6v6). Unless you consider it realistic to play the game like it's 2 full time jobs. 4: since you mention blizzcon - all 6 of the new games ncsoft has in development are mobile games. (Aion 2 and blade&soul 2 are two of them) :( it's a rough year for gamers everywhere.
  8. Treasure trove Opening 350 keys

    My guess is they lowered the rates of good crits after adding the "guaranteed bonus after X amount of keys" because of ncsoft "balancing logic". They never just add something without it coming at a cost in some way or another (usually the end result being worse).
  9. fps drops after restarting bns

    i've always had the same issue, through multiple windows installs on both windows 7 and windows 10. The game runs good after the computer has been restarted (most of the time, sometimes it'll still open with buggy/low fps and have to be restarted again) but yeah every time that I close the game and restart it, it runs much worse, so i'm forced to restart my computer every single time before I open BNS. edit: forgot to mention, disabling FTH never helped with this issue for me. Game still runs worse every time it's restarted without a full computer restart.
  10. Locked at 60 FPS

    regardless of your monitors refresh rate, having your game processing more frames will make it more responsive. for classes with a fast paced animation cancel combo it can be quite noticeable going from 60 fps to 100+ even if the monitors refresh rate is 60Hz. In that situation even if you can't see any difference due to the monitors limit, you can still really feel the difference in responsiveness. OP did state their monitor is 144Hz though.
  11. KFM Bug not in "Known Issues"

    to add to the list of kfm bugs: the visual dragon effect on aransu 6+ gauntlets will disappear off of the right hand gauntlet and it'll look the same as a stage 3 aransu effect (only on the right hand) in these situations: entering/exiting a dialogue screen entering a new zone (with or without a loading screen) anything with a loading screen effect is always bugged upon first logging into the game re-equiping the weapon or changing costume will cause the effect to appear again. pretty harmless bug I guess but for someone with OCD it's frustrating as hell.
  12. KFM

    well, I heard from someone that on the KR servers the modifiers are still 270% cyclone on raven 9 and 280% on dragon bracelet. so idk man. looks like they are what they should be. is it just that the fire modifiers got a small buff?
  13. KFM

    @Liinxy idk who moved this to the KFM forum, but i'm guessing they didn't actually open the thread and read any of it. It'd much be more appropriate in the Bug Reports section. TLDR: KFM's didn't get their modifier buffs that they were supposed to.
  14. KFM

    I was wondering about this, looks like they forgot the kfm buffs.
  15. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    If your upstream provider (ISP) hasn't been able to mitigate the impact of the attacks at all after over a full week, leaving people questioning whether anything is being done at all, or whether it's an internal server problem rather than a DDOS like you say it is, then it's time to find a new upstream provider (ISP).