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  1. If they truly wanted to stop this I don't see how even with ncwests limited tools they couldn't take the servers down for maintenace and adjust the npc prices. Considering the sheer number of people doing it and from what I'm constantly hearing about more people logging in for this. They can't afford to offer serious punishments for it. IF this really did cause a lot more players to be present the best thing the can do is try to keep the players. That and next tiers of pet and talisman are likely to have a new type of mat other than pet pods so the flood of pet pods doesn't cause instant max l
  2. Are you using the little mites to kill the big spider faster? Are you letting the big spider look at and restore hp to hive queen?
  3. Even the random people being carried and not optimizing their rotations have far higher dps than my clan did back during progression when vt was relevant. Learn the mechs.
  4. The reasons for the changes are a bit obvious. Stoic is supposed to be the pvp spec. But it was doing as much damage as the latest pve spec. Had a very noticeable quality of life going on too. At the same time a lot of the top sins I saw were just going into pvp with full set et with piercing specced on it due to the night reaver modifier. The changes address these issues and a few others. 1. Massive nerf to night reaver in pvp is somewhat off set by the pvp soul shields having a much higher night reaver modifier than the pve shields. Lets be honest it was too over powered before in pvp.
  5. Last rng box event was heart and pet. Which could be upgraded. Your "worthy" upgrades aren't likely to be a for a loooong time. Most likely multiple rng box events later.
  6. The pvp portion of the previous event was definitely much more fun than the afk portion for sure. Positive boosts for pvp are definitely welcome. As for the rng boxes. They're worse this time around. Can't even upgrade the soul and talisman. Unlike the previous event where the pet and heart being able to be upgraded. Definitely a downgrade over the previous rng box event. The cost to get those items is quite high too. Basically $170 to get both of them from the coins in the boxes.
  7. I can't see the news section at all. Took ages to log into the forums. The pings completely unplayable over 1 second delays on response. constantly shooting over 450 ping in game.
  8. You get these sometimes when crafting. It currently costs 100 sacred orbs to open these. You are going to pay over 2.5 gold per orb if you get them from the market place. That's over 250 gold to open this. It may of made sense back before the updates that turned dungeon drops into crystals. But as it is right now it's an insanely bad item. The box will give you 10 gold. 2 Hongmoon Gem powder and a chance at a pet pod. The powder runs for about 19 gold. The pet pod is going to be about 210 gold. So if you don't get the pet pod you gain 48 gold value at the cost of 250
  9. Easy solution anyone that opens chest 12 can submit a ticket. Problem solved.
  10. This is becoming rather pathetic how often bad information is posted. This is also a matter that can easily be fixed by the publisher. Which they're just trying to push under the rug with a consolation 10. Definitely not a good look. Especially after another game made power plays to try and take your player base already. @Walex Multi accounts can't really abuse this. Legendary Jewels are account bound. And if someone was playing with multiple accounts anyways they could've done the event on them too.
  11. Third spec either uses an older type or the newest type anyways. I was wildborne myself. Seperate them snag the way of the serpetn newest badge combine them. Which is Liberty plus Resurgence iirc. Use a third spec compass bam you got your Exhiliration. You'll also have 1 of the 2 needed to get to Stoic if you want to have the supposedly better for ranking and solo dungeons. I can't recall off the top of my head which one you combine with glory but then you can exchanget that one to Junsorei for your Stoic. Edit: Forgot to mention the reason your pink badge can't be exchanged is it
  12. I've done that before and while it did work for a bit I've also had it fail quite fast again. Only thing I've seen that works good is closing out of the game and restarting it. Which lets me get a good chunk of auto fishing in again.
  13. This is literally ncsoft's fault. They released the event with 1/6th of the player cap it should've had. They made a plethora of bad decisions that has caused the player base to dwindle to what it is now. Which helped cause many of the problems. Including having only a few really geared pvp clans. These issues combined along with the lure of frankly absurd riches for control have helped create this nightmare situation. The entire point of this event is to incentivize world pvp with the lure of riches. It's working as intended. The idea that everyone should just share is completely
  14. The extra cost for the enduring heart and pet definitely was a most unwelcome surprise. -_-
  15. 1600 ncoin for $20. 800 ncoin for $10. 400 ncoin for $5. That all adds up to $35. It's the same benefit either way. Just a different method of payment really. Directly or with some extra steps.
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