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  1. BM new stance

    NOPE I have change all the stuff to new but still I can do 40 to 100k n with the new stuff if I do lighting build still my dps is around 500k that's making me sick feeling like uninstalling the game
  2. BM new stance

    pls can someone tell its BM new stance is bugg or not cos if I used it my dps is too low I can do only 40k to 100k my gear are not that bad I can solo with my lightning build SSM PLS if any one of u having the same issue as me reply.
  3. blackram uniform

    I got 2 blackram uniform , I wanna delete 1 cos I don't have space in my inventory how do I delete it ?
  4. Talus Engineer Corps quest

    secret Agent outfit I really want this outfit pls bring back the talus engineer corps quest (m poor in English)
  5. done with it

    its been 3 hour still m in my loading screen not playing any more until n unless u dnt send me event token ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing ncsoft