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  1. did you see?

    This its FM 3rd spc, already in KR test server, and yeah its FM not new class lightning its from ying-yang spec, its like dark/lightning. We got dps instance like all 3rd spec.
  2. So at end i'm happy because FM lightning (Yin Yan). No new class, we dont need more we need all 3rd release. (Video credits Lucife TTB)
  3. Only way to fix this its remove pvp flag button, so will be like basin or moon refuse, just pve farm zone (more fair to everyone), they are just using something that in KR was design to be pvp open area, but for US/EU will never work.
  4. Everything wrong with upcoming patch

    and now Trove with True Dragon/Tiger Souls (next pet gems) and.....owo (sealed)
  5. Requesting Daily Challenge New List

    +1 (i with u man, want know this too)
  6. Weapon Illusions

    I totally agree. They need bring back illusion weapons chests on todays specials (old ones most likely). And about changes there are many discussions about this in this forum and 99% of players want all illusion weapon chests to become account bound. I hope they listen this one day.
  7. Soul Badge & Mystic Badge Exchange

    Exactly! Most because legendary soul badge (pink fuse new one), imagine have to make another because have new spec release, legendary mystic badge (VT one) its easy to get and most of time free this days, but legendary soul badges take time and lot of materials. I hope they implement badge changes for new specs when release for limited time like 2 weeks (or event duration) will be good.
  8. Soul Badge & Mystic Badge Exchange

    I just hope that when 3rd spec of the other classes are released this feature will be implemented again for a limited time, because it wouldn't be fair to other classes.
  9. Hongsil’s Summer Blast Event Launches August 21

    I was hoping to get at least a 15min livestream from next event only to show rewards list, daily/weekly challenge, but nothing until now. Hope they will made on moonday or tuesday maybe. but i think we will not get livestream this time.
  10. They already add a lot of npc on Mushin tower, i think they can add 1 more...only thing its will decrease even more our fps, but for me will be good and welcome... u can find even npc from basin and moonlight there now.
  11. Mao gloves need to be addressed

    I agree. Some breakthrough accs have worse droprate i ever see, amazing its others like rukesh earring and amara ring (for TT accs breakthrough) drop like crazy almost 99% time. Another example for worse droprate its numok bracelet, that only lose for mao gloves. I hope they add in some merchant with achievements all breakthrough accs.
  12. Trove Warlock Weapon skin

    even on stream already bugged texture, hope they fix
  13. Remove or Hide Blade Mentor messages?

    Zor (from discord Academy) How to disable Blade Mentor chat spam 1. Right-click any chat tab -> change any setting -> confirm. 2. Right-click same chat tab -> revert that setting -> confirm
  14. Trove Warlock Weapon skin

    Take a look on sword shaft from BM/BD skin Dragon Shroud weapon, yeah they make a mess on that too. I got really sad after see that. Oh boy!!! (They miss handle guard shaft texture and its like "unsynchronized" from the shaft itself)
  15. KFM Titan stance

    titan stance its when circle got full (its like full purple - On 100 Titan Ire stacks) so u tab change from blue buff to other icon call titan fist, and u can enter titan stance press tab.