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  1. given me lost arena matches and took away my pride.
  2. FM crying

    only thing I can think of to cry about is chi bomb. when I used it for the first time, i was like *0_0* what is that what is that!!!! then i saw the damage and i was like -_- what was that..   chi bomb looked huge ball of lighting that I made to destroy a planet but it turned out to be a beach ball.
  3. i hate those people using the system to take every copper they can off of others. just delete entire group loot system and add all the loots to RNG box from dynamic quest reward. or make it a closed bidding.  
  4. How to beat Destroyers as FM in TOI

    ToI bots use 3 stun(1,2,v. you can't count q since it need 5 hits). 1, z is pull daze. 1 seems to be always stun for ToI bot. i might be noob for saying this but i just don't see any reason why anyone would use z for KD in pvp or in ToI. there is Power slam Z but that's after grab. f daze is normally not used by bots in ToI unless you have your block up. I think only time i've seen destroyer using F daze when I was playing with BM and destroyer. and being away, as long as we keep freeze up, destroyer can't use 1 or 2. I would use C to iframe and get close but ToI bot doesn't do this. So why do FM have issue with ToI destroyer bots?    Parry Spin!!! FM has 3 escape including f roll. even in arena my destroyer can have FM burn these 3 escapes in no time. 1 ss does not save you from parry spin cus parry spin does not go in to cd just because you got parried once. you can hit into parry cc over and over. in arena, if you keep hitting into parry spin, that your fault. but this is ToI we're talking about. ToI destroyer will not spin all the time until they run out of chi like we do, these bots will time your attack to parry spin especially if your too far away.  and when you do hit into one of these parry spin, doesn't matter human user or bot, destroyer will be right in front of your face chain ccing you to death. 
  5. toi skill reset bug

    running ToI i just ran into what seems to be a Bug. not only npc(BD) keep using 5sec immune every 5secs, i was about to use grab over and over. you can argue all day about how toi npc are to reset skill when ever but how you going to explain my destroyer keep able to use grab?
  6. How to beat Destroyers as FM in TOI

    thats how you get parry stunned.
  7. Stuck on seraph stage 2. What to do?

    you can farm peaches for that but i don't want to recommend it since i hate farming peach more than anything in this game.
  8. I only read the title. My dragon tongue seems to not work sometimes like destroyer ground stomp. It works when i move few steps and try again. other than that speed seems to be fine.  
  9. Stuck on seraph stage 2. What to do?

    i can't find brain. where is it!!!???
  10. Help!

    you might want to add your computer spec.  it shouldn't take that long to install this game.
  11. unconscious (move)

    i think he meant 30 sec paralyze(unconscious). i didn't even had the chance to check new skill tree on my Sin yet... but im sure we have it somewhere. 
  12. Current Daily Dash

    yeah... i know... but before peaches i could just pick out which ever class i want to play when ever and was still able to keep up with most of people but after the patch, it feels like game is forcing me to give up most of them and focus on 1 or 2. I'm not trying to get whale gears but at least up to baleful or seraph 10.
  13. F key on grab is incredibly invasive

    i just do grab and power slam to get it out of the way unless im in a group.
  14. Returning to BnS - Questions

    there been a server merge. Yehara is in group 5 meaning 3 servers that are in group 5 is now merged to one.   I don't know about the server you're in but open world is mostly empty. people are doing raids, farming peaches(event) or doing instance is cross server. faction chats are quiet unless someone asks a question or raid group is forming.     It's not too bad or idea to start fresh since just about all the upgrade mats are given free via yellow quests.   gl & hf  
  15. The three most unreasonably buffed classes.

    as WL if your getting killed easy, your playing it wrong. yes WL seems to take more damage from same attack then others but we have ton of survival skills.