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  1. The problem is that it's not enough to just know your own class in PvP, you also need to know all the other classes, with their different specs and talent combinations. But it's not like removing the curfew will make people start actually learning to "play the class", so your argument is invalid. Again, that's beside the point. It doesn't matter how skewed 6v6 is, people queue up because it's worth it for them. Which apparently can't be said about Arena anymore. This could be remedied with better rewards, but then you run the risk of worseing the already broken economy.
  2. Oh? And pray tell, what was that use at one point that no longer applies? The point of those time constraints are so that the few people that are even bothering with this content anymore would queue at the same time. And I can't say the playerbase has increased in any considerable amount to justify lifting the curfew. 3v3 is dead, you might as well remove it completely. 1v1 is pretty sparse, sometimes you'll wait for minutes just to play against the same people over and over anyway. Only 6v6 seems somewhat alright, but that is a big shot playground. If anything, the time constraints
  3. What is that supposed to mean? So "beneficial client edits for acceptable gameplay" are fair game or something? Matters of interpretation aren't exactly helpful. I'd like to know what the administration even considers "ban-worthy cheating".
  4. No Grimoire is not missing your point. Besides, there already was this discussion not even a month ago. To make it clear one more time: No, KFM's and SIN's do not become immortal with this gem. When they auto-evade (Iframes don't count), then they get 2 seconds CC-immunity (but no damage immunity) and a bit to their crit stat for 30 seconds, but while those 30 seconds are ticking the peridot does not refresh, meaning for 28 seconds they are not immortal, no matter how much they dodge. And even those 2 seconds don't mean much, since those classes are constantly using iframe-skills i
  5. Das Problem ist, dass es heutzutage weitaus mehr Internet-fähige Geräte gibt als mögliche IP-Adressen. Darum werden diese Adressen immer mal wieder durchgetauscht. Dein Internet-provider gibt dir jeden Tag eine andere IP-Adresse, und die erkennt NCSoft eben nicht wieder.
  6. What the item description does not show is, that the effect actually has a 30 sec. cooldown. This Gem is not such a big deal, especially since it runs out before KFM Iframes do.
  7. True, but a pretty damn necessary development, when you just don't have enough iframes/CC-resitance to support yourself. And don't get me started on the Block-spamming, that's pretty much useless against about half of the classes (mainly the upper half of the tier list).
  8. You just get 3 stacks with one hit of Flash Step, which does a good chunk of damage on it's own and goes through defenses. BM-Flashstep only works, when you manage to get a stunlock on the enemy, which isn't all that easy in many cases, and even then there's a chance it might fail on 3rd spec BM's and Sum's. And Divine Strike can actually be sidestepped when you got speed buffs on, unless you manage to blow all your escapes and get CC'ed another time while they got enough Sunsparks up. BM 3rd spec is a real 100-0 aerial that's even easier to achieve than WL 100-0 air combo befor
  9. I've got around 100 complete runs now, and only saw one drop of the gloves at Machi, the second boss, on my 65th-or-so run. Pretty abysmal drop rate, I'd say.
  10. Those were just event rewards. For better or worse, in this event you don't have to complete the daily challenge at all, you just have to do two varying quests and the event dungeon, plus several weeklies.
  11. I agree that currently the Buff bar is simply not up for the tasks it's given. There are already some options to alleviate it, like not showing Weapon Stacks, Soul and Bracelet buffs, as they are also displayed in a different panel. It's a start but it's still not enough. (And by the way, only showing buffs from your own class is totally counterproductive, as you get to learn them as you play, if anything it should be the option to hide all the buffs that you haven't cast yourself.) The greatest problem here is that the buff bar also features global party skill and gear cooldowns. Wh
  12. Being level 55 does make a difference. Level 60 unlocks an additional passive skill, although it's probably not much of a big deal, since most of them are PvE-related.
  13. Titel des Themas: Klingenmeister-Block regeneriert keine LP bei erfolgreicher Parade. Allgemeine Informationen: Fehlermeldung: Laut der Skillbeschreibung von Blocken (Hotkey 1) beim Klingenmeister, wird bei erfolgreicher Ausführung 1% LP regeneriert und 1 Fokus wiederhergestellt. Bei einem normalen Block trifft dies auch zu. Jedoch, in der ersten halben Sekunde, in der Angriffe reflektiert werden, wird nur die Fokus-Erholung angewendet, aber nicht die LP-Erholung. Datum/Uhrzeit des Auftretens (Echtzeit): Irrelevant, da reproduzierbar. Häufigkeit des Auftretens
  14. Nope, after respeccing my gear and getting used to the new rotation, I can tell the damage output is definetly higher on the 3rd spec. That said, are you still running around with lightning-specced accessoires and badges? Then of course you won't do as much damage with them on spirit spec.
  15. So, you're basically saying you're struggling with breakthrough? Although it wasn't a far fetch to complete your daylies when you did the event dungeons, so if you bothered to go that extra mile, you should have enough materials at hand to get at least somewhere with those Jewels. Like my preposter put it, the 3rd spec is a new accessoire set that was unavailable during the event period, so it shouldn't be qualified for upgrading with the event materials. And by the way, the patch notes did explicitly specify which accessoires the Jewels could be used on. Granted, it's pret
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