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  1. Titel des Themas: Klingenmeister-Block regeneriert keine LP bei erfolgreicher Parade. Allgemeine Informationen: Fehlermeldung: Laut der Skillbeschreibung von Blocken (Hotkey 1) beim Klingenmeister, wird bei erfolgreicher Ausführung 1% LP regeneriert und 1 Fokus wiederhergestellt. Bei einem normalen Block trifft dies auch zu. Jedoch, in der ersten halben Sekunde, in der Angriffe reflektiert werden, wird nur die Fokus-Erholung angewendet, aber nicht die LP-Erholung. Datum/Uhrzeit des Auftretens (Echtzeit): Irrelevant, da reproduzierbar. Häufigkeit des Auftretens: Immer Spiel-Informationen: Name eures Servers: Jinsoyun Name eures Charakters: Nivalias Thorne Stufe eures Charakters: 60 Hongmoon-Stufe eures Charakters: 21 Volk eures Charakters: Jin Geschlecht eures Charakters: Männlich Klasse eures Charakters: Klingenmeister Name der Fertigkeit(en) eures Charakters: Blocken Schritte um das Problem nachzustellen: - Als Klingenmeister sich in einen Kampf verwickeln lassen - Dafür sorgen, dass LP nicht auf dem Maximum sind (sonst wird sowieso keine Heilung ausgeführt oder angezeigt) - Im richtigen Moment einen blockbaren Angriff mit Blocken parieren - Feststellen, dass keine LP-Erholung stattgefunden hat. Screenshot(s)/Video(s):
  2. BM new stance

    Nope, after respeccing my gear and getting used to the new rotation, I can tell the damage output is definetly higher on the 3rd spec. That said, are you still running around with lightning-specced accessoires and badges? Then of course you won't do as much damage with them on spirit spec.
  3. So, you're basically saying you're struggling with breakthrough? Although it wasn't a far fetch to complete your daylies when you did the event dungeons, so if you bothered to go that extra mile, you should have enough materials at hand to get at least somewhere with those Jewels. Like my preposter put it, the 3rd spec is a new accessoire set that was unavailable during the event period, so it shouldn't be qualified for upgrading with the event materials. And by the way, the patch notes did explicitly specify which accessoires the Jewels could be used on. Granted, it's pretty unfortunate, that most of the items have the same name, but fundamental logic + the knowledge that NCSoft is pretty cheap would easily tell you that what you're trying was definetly not gonna work. For some instances, you should be glad it's not like this, because if you'd allow these Jewels to be used on the third spec, you'd also have to use the other event tokens for breakthrough, which can be transmuted now, but I'm pretty sure BT accessoires didn't require Premium Transformations Stones before the event came. Also, pots don't get to call the kettle black. :p
  4. Don't have to think hard on this one. Last event was last event, and the new spec is new event. And given that you can't collect of the event materials now to upgrade any of them accessoires, what in blazes made you think you could use them on the new spec to begin with? Uh, getting the new spec to 10 costs just as much, I don't see your point there. 100 Jewels are about enough to get at least one piece of equipment to Stage 10. Still waiting for that to happen to the demon spirit stones and black rose feathers. But that's only wishful thinking.
  5. To be fair, it's only a 2-shot. The only class that could 100-0 in an aerial was WL before awakening, and even that took a lot of Macro- uhm, I mean Skill to pull off. Anyway, it's just the same as when a new class gets released, it's totally OP and you know the drill. Have those ever been banned from the content, though? No, and I see no reason why it should be any different this time as well. Even with a third spec, you can only use one at a time, so the only advantage you gain is the imbalance-factor. And while I'd also prefer more class balancing, as a BM I prefer being totally OP again for a change even more. Because in all honesty, yeah, BMs can dish out some heavy damage, but ever since the first big skill revamp they've always been about "wreck your **** when you don't watch out", and if you've looked into them, it's becomes pretty easy to watch out.
  6. Shackled Island Taking Too Long to Fill

    You know, have you taken a look at how much Resilience Warden's have in equalized modes? Given that their skills cost HP to begin with, that "boost" more or less equals it out. At least in BR mode anyway, 20k Res vs 80k HP makes even the long CD E a loss in overall survivability.
  7. is it too late to return?

    That's more like "had not been playing since launch". Seriously, though, it's pretty much an almost completely different game since then. Yeah, too late to return, at best a good time to completely start over.
  8. Nobody said they were new. Although I can't say I remember seeing them before in the game, unless they got phased out within the first 3 months after release. If so then why? Were people complaining back then as well? Are they including them back in now to see whether opions haven't changed?
  9. Shackled Island Taking Too Long to Fill

    Sure, there's that thing, but that doesn't quite explain why so few people are queuing now, when the rewards are about equal in value and it used to be quite lively there. There's also the fact that PvP is still pretty unbalanced in general, and the items in that place give some classes a much bigger advantage than others, not to mention some occassional glitches. *gasp* Could it be that people are actually getting tired of this jiggery-pokery?!
  10. Even the flashiness isn't so much troublesome, if it was just kept in moderation. But seeing the same animation 2 out of 3 times really gets boring fast.
  11. Yeah, I'm aware of that much already, but what does this have to do with summoners not being able to spec out aerials?
  12. Well, the only skill reference I have is from before awakening patch, where it was indeed disable-able. So if they changed something after that, no, I'm not, please explain.
  13. Decrease tokens needed to buy mao necklace

    The problem here is that for even a decently geared person (600k raw DPS) it takes around 10 minutes to finish one run, waiting times included. Set aside the effort to even get to that record times, you only get 2 fragments on average per run, plus another 2 from the daily quest. In the end it takes about 2 months of efficient farming or about 20 hours effective grinding to get enough tokens for that necklace, and both numbers are way too large. In my opinion, you should get at least two more fragments from the quest and one more from each run to really justify the time you have to invest.
  14. Insel der Vergeltung - Kritik

    Hast du dir mal die Rangbelohnungen angesehen? Jede Woche kannst du einiges an Mondsteinkristallen erlangen, wenn du entweder ausreichend gut oder lange spielst. Ein Jammer dass sie in der neuen Saison generft wurden. Weil die Anzahl der Leute, die du killst ebenfalls in besagtes Ranking mit einfließen. Ein Kill alleine dir schon mehr Punkte als 4 weitere Plätze nach Oben zu steigen. Klar, einige kriegen vermutlich nicht genug Kills zusammen um besser dazustehen, als den 4. Platz komplett ohne kills durch Verstecken zu erlangen. Umso besser für die 3 übrigen Mitspieler, die dann richtig absahnen.
  15. Naryu tablets

    Oh, so it's just bad luck I got only 3 gem slots three times in a row? Really, though. Getting your weapon to Dawn/Rift 3 is practically free of charge, so if you already got a decent amount of slots on your older legendary story weapons, stick with it and up it with tablets, upping also has a small chance of unlocking more slots. And even if you're short a few by then, 8 slots is tendentially more than you need for now, and there'll be enough events in the future where you can easily get legendery gem hammers.