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  1. yuns are frogs xD ok~ news to me
  2. besides icebreaker is so gaudy why would you want it >_>
  3. not as far as I know, pretty sure you're gonna have to wait for it to come around again unfortunately. It's that way for a lot of outfits in this game.
  4. Sorry to see you go :( Hopefully your future endeavors are bright! Thanks for dealing with this overly salty community xD
  5. Arb


    It’s been 2 years since they’ve started working on UE4 or longer if you’ll look at google search... just be happy we’re getting an upgrade at all and not be unrealistic.
  6. Yes the game will look like “that”. This is very much your opinion, because I think majority of people think it looks great. I for one am anxiously anticipating it’s release as I think the graphics look amazing.
  7. It’s currently on UE3 but is getting upgraded to UE4 soon... ish. You should google “blade and soul complete” to see the new and improved graphics. The hair physics looks a little glitchy in the videos so I imagine they’re doing a little tweaking before bringing it to the west. Hopefully we are getting it this year.
  8. I know I’m late to the party by about a month but I’d help you if you needed~ Ik no one is usually willing to run these things but I’d be willing to help :)
  9. Divine Emissary and Dark Emissary aren't the same outfit xD
  10. Please bring back dreamcutter >.< idk when the last time it was out but I want this one so badly~
  11. You’re better off getting your social fix from clans or discord’s because most ppl wanna get the dungeon or raid done ASAP. It’s a race because ppl are farming or wanna get their dailies/weeklies done. You can definitely socialize but it’s rare for ppl to have conversations in dungeons unless you hangout at the end or something. Join a clan I can recommend a couple if you’re interested.
  12. My friend Cyn hopes the Secret Agent outfit will come around again soon ^^
  13. My friend cyndina wanted me to post for her, she hopes this weapon skin will come back :) the cosmic illusion weapon!
  14. for new years can we get the new years looking outfits? either Wish or the red version? Also dreamcutter? :( still really want dreamcutter~
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