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  1. Just a suggestion, doesnt make sense for an item all players need to drop at a floor that isnt farmed because none of the other loot wanted by players drops at those floors, just have the scale support frag chest drop from floor 21 up to 80, maybe adding full scale chest by 60?
  2. good event, run trains on ur alts get evos and craft ur oils to upgrade
  3. Illogical mentally ill players still complaining when they try to make the game playable for people not spending money on trove, still complaining because their parents dont love them and were adopted. Unlucky for these subhumans
  4. Yup Add gear requirement so these hooligans have to at least try instead of joining then afking! then take off the curfew on 6v6 and arena so players who do want to play can play longer! the apes who say dont remove it dont even play pvp so why are they talking! Exactly! parents didnt love them so mental gapped as adults!
  5. true, it'll let those who did take the time out to learn other classes to pvp more time to pvp. for those who dont wanna pvp, it doesnt affect them if theirs a curfew or not, so remove it 😃 glad we agree "pvp is dead" yet when 2 am hits people are wanting to keep playing i think ur idea of how 6v6 is different from those who actually play it but i guess that happens when u sit on forums, gg, remove curfew ignore hooligans
  6. good, forget those other dungeons. demonsbane is the future, this is good keep it coming ncsoft, no trolling, cant wait for the next one for us, and the poharan one for korea next week 😃
  7. u just get win traders at 11pm instead whats the difference LMAO. at least players have more time in the night to keep queueing if people are win trading to try and get their ranks back
  8. theirs no hackers in this game , u people are delusional. bring back hunters refuge, this is not an alt account, i am not trolling @Hime we need a bit of gold for these upgrades, hunters refuge please! Incorrect , but add 20-30 channels so its fine, they know what went wrong the first time , can make adjustments for it to be playable for all, every player could use gold, because not every player is even close to being in the top 60% of gear in this game, in reality most players still have on gear from 2 years ago which is crazy to me but w/e. obviously seems like people need so
  9. true it needs a drop rate buff, hp is fine ignore these hooligans who sit on forums but dont play the game
  10. 3v3 is dead because no player who started playing during and after 2018 has no idea how to play pvp in this game and says whale this or that when in reality they literally just have no idea how to play the class. 1v1 is same explanation as 3v3, people queue up and get instant 100-0'd say a class is unbalanced but in reality they arent even using their iframes or block or know how to tech chase. so gg spar first with friends look up guides on pvp, practice like all the people who play this game for 7 years did and then queue up 6v6 isnt a big shot play ground, its a "At least try" playgro
  11. It had its use at one point but at this point its more detrimental than helpful. No other region has it so theirs no reason for us to continue it. @Hime
  12. i would much look forward to it, ncsoft if anyoen is listening if u need event ideas could u bring back hunters refuge for some of us who dont have 2 mill gold but need the gold to compete in this game
  13. mid game players should be clearing floor 80 on the 3rd week? is that how games work now adays? Sorry the Thornbreaker weapon users arent clearing max floor already XD
  14. game better than it ever has been, keep the demonsbane dungeons coming, these people dont know what they talkin about hime, ignore this and bring hunters refuge and next demonsbane dungeon
  15. maybe, but people need gold for these upgrades and obviously we dont have enough which is why people arent max on NA, so lets get some gold in to help newer players and returning players with these upgrades!
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