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  1. Weapon "reductions"

    It's time to get real here, release crafting Bound to Account Transformation stones. Jarke and Keroppi are right, this crap is just disheartening.
  2. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    Checking back and still nothing for all the time and investment lost, for this bait and switch lie. I didn't even bother to login for that pitiful compensation, if you all can't care, then this game is finally losing it's charm. saved some pictures of my favorite characters and it's time to move on. Good job with being deaf, blind, and mute to your own community.
  3. Bait and Switch still pulling this nonsense thinking it's acceptable. Honestly how do y'all even maintain a loyal player base when you continually short your players in some way. I've been in 3 different clans that have all abandoned this game and moved onto Anthem (not really better), the division 2, or Warframe.
  4. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    Honestly you people are just a group of lying bait and switchers. I come back to play this patch and get hit with this good job.
  5. Verdant Nightstone

    Yup, I fell for another blade and soul, bait and switch
  6. Everyone wanted last years event, looks at patch notes looks like they are just paying a guy to go around butchering these events. Clannies "OH yeah, last year this event was awesome, if we start raiding again this will be helpful, get in and do this." "reads patch notes" Clannies "Don't fn bother" Besides selling the materials to whales, most of this event is impossible for me can't beat yunsang or the first guy in outlaw. So this event gets a big bag of mehs from me. Do they even play this game? Most of the people I know can barely beat Outlaw and faceroll yunsang with AP...
  7. Yeah after losing the weekly challenge gold everything is too expensive now. Running the same tired daily challenge with the same ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 1.2k AP only people is exhausting. So I just float around not even playing now, most of my clan quit after the weekly challenges stopped paying out. Never see em anymore.
  8. 'Infinite Challenge' outfit

    I got it the day warden released on the first try, "I was like lets do the daily and level up" Bam outfit drop. So it was there a couple a weeks ago.
  9. The answer to this will be to always put PVE stuff behind a pvp wall. This game will always do that, thinking everyone will be content because only a couple people will complain. Or it will be completely ignored, it's obtainable in some way so it's no longer our problem.
  10. Ingame Barbershop to change hairstyles

    A hairstyle change ticket would be good. Lol them offering it for gold, your dreaming.
  11. Ha didn't even have to play to know this would happen. A small group of highly geared people will own the entire map and kill the bosses in seconds. Do they even play their game nope nope nope. Could they have made it into a realmrift (was it called that?) 6 player instance and solved the problem yes, but no one is thinking outside the box. Realmrift a good idea totally forgotten.
  12. Console release date

    News Update: Sony is allowing Cross-play now. By the time console BNS releases, it should be fully available to any developer wishing to use it...hopefully with a side of sarcasm.
  13. Well you get invested into something and it's suddenly taken away, cough Wildstar cough cough. What happens when bns isn't making all the moolah?...sigh.
  14. yeah it's showing me level 6, but I'm level 18, hopefully I'm not repeating all that again.
  15. A Soultion to stop scammers into raids

    Only do raids with clannies unless you just need the achievements, don't expect anyone in this game to honor their word. Things have gone too far down hill for anyone to care.