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  1. Using Appearance from a used B&S Screenshot

    as long as you didn't delete the character who has the appearance you want, you can still save the appearance ingame. just go on that character ingame and go to the esc menu and choose "picture gallery", in the picture gallery there will be a "save appearance" option which will let you save the appearance of an existing character, which you can then use in character creation/alteration.
  2. A Quick Update From Nico

    no. you misunderstood what I was saying. I never said anything in my post about damage calculation. the way the game client works right now, basically every input you do sends the data of that input to the server, which processes it and does a check to make sure conditions allow it, then it sends that data giving the go-ahead back to your game client, which your game client processes and does its own check to make sure conditions still allow it, and then the input actually happens. It was originally setup this way to make the combat as reactive as possible for low-ping competitive PVP in korea. The server can easily be where the final processing happens before the input goes off, rather than our game client. The way it is right now results in double or even triple the delay for NA players from what their ping is to the server. On every other multiplayer game, when you have 60 ping to the server for example, you get around the same ping on your inputs being processed. That is not the case for BnS.
  3. A Quick Update From Nico

    @Nico there's two parts to the performance issues currently and I'm worried that one might be getting completely overlooked. So for NA/EU as well as other regions, a big part of why the games performance feels so bad a lot of the time isn't only the FPS performance. It's the lag due to how the netcode for combat functions. Sure, if UE4 solves the FPS issues as well as making the game look better, it will be great, but if the netcode for how combat functions isn't changed then the game will still *feel* like crap even if it looks amazing and runs smooth. Unlike pretty much every other game that exists, BNS requires two-way processing between the game client and the server for every input to actually go through. This results in our ping for our inputs in combat being more than doubled from what our ping to the server is, due to how many routers handle two-way traffic differently than one-way traffic. Someone with 60 ping to the server could be having close to that ping on inputs if the netcode was just designed differently (like literally EVERY other game lol). But instead, someone with 60 ping to the server, will end up having an average of 150+ ms on their inputs instead just due to the poor coding design for the combat. Essentially more than doubling the ping on all inputs may not cause much issue in korea, where the country is so small and has a much better internet infrastructure than NA/EU, but it is a HUGE problem for NA/EU. Especially for NA due to the large geographic distances and generally inferior internet infrastructure here. All of the classes in the game are balanced around the low ping that korea has, and for faster attacking classes/specs they get affected very hard by the higher average ping that other regions have compared to korea. This makes a lot of those classes/specs hardly an option for many players here, and those who still choose to play them experience a handicapped version of what the class/spec is meant to be like. NCsoft is upgrading to UE4 to fix the FPS and general performance issues, but the other side of the coin for performance issues is the lag/delay. And for many of the players in NA/EU, the combat delay is a much bigger problem for them than the FPS. And honestly it's a much simpler issue to fix than the FPS issues. @Nico can you please let us know if something is being done with the upgrade to UE4 about how the combat is coded, to make it require just one-way processing like basically every other game? Because if nothing is being changed with it, I hate to say it man but no matter how good UE4 makes the game looks, it will still feel like crap if the combat netcode isn't changed.
  4. Aboslutely unacceptable

    @Cyan there tends to be a new raid and soul shield set every 6 months or less. nobody in their right mind is going to save up 600 days of koldrak scales to use them on a soul shield set that will become obsolete within half a year or less. there needs to be a way to either transfer the psyches to new soul shields or the whole system is just kind of pointless to even exist in the game. please forward that feedback to the devs.
  5. Suggestion For Challenge mode

    honestly the orb requirement for entry should just be removed. There's no logical reason or sense behind gating a competitive mode behind people being able to buy orb fragments. All that should matter is how well people can actually complete the challenge. The dungeon itself gives nothing aside from the end of season rewards so what the hell is the point in limiting how much people can attempt it? There isn't very much to do at endgame, everything is so unrewarding that nothing is worth spending time on farming. If there was no orb requirements for challenge mode it would at least give endgame players SOMETHING fun to do. But nah. NCSoft really don't give a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about people actually having fun playing.
  6. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    is this an out of season april fools joke?
  7. That's a change nobody wanted (except you guys I guess). may as well just say you made the change because of laziness. But even that doesn't make much sense, it's not like it takes much extra effort at all to just provide more options for people to choose from. I mean you guys already supposedly chose 11 "finalists". if anything choosing another 5 "finalists" out of those 11 only does the opposite of what you're saying, it makes stuff less simplified and more complex if anything. Reducing the options people can choose from doesn't simplify anything, it doesn't change any of the process for how the contest works, it just gives people less options to choose from. I'm assuming that the actual truth is that the other "finalist" costumes were just deemed 'too sexy' for your adult playerbase. If you have 1 grand prize winner, and 10 runner-up prize winners, then why aren't all runner-ups treated as runner-ups meaning all of them having a fair chance at the grand prize? The way it's being done is more like 1 grand prize winner with 4 runner ups and then 6 honorable mention lol. Being a "runner-up" generally means to be in the running for the grand prize, so why are you calling 6 of them runner-ups when they aren't actually being treated as so?
  8. sucks we couldn't vote from the top 11. out of all the weapon skins and outfits, no offense to the artists but only one weapon really appeals to me, and all of the outfits are too family-friendly for me to even want a single one of them. it's like ncwest is doing whatever they can to manipulate a select few to be winners already. and seriously I saw a lot of good outfit entries on reddit which I would've voted on, but can't because apparently they aren't 8-year-old-friendly enough to be finalists. please remind me why we have to enter our age to access the website for this game? 'cause apparently you guys seem to think the majority of your playerbase are children or something.
  9. it's a comment from this thread. " wariatu 10 points 6 days ago From what someone posted on discord: About the EU vs KR performance comparison, a lot of the lag comes from the way they handle translations. After seeing the translation files it's clear that KR uses hardcoded strings, while the EU client goes though a "filter" that maps the KR strings into EN strings. Even with a hashing function/table that will take a lot more CPU power than using simple english keys (KR symbols use up more bytes than simple english letters)." NCWest should know if that's true or not, it should be a simple yes or no answer from you guys whether it's true or not. if you guys don't even know how the game client you provide to the players functions, then I don't even know what to say... and if it is true (which i'm pretty sure it is), then I really hope that UE4 won't be doing the same kind of translation/localization because we'd all be waiting for nothing if that is the case.
  10. Resilience bug

    yeah I noticed this as well this bug was around before too and they fixed it, so seeing as they fixed it once already before hopefully they can do it again quickly lol
  11. I don't think the level 60 voucher gets used up until you leave the training room with that character, so you should be safe to try again. In the character creation there's an option to save an appearance, I recommend using that to save your appearances after you work hard on them. You can save an appearance and then create a character with it multiple times while making small modifications to the appearance and re-saving it + creating a new character with it over and over until you get it just perfect. Often the character will look slightly different in game compared to in the character creation screen, so it can take a bunch of trial and error before you get a character to look "just right". Good luck next time ^^
  12. damnnn I was really hoping that would fix it for you. I really wouldn't be surprised if it's some kind of installation error with it being installed in a non-default location. I think I heard of some other people having issues launching the game with the new launcher after they installed to a non-default location too. since you don't have the space on your C drive the only thing I can think of is you could try launching the game with bns buddy
  13. for some people the game used to have an issue where it'd cause the asmedia SATA controller driver to malfunction and disconnect drives, not sure if this still happens but it might be the issue you're experiencing. I replied to a reddit thread some time back so i'll just copy+paste from there "We found a workaround, discovered and provided by a player who is also experiencing the issue and had helped also quite a few players. You could find his workaround in this thread : This solution shows that the " Asmedia 106x SATA Controller " Driver is causing the crashes. With that said, you may want also try this workaround as a possible fix to your issue. To do this, you'll need to uninstall the driver of your PC " Asmedia 106x SATA Controller for Windows 7 32bit & 64bit / 8.1 64bit / 10 64bit" from your computer and see if you could run the game now as normal. For additional information, you may want to visit the forum link provided." If you do have that driver mentioned above, you can uninstall it without any issues. All it normally does is give you the ability to "eject" the hard drives connected to your sata ports in the same way as with a flash drive after plugging it into your computer.