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  1. F2 Fix

    When UE4 will come
  2. How do I insert my own picture into F2? Find the picture you want, resize it in the first link to 378 x 620 and save it. Make sure that the picture you want to resize isn't smaller than that. In the second link you need to first upload a valid picture of your character, and then the resized custom image. If it's successful it should open a new page with your new F2 picture. Save that in the BnS picture folder under CharacterShot. Then you should be able to find it in game in your Photogallery.
  3. Is BnS dying

    1. Well the game got ups and downs.. people tend to come back when they see a nice patch coming up.. so with awakening people might return... but it 2. I believe so.. they really need to make this game more beginner friendly and have some better events .. but I see this game going on for few years 3. The grind system.. is kinda boring at a point.. is funny u grind for gear but at a point u get so bored u barely wanna do that again.. but meh XD
  4. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Take care in your future plans Babbletron. Hope everything you planned go as you desire. Also, WTF people? He left for a better opportunity and u guys already "game is dead, it's gonna close, wait for bad stuff to happen" In first place if it's a "sinking ship" why u still play the game? If u hate Nexon why you play? Don't give me that bullshit "I love the game, I worked for my char", it's simple u don't like management.. and the way game goes just simply leave don't Q.Q here If one staff member leaves it doesn't mean the game will close, he will be replaced and everything will go as planned. This game got constant updates and new content from time to time where in some games u barely see... so stop Q.Q and enjoy this game..
  5. Classes question

    Hello everyone. I am wondering what classes are best for PVP/PVE or which one is good DPS. I would really appreciate any answer or suggestion P.S: No gunner please :D
  6. Class decision

    Hello everyone, I have currently a 1114 AP FM but it doesn't meet the expectations I had.. I mean it's a fun class but it's not actually what I want.. So I am thinking to start over a new char and I want a suggestion from you guys. I like ranged classes mostly but I enjoy closed ranged ones too. I am thinking btw WL/BM/SF but a second opinion would matter a lot, I want to enjoy PVP and PVE same time and would like to know what class fit them both. The ping I have is below 120 and I never had lag problems with the game even with max settings. Thank you in advance!
  7. Like they said.. you've been away for so long that most of stuff changed.. just make a new char on other server and done.. u will get a free legendary and the jewls are easy to farm
  8. Well I noticed on reddit that they tested first on test server. We must wait and see when they release the balance on live server and wait for a patch. If we got gunner after release on korean I am sure that on next updates we will get the class balance too :o
  9. Long time has passed. Any advices?

    Hey, First of all welcome back!!! :D Like Stacey told you start with a new char from scratch and follow the story until level 55. You will get good geared and bale/seraph legendary to help you. After that you can join a guild to help you progress. Don't stress with new event... it's only for a aura that looks... meh.. sell the stuff u get for gold :P
  10. store purchase for new lyn

    Hello, It's one purchase per account. If you bought it already for another char u can't get it for a new one. Cheers
  11. Can't buy premium

    Hello, I am trying to buy premium from website but nothing happens when I click "buy now" .. nothing!
  12. Class info

    Hello everyone, I started to play the game like 3 weeks ago and I leveled a gunner! YEY! but it started to get me boring because it's not the class I really wanted... few combos and just click this and that and ur done... I like a class that got nice combo system and it's tricky to play.. So what class u guys recommend after all these patches? PS: I am thinking at SF
  13. Information

    Hello everyone, I started to level a new character on Windrest server and I keep hear people saying: - wait for next patch to level - better to wait for next patch for gear/etc What it means? I should stop level my new char and wait for next patch? What it brings so much that ppl keep tell?