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  1. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    Took one month break awaiting FM 3rd spec (my main char). Then this happens. I'm definetly not comming back if this change hits live servers. Those changes hit mid tier players more than anyone else.
  2. 3rd Spec Tree

    I wanna necro this topic a little ;) We all agree that combat system in BnS is what makes us play. Some people preffer Earth Destroyer, some stick to Shadow, like me. And there are some that play new 3rd spec just cause it deals more damage. I am an MMO player and I see this in every game. even 3-5% more damage makes half of the people switch to "superior" spec and we know balancing specs is hard, but NC$oft is not even trying. I'm an altoholic, I like trying different playstyles. Got all the classes in bns leveled up. I was maining SIN, then KFM, then WL and now I'm on FM. Honestly can't wait for that sweet yin&yang FM 3rd spec tbh. But! I also wanted to sugest one thing: make SF 3rd spec a full ranged one please! PS.: Oh, and if I can suggest another: delete lyn from the game.
  3. Hello there. I'm a returning mmo player. Came back about a month ago. Do you think people playing BnS in 2020 are toxic? I have never seen this mutch hate and toxicity in any game I've played before. Is Blade and Soul still even an MMO? People don't talk to each other in parties at all, or if they do, its mostly insults or bragging (or asking for ress). When someone in F8 said "Hi" to me the other day, I got soo excited I replied and asked about hows hes doing today. Didnt get an answer. Most chat interractions are just to say "tyfp" at the end of the run. People play with each other, but they are acting like its single player race with bots. BnS wasn't like this a year ago...
  4. Daily Dash Resetting On April 22

    Good thing I am hitting every Honing Oil on Daily Dash now. And ofcourse it will be trash item after wednesday...
  5. eu server down??????

    Why? They turned it off because you did not paid enough money in current trove.
  6. Is it rly worth to trove with keys bought for gold in F10? on EU 49 hm coins = 36 gold. You need alot of luck to get something worth to buy from trove this way unless you exclude key price.
  7. Obsidian Gem Price

    Veteran players will always say, that it should stay the same (since they worked for it for months, theres no way new played could get is easier). I'm pretty sure you already have all the gems you need, and thats why you are saying that. I'm gonna say it again, so it will be easier to understand: Getting One Hepta is 24x Solar Energy = 6 days of DC Getting 7 Heptas, thats 168x Solar Energy = 42 days of DC Getting One Garnet is pure rng, but considering my last 70 runs gave me 2 gems, you will need 90 days for One Hepta Garnet to the point: One Hepta Obsidian = 360x Solar Energy = 90 days of DC To get full set, you need 4 months of playing everyday DC to get all those gems (and I'm already counting one Hepta from CS/HM. Also, you will need those 9 gems, because of Garnet being as difficult to get as it is.
  8. I'm doing the same as you. It always was the case in KR servers and NOONE ever had any problem with this. Pass on all loot from both bosses, you are getting "boosted/free entry". Loot from CS is usualy crap anyway, and since we are allowed to sell orb shards on the market, there will be much more runs like this in the future. Saw Gem ticket from 2nd boss only once, while on the 1st boss it drops like every 5-6 runs for my alts. I wont bother using orb for just half of loot. Its better to just sell it on the market. So if you dont like MOML rule, use lfp and do just one boss, bid on one extra feather and be happy. Oh, and miss on 2nd boss dynamic reward with event coins :P Dont make your own "MOML for 2nd boss only" rule, since it never was like this in the past guys.
  9. Obsidian Gem Price

    With recent changes to Hongmoon Gem prices, Hexagonal Color Gems cost 8x Solar Energy. At the same time Obsidian Gems didnt get any update for their Solar Energy prices - making Hexagonal Obsidian via Transmute window costs 120x Solar Energy (so about a month of doing daily challenge) + some gold. Obsidian Gems realy need price update to make them more accesible across new players. I can easily say, that new aim for new players are Heptagonal Gems (24x Solar Energy), while Hepta Obsidians are not that common (360x Solar Energy). I wont even talk about Garnet Gems, since I got only one for last 70 Koldrak kills - those also could use either price reduction or Hepta version should be added to drop.
  10. Event will be for 28 days thats 28x3=84 + 4 weeklies with 3+3+1+1=8 tokens, but sum is 116. Was counting to up my soul on some alts I play, so I rly hope its gonna be less than 5 upgrades or some chest with rng nebula at least from event dungeon/dc
  11. Didnt read comments there. You dont need to be a dic...tator. Not verry nice of you. So we wait then.
  12. Sadly I'm not going to google patch notes every 5 minutes just to make you happy. And since there is no such info on, I'm just gonna ignore you ;P
  13. Its tuesday. Where are the Patch Notes?
  14. You wish man.. Back in the days I did almost all crafting guild achievements. Then they did crafting revamp, and I have some crafts taken into account on one achievement while I still need to craft the same items again for other achiev. So NO. It definetly wont be retroactive change. Still waiting for full gem related changes.
  15. If you are trying to post something here, then read topic title again before starting to argue with each other. What I'm still waiting for is some detailed info about all gem dragon express prices, all transmute costs and antique/salvage gems for powders.