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  1. Can't log in.

    Does that happen on the character selection screen, when you press the connect button? If so, you don't have the latest patch installed.
  2. Awakened Threat

    which is a problem if you want to actually tank? you know... the role the class was designed for? Either you play DD or you play tank, make up your mind.
  3. Awakened Threat

    As a fellow BM I can only say to that: Git gud. :p
  4. Awakened Threat

    For a BM, getting a high crit rate is also high priority, since Dragontongue depends heavily on the extra damage on crits, so you should consider it a viable option. Besides, I wouldn't call that rotation ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed, just because from time to time you have to throw in an extra-RMB.
  5. Bound to Account VT Badges

    I disagree. First of all, digging through subreddits or various other sketchy-at-best sources is a *lot* of effort. And even if it wasn't, most people just want to play the game, and not bother with this meta-stuff.
  6. Blade Master dead in PvP?

    Well, from my tentative PvP experiences it doesn't seem so bad as it sounds at first. Most classes have taken a hit to their CC capabilities, and I like that as the stun-lock fiesta was grating on my nerves. Too bad some classes, like the ones you mentioned, were spared. And blocks became also somewhat more useful than before. Sure, most of the time attacks won't get deflected, because people attack with parry penetration or from iFrames, but at least 90% of all block disabling skills are gone now. And on another plus side, BM's got now a second Stun-Escape similar to FM's. Personally, I'm definetly intrested in finding out how things will turn out in the long run.
  7. Bound to Account VT Badges

    1.) Serves them right, buying char-bound stuff which your char can't use is stupid. 2.) That's exactly why. People would sure love to "break meta" by getting information beforehand from Korea or elsewhere and exploit it to push themselves, but that's an unfair advantage against everyone who doesn't do that, which is an even bigger number than "a lot of people". I admit even I amassed a few of them in hopes of transferring them to my twinks. But I'm not mad about it. Now there are account-bound materials, and I'll just roll on them in my next regular raid.
  8. when is Verdant Nightstone gonna be account bound

    Hey, I wasn't talking about myself here. And you can bet these other people don't read either, but still get their way. Fact is, this type of people is the easiest to scam over.
  9. when is Verdant Nightstone gonna be account bound

    Yeah, and that's why NCSoft never indulges in their whining when they demand compensation and getting their items reset, and may they spent ever so much money on their games, because they make it their first and foremost principle that their customers learn to read. ...wait, what?
  10. Weapon needed to upgrade dawnforged doesnt exist

    So what? There are enough ways to get those without much effort.
  11. Weapon needed to upgrade dawnforged doesnt exist

    Hell, no! Dawnforge isn't the "faster" path, per se, or at least it's not supposed to be, but it's a much cheaper one. I hope you were looking out for the weapon chests instead of your dedicated weapon. They drop rarely, but they do drop. And if you were running normal mode, try going hard mode instead, the chances are much higher there.
  12. when is Verdant Nightstone gonna be account bound

    Well, they're not exactly new items either. They're just old items which gained more accessibility. Pretty much the same as with the Bloodstones, which assimilated several PvP mats, most of which weren't account-bound before. People don't read, and it's foolish to expect them to. Go on, just google people's attitude on reading. If you don't, you just prove my point. :p
  13. when is Verdant Nightstone gonna be account bound

    [cough]Bloodstones were account-bound from the get-go.[/cough]
  14. MSP massive lagspike/DC

    Do you have these spikes and DC's in other places too, or only in MSP? Because that's a stone-age old bug concerning the "press space to iFrame" function. Turn it off and things should be fine again.
  15. ____ is Overpowered ​​​​​​​

    Dunno what you're talking about, mate. The latest I've seen in the forums one complaint about Summoners and their DPS, and PvE-wise they are top-tier. Everything else was mostly about Wardens being OP, which is true, because new classes are always OP. Nobody complained about other classes, except for Warlocks maybe, mentioned in passing.