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  1. I've just sent you a friend req on discord. Ty~ Easier as I don't really want to join a guild as of yet.
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for an active BnS server, EU based preferably. Just since I'm a new player, it's a quick way to ask/access info other than forums/yt etc. I'm a lev 60 HM12 warlock. Only been playing for about 2 weeks or less. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Rhimi

    Warlock 2019

    I did manage to get 8 socket weapon just a day ago. But haven't upgraded yet as I wasn't sure if it's the correct weapon I should be upgrading already or waste of time. PS: ign: Rhimi.
  4. Rhimi

    Warlock 2019

    Omg ty! I'll add u later tonight when I'm home. I'm still doing story (at weekend), weekdays, since I can only play 3-4hrs and I'm slow cos no gear, I try join daily dungeons and been doing moonlight refuge. Again, unless I find a pty, takes me forever. Hate to be dead weight so usually I don't join stuff as much. But it looks like it's more or less the only way to start up...
  5. Rhimi

    Warlock 2019

    – Warlock Build help – I've only just started playing about a week ago. Warlock lev60 HM11. I'm slightly overwhelmed by the amount of quests etc. feel way nub. D: Just wondering what is the recommended gear for this level, that's actually achievable and what daily activities are recommended. I've seen someone else posted a similar question but dated last year. I wonder if requirements etc have changed since. Any help is more than welcome. Ty~
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