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  1. you use what ever skill you like. doesn't matte what others think or use, its good skill if it works for you. it is good to take advise from other players but doesn't mean that advise is right one for you. besides we have too many ppl who thinks they are pros.
  2. maybe an outfit or a title that gives no stats. but nothing that give advantage over new players.
  3. no, this will hurt trove sales. can't have that. no way.
  4. when ever i click on anything i get logged off. then I click on another topic or what ever, I'm login. I've had this same issue in other forums too so it is known issue. just don't know how to fix it.
  5. Shield class is good for tanking I guess since they already have my hate.
  6. how many time have we bitched at new players for not knowing the mech and for doing the mech that is not needed anymore? we need to have new guide for elite carry runs "How to be carried with out getting bitched at" its not new players fault. its how the game is now and its community.
  7. what I hate the most is the fact that NC takes forever to fix bugs and other issues, but they have time to updated F10 every signal day. even the tickets we summit with real problem takes 24 + hours to get an actual response. Just look at the lag issue where having now. I understand that NC does not have actual solution to it and I'm sure they are looking into getting it fixed but official notice about the lag at very least stating that NC is aware of the situation should have been posted by the next day of first incident. maybe F10 is preset that gets updated once a week or so
  8. money or time. what ever you give, NC wins. NC is the one in control, not us.
  9. so I wasn't too drunk. thank you
  10. have anyone gotten a regular badge out of this? I got one but I don't know if accidentally bought it from vendor or got it from the event chest. i was bit drunk...
  11. I guess you can call lava thing a mech since you do want to them to land away from the boss and mid. and yeah i've seen people getting killed in it but still doesn't explain how 5 people keep getting killed throughout entire fight. there are who just blame others after dying and I ready don't care about them but i had few people asking me how to survive. And it wasn't all about iframe since I know I have missed few iframes and still survived with no issue. I guess what I'm asking is could this be anything to do with defensive stats?
  12. but im the one who is tanking the boss. I am blocking most of attacks on my BM and KFM but on my FM I'm doing a meat tank most of the time to keep the boss in one place.
  13. not trying to make a statement or anything but want to know what I can do to help. I happen to join a few group with ppl between hm7~11 that are failing DT normal. there are no real mech but everyone are dying from aoe after lava. most of them do have more than 90k + hp. I can use group defensive skill in most cases but when I'm on my KFM there is nothing i can do for them. I even tried getting hit by same aoe as others but I'm like the only one that doesn't take much damage. everyone else dies or are very close to death. And I just don't understand why some people ar
  14. I do agree that this was needed something for those who were having problems in higher lvl dungeon but I don't like this change at all. in hard mode, its like you mess up one thing and you get everyone killed. in normal mode, you learn nothing(not that previous normal mode was teaching ppl much) so you end up staying in normal mode forever. at this point, I can't decide whats right and what wrong but I'll say what we have now, wasn't the answer. the normal mode bosses we have now is just a big monster with large HP pool.
  15. NC is trying to have more ppl in 6v6 to keep whales happy. DVK is there to lure more ppl in to 6v6 since just about everyone does get DVK done at least once a week anyways. its to make you feel that your 1/3 of way to finish the weekly.
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