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  1. Resist down to 5 sec from 12 sec and also Phantom stance down to 12sec from 24? Just why this huge nerf ??
  2. Ebon realm you can get max 10 per account per week.
  3. Its near impossible at the moment to get the remnants for stage 11 and 12 without gear or without paying huge gold to raid team. It wouldnt hurt so much if "Arms Race Cache" were in the 10th stage. And 70 or 100 Tokens for the 11th and 12th remnent? 30 tokens are equivilant to a Sacred oil, This is just crazily overpriced. Change availability of Arms Race Cache to stage 10 or change the tokens needed for the remnents to below 30 for 11th and 12th stage. Fantastic event so far but with a bitter aftertaste :(
  4. Hello, Is it possible to remove Angler Pearls as requirement for the event? No one likes to fish and with CO2 in mind, you should not force people to keep their PCs running to afk fish. I have a feeling that I could even repport you for this to officials :) /sarcasm No really now: please remove it. thanks!
  5. wow, Im a returning player from 2016. Wanted to give it another shot but this disgusted me.... Ill stay away from this game.
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