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  1. Tower of infinity: new scores won't save.

    Still bugged, i finally managed to get floor 92 and beat BM (which its a pain like KFM, just waste time blocking) and rank dont update.
  2. Its vampiric drain, and not work in simple mode, skills will replace V when using quell dont work in simple mode for WL both specs. Graveyard, banshee scream, vampiric drain, Dimensional Warp.
  3. Legends Reborn Event extended until May 15

    Longuii blade, Inferno forge, and both fleeting weapon chest its showing right now Duration expired.
  4. So, i need ask, Longuii blade, Inferno forge, and both fleeting weapon chest still redeemable only until May 07, this will change or we can only get this until next tuesday before maintenance on May 08? on this post say event items still keep redeemable date until june 19, but this its only for others event items which alreday have this expire date.
  5. i like this! They can add this chests/items to NPC Junsorei too (this npc its like handyman).
  6. Third spec speculations.

    i was hopping the BNS staff make it like ArenaNet Staff on GW2 release all class specs in one big patch/expansion. Both are ncsoft, but bns ncwest need get advises with arenanet.
  7. Still lot of bugs after last patch, and patch was delayed for nothing, we don't get patch fix from KR,. Sad.
  8. So after test many time i can say that, simple mode for warlock its really bugged. When using simple mode in Scourge spec u can't use vampiric drain when u using quell (skill dont show on V), and u can't use Graveyard either other skill something Scream (skills dont show up on 3). Its same on other spec (old ice) skills on using quell dont show up, only soulburn.
  9. Are all Legendary Mystic Badges Exchangable?

    Most likely they will keep this feature until all classes get 3rd spec, with this they reduce tickets open on support to change badges when 3rd spec release.
  10. Are all Legendary Mystic Badges Exchangable?

    Yes they are, just dont know for how long will be.
  11. "Each character level 36 and above can open the Treasure Trove once per day for FREE, during the event period"
  12. So, i still dont figure out where its this book, they said u can get 15 enhancements points, but to get last 2 need this book and i dont find in moon refuse npc.
  13. how to tank now?

    All tank classes now have new skill, when u use block a new skill will show on tab, thats give u a 2min buff 250% threat. i dont know about KFM, but on BM and WAR already tested and work.
  14. Giveaway: PS: u can use 2 codes (each account can claim 2 codes from giveaways)