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  1. Delete Mao mechanics

    Ladies and gentleman, i present you the purest of baits.
  2. Mushin tower 1-8

    My warden fresh out of the story with moon refuge gear stage 3 and 11xx ap can clear all stages within the sb duration, it feels so whaley. Back in 2016 when ~500ap was a highend even Junghado was pain in the ass and killing him was one of my first bns achievements i was proud of. I expected they will make the bosses strong enough to need to learn the mechanics again. Meanwhile they have 2x more hp and that's it. If you can't beat stage 2 then you probably play without a monitor or idk.
  3. Why did you upgraded it when you can see that the next stage is more pvp oriented then?
  4. Well, 2 daily missions are Moon Refuge and Mandate/Cold Storage which are literally for everyone and others up to Ransacked Treasury are LFPable, im doing them on 1200-1400ap alts without any problems. BT is also free weekly quest money since it is so easy now and if you are lucky you can even find a VT/SK carry party who let you get your weeklies done in exchange for being a block/cc/buff slave. During events you can easily farm octagonal gems which are welcomed AP boost and pretty decent in terms of dimishing returns. You just have to find the farm/game rhytm that suits you and your char possibilities the best and set reachable goals.
  5. The whole idea of locking 95% MS income into pvp content while you need them to upgrade pve stuff is beyond absurd. GC3-4 needs 70 TS 24TS cost (beside other tradeable mats) 16MS So we need 48MS to go only GC3-4 Guess we have to run into 6v6 with pve or crap pvp gear and mess the pvp experience to the geared pvpers just to get our pve gear done. And then there are the 'PvE geared noobs ruining our battlegrounds' which PvErs are actually forced into. *sigh*
  6. No more exchange tab on Junsorei

    It should be possible to freely reroll badges though. Especially when almost every toi season is new badge introduced which become bis at least for one or more classes. Old accessories can be salvaged into cruxes, so why is not there something similar with fused badges to avoid the full fusion price? Isn't the need to farm two new badges punishing enough?
  7. Suggestions for future events

    Yeah, there could be at least the Halloween box included in the Candycloud dynamic. For one sad pumpkin and some little exp it is not worth to spend over 5 min in that cancer area.
  8. New Justice Emblem

    Yes, this item from a side quest during A10 storyline is unable to destroy, sell, trade and it will stay in your inventory no matter what and since inventory expansions are strictly a cash shop thing, it will bother me alot even if it is just one wasted invenotry space. For past month i hoped they will fix it during a wednesday maintenance, but nothing happend so far. So please, could you do something to remove this from the inventory? I have 7 chars so basically 7 inventory spots wasted with this sh**. Thanks.
  9. Longgui is lvl 55 or so, so your stats scale differently on him than on 6x lvl raid bosses, maybe it has something to do with it. Don't check your dps on old content bosses, training dummy is your best bet nowdays and if you can't kill it in reasonable time just take 10min sample, it is usually enough to show how you are doing.
  10. Weapon "reductions"

    This. Don't forget that in order to make the upgrade 'less gold heavy' they increased the acc bind materials so summed up we need way more materials (tradeable for TS and untradeable for upgrade) without an improvement in farming these materials. My main has to be fully supported by 5 alts to even reach a decent pug ap while i simple have not enough spare mats to upgrade alts gear. Plus there is this little trick where aransu9-gc3 is not a real 'upgrade' at all and all i can do is to give up weapon upgrade for half an eternity.
  11. PSA: Alpha Call and You!

    "I don't use AC cuz my dps will fall while everyone else will rise and that is not how i grow my PP big" Thanks for showing the true example of selfish toxicity in public.

    As someone with older hw (i7 5700hq, gtx960m, 8gb ram) i am more scared of the ue4 than anything else tbh. Now i somehow managed to have quite playable ~50fps 6man (with off characters) and like 20-30fps in raids and any tweak in the optimization can be fatal for me. We shall see
  13. Thoughts on Zen Archer

    Idk man, gotta say i expected something else. It's so ping heavy, click heavy, hybrid q/e doesn't suits me and for max dps in light spec you have to be in the melee range basically standing still which counterplays the q/e/lmb logic behind it. Also 2 should be usable only with a target within a range, not just click & hit nothing. Need to try the wind spec little bit more, but at first i planned to send shareable stuff from my main to Archer however now i think i would not make him new main. And the mobility, regardless of shitload of position skills disappointed me. RMB should be movement-free.
  14. Free Pristine Astral Oil from June 13–27

    I just came home from work to retrive 15th pristine oil to upgrade my event soul just to notice they were already removed from f10? Today is June 27 yet the free pristine oil is gone?! There were no info about it being removed after maintenance. There were said 27 June... wtf? So now i'm stuck with fleeting soul and 14 pristine oils?
  15. Login rewards are getting really stingy

    Few venture tokens? Dude they took away even one venture token per alt from toi per season. Come back to the real world