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  1. Third spec either uses an older type or the newest type anyways. I was wildborne myself. Seperate them snag the way of the serpetn newest badge combine them. Which is Liberty plus Resurgence iirc. Use a third spec compass bam you got your Exhiliration. You'll also have 1 of the 2 needed to get to Stoic if you want to have the supposedly better for ranking and solo dungeons. I can't recall off the top of my head which one you combine with glory but then you can exchanget that one to Junsorei for your Stoic. Edit: Forgot to mention the reason your pink badge can't be exchanged is it's not one of the ones using the newest toi badge. That's intended. The exchange isn't meant to allow you to skip the current season of toi.
  2. still not fixing the auto fishing?

    I've done that before and while it did work for a bit I've also had it fail quite fast again. Only thing I've seen that works good is closing out of the game and restarting it. Which lets me get a good chunk of auto fishing in again.
  3. NC didn't ruined this event. We did

    This is literally ncsoft's fault. They released the event with 1/6th of the player cap it should've had. They made a plethora of bad decisions that has caused the player base to dwindle to what it is now. Which helped cause many of the problems. Including having only a few really geared pvp clans. These issues combined along with the lure of frankly absurd riches for control have helped create this nightmare situation. The entire point of this event is to incentivize world pvp with the lure of riches. It's working as intended. The idea that everyone should just share is completely contrary to how the event was designed. It's just extra bad with the mistakes ncsoft has made here in the west. I can't comment on the eu situation as I don't know people there. I don't know how the game has been handled there. Either way that doesn't matter.
  4. RIP B$S 2020

    The extra cost for the enduring heart and pet definitely was a most unwelcome surprise. -_-
  5. Question about the 90-day Premium Membership

    1600 ncoin for $20. 800 ncoin for $10. 400 ncoin for $5. That all adds up to $35. It's the same benefit either way. Just a different method of payment really. Directly or with some extra steps.
  6. You sure it actually need 3 and isn't just one of the typos that tend to show up? Could also be a bug related to the bad patch that's supposed to get fixed at maintenance.
  7. No Riftwalk/Dawnforge to Raven conversion?

    Me and a friend were hoping it'd be in this patch as well. x.x
  8. Remove rng from Soul upgrading.

    It's a funny thing. A lot of gold sinks like the exorbitant cost to switch between baleful/seraph and what not are based around the other regions insane gold gaining. Our gold sink is a massive tax to our gold gains compared to other regions. lol
  9. Remove rng from Soul upgrading.

    Dunno how I didn't notice that while eating. x.x Hopefully the price isn't too excessive then. I'm aware of how insane baleful/seraph swapping costs. Thanks for pointing that out.
  10. Your Soul is one of the most expensive of all the upgrades and shouldn't be based on rng. We should be able to choose between the greater effects but much longer cooldown or the noticeably less effect but constant up time based on our play styles without having to fight the rng or potentially leveling a second Soul and having that potentially fail to get what we want too. At the same time people who already upgraded to the current max shouldn't be stuck forced on one path either.
  11. Is this for the event-

    I've seen it several times before so it's not new. Those daily spins get restored when the daily quests get reset. It's possible they just put the notification for the dash rest in the wrong spot and no one noticed or cared enough to correct them.
  12. Is this for the event-

    That notification has always been there and it never was the source of restoring you dash spins. Assuming it does work it'd turn your delay time until next dash spin to 0, not reset the number of spins you have.
  13. Choosing my class

    Seriously though. The differences in damage between the various classes isn't enough to worry about. Just play the class that seems interesting to you.
  14. Gem cost trade

    It's because quite simply put the patch notes are vague. If they literally said the transfer cost would be 5 gold each when it arrives you can bet the out cry would be bigger. But the thing is they didn't mention what it'd be changed to so most people don't know what to think it'll cost.
  15. assassin

    Minor pvp related nerf that doesn't really hurt us sins. Don't think they're trying to make us quit.