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  1. @RyVerseLy Yeah, Probably some classes with short outfits don't need it, but some classes like Destroyer or Warden, it would be great to have that item Accessory! <3 Also the big outfits with coats/capes needs this great accessory. For those who have visited this Post, If you would like to have the "Hidden Weapon Sheath" Please comment on this post saying you're interested! If NCsoft sees interest on this theme, probably they do something about it~ Sorry for my bad English again. xD
  2. Hi guys! I think Blade and Soul needs a Hidden Weapon Sheath Accessory as TERA has it: Basically what this item accessory would do is hide completely the Weapon when you are in non-combat mode only!. Example: >> Some Weapon skins usually cover much of the character's back and penetrates some outfits which fails to appreciate the outfits adequately... You who think friends of the forum?? Would you also like this type of accessory? I hope NCsoft sees this post and they do something about it~ Sorry for my bad Englis
  3. @Nivalias @Grimoir That's the evasion stat I mean For each resist skills of the KFM (like Q / E keys) increase the % evasion stat giving better use of this Peridot gem About of the supposed Cooldown, this can't be credible if you just say it, this must be verified with evidence... Have you already read the small letters?... "The effect of a peridot cannot be activated again while already in effect" I hope you're not defending the class for be your Main or something like that
  4. Hi guys! I would like to know your opinion about the additional immunity advantage in the class: "Kung Fu Master" by a old gem Peridot in the Battlegrounds. (shown in the screenshot) This gem give to the Kung Fu Master the next effect: Immune to Status Effects for 3 seconds on evasion As well you know the Kung Fu Master is popular for have too much resistance, and for each successful Resist his evasion multiplies giving too much advantage the old Peridot with his % of evasion too high! All of this makes even more invincible to the Kung Fu Masters in the Ba
  5. I miss the old Logo Theme soundtrack of Character Lobby... it is very EPIC!~ <3 If you don't remember it, you can hear it here: Would you like this soundtrack to come back too?
  6. I reporting a Visual Issues with the [Custom Nostalgia] [Gon Female] when is changed of color in Tailor Shop appears a dark tone in the buttocks of the character, technically all down the skirt... Before to apply the custom color all looked good. I already "repair" and "reinstall" the Client but the issue persists! Really looks horrible! Also I checked other similar outfits and NO have that problem. Please NCSOFT group, fix this Visual Issue, We would be grateful~ Sorry for my bad English
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