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  1. Genuine question about wind summoners in arena

    Well, that was pretty unlucky, as iirc it depends on whether or not it's a crit hit that the cat gets a second aerial extender. Aside from that, my (admittedly limited) experience as Sin vs. Sum is that you need to play aggressively against them. Strike fast and strike hard, before they do. For example you could've to use your blink step faster, before they rooted you so that you could get into your pace. You could've also used your turning leaf to get them out of the air and get a premptive strike on them, before they trick-shot you. Also, you can safely spec Blue Buff. Lotus of Escape isn't going to help you much, and even without it you have enough escapes left for all their CC's.
  2. Content from RNG boxes for Belgian players.

    Just wait until it spreads over to all the other countries. Can't wait for lootboxes to become universally illegal.
  3. Wardens need to be reblanced in 6 vs 6 PVP

    You wouldn't want Focus Drain to affect Resilience, because then, by necessity Focus Regen would also affect it, and now imagine that. The second HP bar thing isn't such a big deal. Their "main" skill to replenish it, comes either in the variation of 15% HP for 40% Res every 9 seconds, or 10% HP for 80% Res every minute. They could both take a few small tweaks, but neither version is horribly broken, as the HP:Res ratio isn't 1:1. So Move 1 isn't such a big increase, while Move 2 takes fairly long to reset. And if you can't keep up depleting their resilience with either of these versions, then you're simply outgeared. In my opinion Wardens need only one big nerf: Make their "**** you, I'll crit with my 300k dmg AoE Skill" Sever (4) stop penetrating all defenses, they can triple cast it!
  4. Matchmaking is utter garbage

    Not if you're one of the other 4. :v And even then, some classes are more broken than others.
  5. no reason players kick my FM

    1,1k AP and Draken Accessoires makes you at best tolerable up to Hollow's Heart. Drowning Deeps and above is the part, where you need to have gear which takes much more effort to get than before.
  6. Low DPS on fire BM

    Many things can factor into it. For one, there's your ping, which determines how often you can use Dragontongue after your Tab, but whose cooldown gets shorter the more often you hit with it. For two, Dragontongue has a comparatively weak base damage and relies heavily on critical hits, so if you don't have enough, you'd do well to boost your crit rate. But most of the damage boost comes from other gear parts. Accessoires to boost elemental and critical damage, Souls that give you temporary damage boosts, and most importantly, Raid-Weapons like Raven and Legendary Mystic Badges from Vortex Temple do the trick.
  7. reset of skills

    There are instances, like in solo dungeons, where it would be appreciated, if your once-per-minute skills were off cooldown, when you mess up and die directly after using them, so you don't have to waste time, waiting fom them to be usable again.
  8. Dauer von Seelenklinge in der Arena zu kurz

    Nachtrag: Bei genauerem hinschauen fiel mir auf, dass es nichts mit der Arena zu tun hat, sondern, dass es bei der Seelenklinge Aktion 2 -anders als bei den Aktion 1 Moves- nie vorgesehen war, die dauer auf 14 Sekunden zu erhöhen (warum auch immer). Bitte entschuldigt den Fehlalarm.
  9. Allgemeine Informationen: Fehlermeldung: Klingenmeister Seelenklinge dauert in der Arena nur 12 statt 14 Sekunden. Datum/Uhrzeit des Auftretens (Echtzeit): 18.12.2018, ca. 18 Uhr UTC + 1 Häufigkeit des Auftretens: Immer Spiel-Informationen: Klasse eures Charakters: Klingemeister Name der Fertigkeit(en) eures Charakters: Seelenklinge, Klingenruf und Phönixschwinge PvE oder PvP-Content?: Arena, 1v1 und 3v3 Schritte um das Problem nachzustellen: -Ins Spiel mit einem Klingenmeister einloggen. -Über F8 die Arena betreten. -Ein 1v1 oder 3v3 Match starten. -Skill ausführen, der standardmäßig auf dem Skill-Slot V (normale Haltung) besetzt ist. -Im Sekundentakt bis 14 zählen (Alternativ: Cooldowntimer im Auge behalten). -Feststellen, dass der Seelenklingen-Modus bereits nach 12 Sekunden (CD-Timer bei 48) beendet wird. Sonstige Informationen: In einem vergangen Patch wurde die Dauer von Seelenklinge von 12 auf 14 Sekunden erhöht. Diese Änderung wurde jedoch nicht auf dem Arena-Server umgesetzt.
  10. Charakter info Erholung?

    Erholung is einfach ein Bonus, der auf jede eingehende Heilung angewendet wird. Bei einem Erholungsbonus von 10% wird jede Heilung dementsprechend stärker, beispielsweise stellen dann normale Heiltränke 33% statt 30% deiner gesamt-LP wieder her.
  11. LMB HM Skill...

    Not to mention the skill items themselves are bound to account, so if you have enough achievment points on one character, you can just transfer them from there.
  12. is pvp pay to win?

    No, Arena runs on equalized stats, so no p2w there. The only difference are HM skills, but those can be farmed within a reasonable amount of time.
  13. Ability to use EXP charms in bulk

    Who has 5000x 10k charms lying around in their inventory? o.O I don't think I ever amassed that many in my 2 years of playing.
  14. I'd also like to know why the random day was removed. Aside from getting the same map 4-6 times in a row being annoying, it was actually nice to have a day where you could do all BG daily quests at once.
  15. Lager für Seelen / Geistesabzeichen

    Mein Fehler, hab mich verschrieben, ich meinte die Abzeichen sind nicht Accountgebunden, daher passen die auch nicht ins neue Lager, welches eben Accountgebundene Gegenstände Accountübergreifend lagern soll. Und zumindest hab ich es so gehört, dass es ein Premiumfeature werden soll. Naja, von Gerüchten kann man halten was man will.