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  1. Hi, I remember signing up 2 months ago for a free bundle that includes the Archangel costume bundle. However, I didn't get anything. No code, nothing in my reward tab. Sorry for the multiple topics, I'm having quite some questionmarks in the game rn. Could it be that the code expired or something :x
  2. Problem solved, they replaced the voucher and I was able to finish my char. Cheers mate.
  3. Well thanks all for your efforts, I have used DDU to have a clean driver install, and changed some stuff in Radeon settings. Motion blur is off as always because it's annoying. I have a slightly better performance now. It could still be better but who knows, maybe I was just expecting too much and it is what it's supposed to be(?) Fyi, I play with maxed settings. I don't own a GTX 1080 myself, my brother does and he also played bns.
  4. New problem: The voucher is not in my reward tab at all. I've searched it with the search box and it's not there. But I'm 100% sure that I have it because it does say that I have one in Character menu. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to get into the tutotial at all.
  5. Hi, Now before NVIDIA fans start bashing on AMD; it is not what this topic is about. After a 2 months break, I got myself a new high end gaming pc. I expected BNS to be a piece of cake for the new system to run, although the results were far below my expectations. So here's the story: Whenever I was standing in the crowd (Mushin's), I experienced huge stuttering, FPS drops, and FPS stable between 25-45. Which is similar to my old GTX 960m. I have seen a GTX 1080 performing twice/trice as good in BNS. However, my FPS runs at 120 in no
  6. Thanks, that's a very clever solution but it is not for me because I have all my slots filled with level 50 chars. I just contacted the guys and see what they can do.
  7. Hi, I once got a level 60 voucher for free from some event (idk which) and I kept it in reward tab for Archer. Now that it's finally here, I used my voucher to create the character. Although, whenever I click on "create character" during tutorial, I get send into F10 which "Level 60 voucher" in the search box. I'm basically stuck in tutorial now without possibility to create my char pepega Also, I just came back from a 2 months break so I might have missed something? :D
  8. After 30 Mao kills, I expected to have at least one Mao Gloves drop which ofcourse did not happen. Now I wonder what on earth the drop rate is? Do all 3 bosses have the same drop rate or does it go from "very rare" to "rare" to "uncommon"? Cheers.
  9. Pls explain. KFM was (according to many) a C-tier class during pre-awk. Perhaps even bottom tier during level 45 era. They now changed the class in a way it became better and (unfortunately) easier to play. Better but far far from "broken" as many people claim it to be. Pls take a look at all ranking. Is it just me or does the majority on the first page exist of SUM, SIN, and BM? No, I am not defending my own class nor demanding nerfs for the classes that I mentioned above. I just do not understand why people complain about KFM while not caring about how capable the act
  10. Hi, I just tried do the epic challenge but it said "failed to take the Epic Challenge" or whatever it was. Normally relogging fixes the problem but this time both my main and alt characters couldn't enter :D What's up? Fox
  11. Hola, Does anyone know what the DPS meter looks like for every class in KR's Awakening patch? I've searched around but I couldn't find much about it. Thanks :d P.S. mr jart owo
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