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  1. 1000 RNG box and not weapon Skin!!!

    ^ Yeah sure.
  2. Arena Black Screen abuse

    I think this is just a ping issue. Sometimes i can attack the opponent before he even moves too. Sometimes i am aircombed before i can even react. Imo the time count before start should happend AFTER we are teleported into the arena so the PC could adapt to the new area. This game is not optimized well enough to expect the current arena system is equeal.
  3. Add Yura Hairstyle into the Costume Rotation

    I vote for Rose Clip to come back, thanks!
  4. Revamp

    Yes, because why not to play with a spec where for the same amount of money and sometimes even more effort you get 50% less overall damage? Your comments are so onesided that sometimes i think that you are a bot. You always point out the good & obvious and also always skip the bad & riddiculous. In a game where DPS is above everything in 99% of cases this much underperformance is NOT viable. It is like going into 21st century war with a crossbow.
  5. Pets get less Boss attack power on upgrade

    Well pets are considered a defensive/pvp gear so you can either use them as intended to have huge defensive stats or use them as offensive boost in exchange for their def advantages. (unless you can upgrade them to the alpha super extra turbo deluxe stellar tier where you get both)
  6. Blade Dancer, Thundering Blade path, GC9 vs TB3

    Yep, it's totally worth. It's a direct upgrade cuz the PvE path is considered very bad for bd in general unlike other classes (des/sf/sum).
  7. Plese give us a way to seal our soul shields

    Oh, if you really belive this is right then i have no other words for you. It only looks more to me like you are from the dev team and/or sponsored by them.
  8. Plese give us a way to seal our soul shields

    So according to you the account shared items are bad idea because of PvP rankings (excluding 1v1/3v3) even though it is only like 20% of the whole game content (6v6, ToI, Den, Challenge dung). And if someone is tired of the char he has been playing for 3 years and want to try something different than ***** him cuz PvP right?
  9. Plese give us a way to seal our soul shields

    Bad enough to mail gear over? What the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ is bad about it? It is still a cuck move to not allow us share gear freely over an account. MAybe not the gear with class specific stats (weapon/neck/ear/ring/bracelet) since it might be unneccessarily complicated, but universal stuff like gloves/belt/soul/heart/pet/talisman should be 'account bind' without paying hard earned gold for every transfer. We did worked hard for our gear and the unability to freely share it over other chars is nosense. Especially for pvp gear. I have 7 chars HM17+ to do 6v6 but only main with pvp gear good enough to actually not be 100% of the time dead. And if i want to try other char, i have to pay hard for sealing charms, for every single 'switch'. No thank you. Not a single (MMO)RPG i have ever played had such item accountshare restrictions like BnS has. I wonder behind which logic are you building your 'its bad enough they allow to mail all gear over' opinion.
  10. LF> active BnS Discord bns Academy is probably what you looking for, all questions are usually sooner or later answered there.
  11. Damage is Underwhelming

    New class is always boosted, to lure new players in. Also, your gear progression is very wild. maxed up gems and stage 3 accessories? Yes, badge fusions can make very significant dmg jumps, Plus earth sf uses raid weapon path instead of cd reduction. I suggest you to visit bnsacademy discord where is every class heavily discussed including gearing, strategies, dps rotation etc. I learned alot about all the classes i play from there.
  12. Hongmoon Gem Powder

    Hepta gems should be salvageable into 2 powders if nothing else. Its sad that if you get hepta chest from cs/mandate/dc, you can throw away the gam since upgrade to octa which can be salvaged into 8 powders cost 8 powders -.-
  13. Mushin tower is so rocket science -_-

    I leveled 6 chars from 1 to 60 and never noticed anything being 'rocket science' besides finding a way out from Greenhollow. Maybe you should try to focus both of your braincells during questing?
  14. Mushin Tower floor 1/5-8 So Annoying

    2 loading screens when entering 1 loading screen when leaving Boss spawn times Boss immortality before they die Long door opening Mushin's start iframe & phantom grip Summed up 4 min per run where 3.5 minutes is waiting for something. Disgusting.
  15. Delete Mao mechanics

    Ladies and gentleman, i present you the purest of baits.