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  1. BT Static Raid Group looking for members Jinsoyun

    Is it 6 am or pm? ;)
  2. So you wasted some time on this event. Now you will waste time complaining about it. Don't do that to yourself man. Please! I myself was actively playing on 6 chars for last 2 events. I got my main from Seraph Stage 3 to 10, my KFM from 1st Baleful to 8th, also my sin from stage 1 up to stage 9. I bought bunch of oils from 1st event. I bought stones and some oils from PvP event. Upgraded my soul from stage 1 to 9, then two weeks after ncsoft announced cost reduction. I did all the math and i spend 2k gold more than i could if I wait to next patch. I even wrote ticket to suport, but all I could do is to revert my Soul from stage 9 to 8. It will save me 1 oil. I'm happy about it. I'm glad I got something. And yes, I got Premium for 3 months in game if you ask. Event was fine, with alot of fun trying different classes in PvP. I got some nice geared alts to have fun with. If you spend all your medallions for oils only, its you, who screwed up. Next time do the math before deciding event is worth your time and effort.
  3. PvP event chests opening

    Am I the only person in the world, that don't like opening videos? None ever bothers to make some statistics about droprate they got. Below are mine:
  4. cant log in

    Thats funny you can speak 3 languages, yet you failed to read in one of them! :)
  5. cant log in

    If you are stuck in 2016 year, then no wonder it doesn't work for you man. I patched my game just fine 20 mins ago. Your fault you can't read.
  6. Are you excited about the gunner ?

    I'm excited, but not about a gunner, but for a patch itself. Crafting, Buffs to XP, Dungeons (hopefully to legendary accesory drop too), and last but not least Trove! Yura Hair! I want it so bad, i will spend some money on it. Buying keys for ncoins is sadly not so good idea. Spend 18g for key, then 5 for Legendary element (and thats if you are lucky).
  7. It will be a compensation, not a crafting revert. I still hope I'm gonna get some of my money back (couldn't sell all my stuff on time, cos I was crafting on 9 chars - still got some materials left). Not everyone have Premium rank 10 and can post thousands of auctions per day. Other than that? I didn't sell my Kaolin clay because of ridiculous market place price. I'm not expecting full cost compensation, even if its logical. After all we spend gold and materials for those crafts and it was probably more than selling price after they announced this revamp update. My daily income dropped down about 35%, so thats alot. I wont even try to explain you, how unrewarding crafting in BnS was. You know it only when you are craft master. All this time to buy materials, send them over to alts, put crafts, track timers etc. Even gambling with some prices like soulstones etc (250x SS for transformation stones, lets say usual profit from 1 stone was 3g - buy soulstones for 2-3 silver more and you give up 1/3 of your gain). People are dumb. Selling their crafted materials, they do not count crafting fees or market place fees. There were times, when it was actually cheaper to buy trans. stones, than craft them from mats you have. Don't talk about other mmos without naming them. Or you are ashamed you compare BnS to some other crap games? I can only compare it to WoW - blizzard would never do something like this shity "crafting compensation". I'm raelly trying my best not to call it "crafting screw up". Peace
  8. cant log in

  9. Ofc you do. I already have my hm skills on my main (collecting achiev points on it too), Its just dumb in my opinion to do achievements on every alt only so you can unlock all skills. But what can you do. Im currently playing wl, sin and kfm - those are the classes i enjoy. Yet I have only paper block on alts and pellet. need those yeti / offal skills, but there is so much to spend gold on.. So Achievement Vendor seems the best option. HM books from trove should be account bound too, so if I get any, I can send it on char I want.
  10. What outfits did Na never get?

    I really hope we will get it sonner or later. One of the best outfits in the game in my opinion. It's a part of hello kity collection (and we will get matching weapons on 13 september update so there is still hope).
  11. How to fix camera zoom in tag match?

    I wish to know the sollution, but this "bug" (or its intended)? Its around from eu release. Just today I was playing arena 3v3, got tagget in as lead (and I was playing with camera scrolled to max range) . When i switched out and went to help fellow teammate all I could see was my back, HUGE warlock thrall and some ground around it. Can't target opponent without scrolling my camera away every single arena match. God help me target sin or summoner in this case...
  12. They really should be added to achievement vendor. But: NCSoft will then make them 150 Naryu Silver and 2k achiev points. Then it will be easier to just farm gold and buy it from market... But op got the point here, they are hard to get right now. Purple elemental accessories are also too low drop if you ask me.
  13. RIP Crafting

    I hope so. Do you know, when next stream will be?
  14. Nebula stone event was a scam, thank you!!!

    I myself made google sheet for this (wont share file, but i can give you an image of it to look at and compare. Updated EU Market Place Prices in yellow cells. Also in yellow cells on the right Sacred Oil current price and some math to show value of Dueler's Medallion based on Oil market price - and Nebula Stone Value (also based on Oil price. This way you can decide either to use Nebula for certain upgrade stage or buy Sacred Oil and use weapon full material cost upgrade instead. Sacred Oil = 110x Dueler's Medallion, Nebula Stone = 30x Dueler's Medallion. Upgrade cost using weapon on the left, with usage of nebula stone on the right. In table border on top gold value (cost) of each upgrade with weapon and nebula stone. In blue cell difference between two available options (you can count additional 80g for Brilliant Silverfrost Key cos you don't need class weapon with nebula stone, but its not included). Below Riftwalk upgrade path cost - same thing. Below on the right: listed all my drops from Chests I got from daily challenge so far (with percentage chances of each option in white cell, market price in yellow cell and calculated gold value ingreen cell. To the op: If you already have Raven weapon, or you are going Raven from the start, then this event is not for you. Its not upgrade discount for raiders, but catch up mechanism for undergeared players. Highly geared players will have more better geared players to play with, so its great. If you want, you can buy oils, or gear up an alt character. Not to mention, each day of your daily challenge you will get 3 chests with gold value of 6,5g each, thats almost 20g per character you are playing in materials - you can sell them, you can craft with them, pure gain). Noone is stealing from you by giving you a small discount, even if after this they can give you another, better one. If anyone want to complain they paid more for upgrade 3-6 months ago than people doing it now, its just stupid. Give me back my 26 hujikar chests worth 3 keys each!. Give me back all this time farming Profane/Brightstone Ruins weapons! Not to mention all Siren/Pirate shit. Don't be a dodger. You wont get anything for free. Dont write support tickets to get your upgrade mats back just because ncsoft gave us new, cheaper way to get our weapon to next stage. I despise people like this.

    The idea of long range melee weapon class is pretty nice, since the gameplay would be great. iframe to the side / back (not around target like kfm), or even jump over oponent using spear. It could even have block skill and heavy aoe. There is one thing that concerns me - it will be difficult to balance this class in PvP while keeping it long range melee capabilities (and keeping it somehow unique). Another exclusive for gon race! Seems pretty nice idea. Or 3-part-staff from Bleach Anime (Ikkaku). Looking forward to see BnS korean approach for this ;)