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  1. Please bring back the negligee that used to be the base outfit for female character D: bring it back as a cash shop item if you have to but I'd really like to have it :(
  2. so uh... we realised we had a large workshop item in progress already which is why we couldnt make another contract. my bad xD
  3. Where and how do I find a large workshop expansion ticket to speed up our clans crafting? at this rate its gonna take weeks to finish crafting the outfit despite having most of the materials already. We are a level 13 clan, can anyone guide us on how to expand the workshop to a large workshop?
  4. in the cosmetic tab, or the limited time tab. there'll be a new rotation coming this friday~
  5. This weapon is an event item? Can we get it brought back some time soon? it'd be amazing when paired with lightspark wings for an angelic look :)
  6. Orange Quests!!!

    If you need a competitive clan that helps noobies and does some of the more basic raids I’d recommend you join rats nest. I can throw you a discord invite in a DM if you wanna make a private convo on the forums. You might not be able to complete all the orange quests right now but that’s just the reality. Scarlet conservatory and emporers tomb are some of the hardest content in game. Temple of Eluvium and skybreak spire tho are perfectly possible.
  7. Remove the 1:1 Floor on F9

    I’d like to buy your gold but I agree with you right now it just isn’t possible except for noobies who don’t know better.
  8. 1000 ncoin about during the 2 week outfit rotation
  9. Sucks about transcendence never coming back :( and I don’t mind if some of the costumes are trove exclusive as long as they’re obtainable~ I got that old lady costume (wayfarer) twice and went with threads instead :/ did not want it.
  10. I've already asked for some of these but I thought I'd add them again as well as some new requests~ Demoniac would be amazing~ Idk when the last time it was introduced but it would be nice to have it~ Ninja tortoise would be great, the entirety of the outfit is really amazing~ Popart would be another great outfit~ I think it was around not that long ago~ so Idk if you'd be willing to bring it back so soon~ :( Dreamcutter, I want it really bad xD if this one could be brought back it'd be an instant buy in my books~ Transcendence, Ik this outfit was for early backers of the game~ but if it could be brought back for an anniversary that'd be really really awesome, hasn't it been gone long enough to have a chance for others to get it perhaps? >.< Amity Wings, love these pink wings~ would be a great addition to my characters wardrobe I'd use lots :3
  11. it was available less than a month ago :( you just missed it~ i doubt it'll be available for a while now~
  12. Warlock 2019

    Is Rhimi your character name or account name? I need a character name to look up to add you xD
  13. End of the game or Just End?

    Give me a couple of hours and I’ll add you I’m still at work.
  14. Warlock 2019

    I sent you a friend request I believe let me know if it went through.
  15. End of the game or Just End?

    BnS doesn’t explain as much as it should about what to do when you reach level cap. If you desire to be a regular player I can recommend you to a clan that is very helpful to noobies. They can explain to you what to do, what to use, and where to get it as well as run content with you. If you’re interested then hit me up in game. My IGN is Arbun . Let me know what your ign is if you’re interested so we can get you setup.