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  1. Free Pristine Astral Oil from June 13–27

    I just came home from work to retrive 15th pristine oil to upgrade my event soul just to notice they were already removed from f10? Today is June 27 yet the free pristine oil is gone?! There were no info about it being removed after maintenance. There were said 27 June... wtf? So now i'm stuck with fleeting soul and 14 pristine oils?
  2. Login rewards are getting really stingy

    Few venture tokens? Dude they took away even one venture token per alt from toi per season. Come back to the real world
  3. Cuz i wont get vt8 ss and not even a vt badge (also prolly not a short soul cuz im at 64% fleeting and will get last try soon) in the close future for this alt so i just pref fury reduction instead of rmb power which i wouldn't be able spam properly due to focus issues.
  4. Since the venture token rewards are gone, i'm keeping toi on the 30th floor for quick daily challenge on all my chars right rn.
  5. Login rewards are getting really stingy

    RIP Dumplings in login rewards, 2018-2018. You won't be missed at all.
  6. My post history must look like some folk's hired by NCSoft to praise and protect them on forums lol. But i'm going to upgrade from seraph9 to rift3 on my alt destro during this event and save like 1000g + some mats and elements. And i'm not even mad. People constantly crying about 'events only for high end players' and when they can save good amount of gold+mats on low geared characters, they crying about it too. RIP faith in (not braindead) humanity.
  7. They literally gave the Awakened Soul to everyone who had an event soul at 100% with the 15 free oils. The problem is that even if they gave us 50 free oils, there would be still people with 100% soul made thanks to the free oils demanding another ones. It is a cursed cycle.
  8. Lesson learned NCSoft. Never give free stuff like now the oils in advance. Let's ask my magic 8 ball what would happend if you would not gave us the free oils after last pre-patch maintenance. There would be approximaetly same amount of whiners who "somehow ended up with 100% soul without chance to upgrade it (because they can't manage their time well enough to reach their goals ingame lol)." And then boom, you would give us the 15 oils now, today, for example. All the people who ended up with 100% fleeting soul would be unexpectedly salvated. The people would be happy and thankful and praising NCSoft for such gesture. TL:DR; The 15 free event oils they gave us were the "100% and nothing" failsafe system. You shouldn't count them with your farmed oils.
  9. Removal of Venture tokens from TOI rewards

    I would rather see pay-to-play than this free-to-play + pay-to-win hybrid. NC, how about you remove HMCoins completely? The one venture token from chest every 3 months is like a spit in the face anyway.
  10. And you saw this post and did not bothered to read the rest of the topic. But since i'm the only one who don't feel the need to blame NCstaff, i'm the ideal target to spit on in the swarm of the rest of you who came to add their tear to this thread. So i quit.
  11. If this is true then OP is really only lamenting over good ol rng again. And as you said, it cannot be proven. The chance can be either stable 10% regardless of the bar or increasing by 9% each fail and 5 different guys can both successfully upgrade it at 4th attempt, with 10% chance or 36% chance. At the end, i don't see the point why would they say that its increasing chance while it would be actually the same. It feels to me that people with bad rng just needs to blame someone to vent their frustration. As usual. With everything rng based. Ever. I'm out.
  12. I admit that i missed the point in my first post cuz i'm lurking on the reddit simultaneously and i kinda mixed it up, but that doesn't change anything i said in my second post. Of course it is a "Success" bar. Success bar = shows your chance to successful upgrade. Progress bar = shows you when you reach the upgrade. And you said it yourself. If it would be a progress bar, then nobody would be able to upgrade the soul before reaching 100%. And since you know some people who upgraded it at first try, it means that the bar really is a success, not progress, which is basically exactly what she said in the stream. It's only about the right understanding of what she said: "With Each Fail you get your bar for your chance of upgrading increases so now I have an extra 9% chance of turning it into a fleeting astral soul" This statement confirms the rng core of the soul upgrade until you reach 100% and here we are at my gamble post.
  13. ^ If someone is forcing you to play the game, you should call the police.
  14. 1. I did not insulted anyone and if you take it personally it's just your problem 2. I expected that everyone who knows how to use the keyboard also knows how does % work. OP quoted it himself, "With Each Fail you get your bar for your chance of upgrading increases so now I have an extra 9% chance of turning it into a fleeting astral soul" The % bar is literally the chance you have for your next upgrade.
  15. This is nice example of ungratefulness of bns community. I got 3 permanent souls out of 4 my 1k+ alts so far by doing dc+wc+ns only + i skipped something here and there. Nobody forced you to gamble, you could get your 4 or more guarranted oils per alt and upgrade one soul by the safe way. Yes. everything with % chance to success is a gamble, yet some of you fools doesn't seems to understand it. Risk to win jackpot or play it safe to win second/third place. It is easy as that.