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  1. Can we get our old DC back?

    i support bring back at least old tri-dungeons EC-DT-NF to Daily challenge options, and before anyone said lot of bulls**t about gear u up i have to say i already have all alts geared (11 class) my weak alt have full fused BT Soulshields with aransu 3+, BT accs 3+, VT neck 3+,tier 1 bra 3+,tier 1 legendary belt 3+, aw. ascending soul +, VT badge, fused badge, hongmoon heart 5+, aw hongmoon pet aura, plus gems:, . (proof my main char which have A6+leg gloves+Virtuous heart+BTaccs6+brac10+aw cosmic soul+6VT-SS/3TT-SS Lenora) But i already have to solo DT to get breaktrought accs because this already phased out from DC.
  2. Blue bar BM tab

    this its new feature release a time ago. Press Shift+F1 and organize u UI, u can find this bar in that way. look for them. each class have they own bar with icons for see buffs. For BM that semi-circle can be red or blue, but only get that color when u use skills which start element buff phase, like for BM its TAB
  3. BNS in SSD driver

    nclauncher its default installed in u main drive where windows its installed, after install nclauncher u can choose where u will install the client game folder, wherever u want if u are using bns lite installer download on website.
  4. 132 mb patch

    after download this s*** patch my game stop and freeze on file verification, and now can't log because nclauncher just keep freezing like FM, amazing!!!

    BDO got "SA server" (Brazil) and ping its trash like ever, i'm brazilian and stop playing BDO SA because poor and trash server they bring to us. My ping in BnS NA 180~220ms, in BDO SA 140~180ms lol i dont see improvement, only when main company make servers or a big one company publishing get contract to bring servers to SA will be something.
  6. Good suggestion : option to make/salvage Tokens to tokens fragments 2nd good suggestion: New daily/weekly chests to event And maybe change foods from event to account bound: Rotten Pumpkin Pie; Not-So-Well-Done Steak; Cold Stale Greasy Potatoes (to be little alt friendly) (i save some of this foods for 1 year with hope that BnS become more account bound like GW2 from ncsoft too)
  7. not only this u need 30 for each craftable material to get all 3 foods to achievement 11 ap. Which last year just drop from box/chest event and not even account bound. LOL. I got this achievement in 8 alts last year. this year its just forget, go daily or just sleep in my bed will be better.
  8. Mastery box

    this items cannot be upgrade.
  9. Disconnect

    i have same problem and i see will never be fixed
  10. Warden is Weak

    1st week after release i got until floor 94 in TOI (and with my main class i only got to floor 84 using everything i have) and in this time i don't have experience with Warden, so for me its not weak class. And most pvp arena balanced matches i watch with warden vs other was 75% warden wins (KR and NA/EU)
  11. Next event

    most likely halloween (Blade & Ghoul 2018 – Merchant of Wonders) + Tower of Memory (or The Golden Harvest Festival)
  12. weapon size its related to hand size (no matter the weapon / and has old tip about this on loading screens size ever), u can choose hand size from character creation and this will change weapon size.
  13. i saw Frost FM being nerf on soul and mystic badges and little buffed on weapon modification skills, and some changes on snowball and inferno for Frost element (more balanced i think, but we dont have a lot of Frost FM)
  14. Reducing cost is come by Sera/Bale 1>12, but main goal here is raven path like i said from R3>R9 DONT have reducing in ANYTHING, nothing, pure. R3>R9 after patch: 1515 Soulstone Crystals (up from 0) 435 Moonstone Crystal (up from 315) 1080 Sacred Crystals (up from 0) 270 Elysian Crystals (down from 420) 290 gold (up from 280g) 75 Legendary Element (down from 165) *Update, reducing now 3 PTS (wow, yeah like this!), 20 transformation stones, and other things.